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Recall Effort Grows against Texas City Council Member | 10/30/17

By Corey Paul

Odessa American

October 27, 2017

A group of Odessans seeking to oust District 3 Councilwoman Barbara Graff enters their second weekend with nearly 400 signatures on a petition to force a recall election -- a figure that organizers expect to double quickly.

A successful recall petition requires 2,000 signatures, or nearly one out of every four registered voters in the central Odessa district. And they have just through Nov. 20 to gather the minimum number of signatures.

The local insurance agent who organized the recall effort, Chris Wray, said he is confident they will succeed based on the response so far. Supporters of Graff's removal are gathering at 9:30 a.m. Saturday in San Jacinto Park at West County Road and 22nd Street, where they will collect signatures and give out hot chocolate to visitors into the afternoon.

"Everybody is starting to pay closer attention," Wray said. "Everybody is watching what's going on, and not many people like it."

He relayed an account from one canvasser who said she began leaving a telephone number at homes where no one answered, and now has 25 appointments to collect signatures.

Graff has not responded to requests for comment since the recall effort officially began on Oct. 21, the first in a 30-day window that supporters have to collect enough signatures.

She is one of three council members, who have voted as a controlling bloc on the City Council. To maximize their chances of a successful petition, Wray and other organizers target only her with this recall petition, saying they plan to move on to District 5 Councilman Filiberto Gonzales and District 1 Councilman Malcolm Hamilton next.

The outcry stems from a series of City Council behaviors and decisions, including the the firing of City Manager Richard Morton last month, closed meetings and among other reasons, the decision to deny public incentives to an oilfield equipment supplier that responded by building its deca-million dollar facility in Midland instead of Odessa.

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Persky Opponent Launches Fundraising Campaign | 10/24/17

Palo Alto Weekly

Oct. 23, 2017

Cindy Hendrickson, a Santa Clara County assistant district attorney, is running against Judge Aaron Persky in a recall election. Photo taken in 2012 by Veronica Weber.

The Santa Clara County assistant district attorney running against Judge Aaron Persky in an upcoming recall election has officially started fundraising for her campaign.

Cindy Hendrickson, who was a civil litigator before spending 22 years as a prosecutor, launched an onling CrowdPac campaign this week titled "Cindy Hendrickson Seeks Justice for All in Santa Clara County." She publicly announced her intent to run against Persky this spring.

Since last summer, Persky has been battling a recall effort launched in response to outrage over his sentencing of former Stanford University student Brock Turner for the sexual assault of an unconscious woman on campus in 2015. The recall campaign alleges Persky has shown a pattern of bias against women and defendants of color in other sexual violence cases.

Hendrickson, who currently works on District Attorney Jeff Rosen's executive team, wrote on the fundraising webpage that her candidacy presents an alternative to Persky. She promised to be a "fair, hard-working judge with a continued devotion to all residents of Santa Clara County.

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Lawsuit Seeks to Strike Down Nevada's Recall Election Laws | 10/18/17

LAS VEGAS -- A federal lawsuit challenging petitions to recall three Nevada state senators in districts with significant Hispanic and African-American populations alleges the effort is an unconstitutional attempt to replace the legislators with Republicans in violation of the U.S. Voting Rights Act.

The suit filed October 16 in U.S. District Court also seeks to strike down Nevada's recall laws, which do not require any cause or justification for a recall as long as the petition has signatures from 25 percent of voters in the previous election.

Recall petitions were launched in August against Democratic Sens. Joyce Woodhouse of Henderson and Nicole Cannizzaro of Las Vegas, and Sen. Patricia Farley, a former Las Vegas Republican-turned-independent.

Two African-American and three Hispanic women who live in the districts are named as plaintiffs in the lawsuit. The defendants are two election officials who would oversee any recalls -- Secretary of State Barbara Cegavske and Clark County Registrar of Voters Joseph Gloria.

Among other things, the lawsuit says the recall elections would violate the Voting Rights Act because an election do-over would disproportionately impact minorities with lower turn-out rates in recall elections.

No Nevada lawmaker has ever been successfully recalled from office, according to The Nevada Independent, which first reported the lawsuit.

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3% of California Recalls Actually Work; They Have One Thing in Common | 10/16/17

By John Myers

Los Angeles Times

October 15, 2017

Firing a politician, months or even years ahead of their next campaign for elected office, is the ultimate act of voter anger. And California voters gave themselves the power to do so 106 years ago this month.

In all that time, two things have stood out about recall elections: They rarely succeed, but when they do, it's usually because of a political fight that goes far beyond the person whose name is on the ballot.

It's unclear whether those maxims will hold true for state Sen. Josh Newman (D-Fullerton), the Democratic freshman legislator whose fate may be decided by voters in his Orange County-based district early next year. Newman won an open seat last November by just 2,498 votes in what had been a Republican district.

That also is part of the story of recalls. They're often launched by backers of the candidate who lost the last election by a razor-thin margin. In the case of the 29th Senate District, the gathering of voter signatures on a petition calling for a recall was almost solely paid for by the California Republican Party.

Not counting the Newman effort, there have been 163 attempts to remove California elected officials since 1913, but only nine whose backers collected enough signatures to trigger a special election. In the last 25 years, there are three of note. One -- the 2003 recall of then-Gov. Gray Davis and the election of former Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger -- was a political milestone. The previous winning efforts came following a dramatic power struggle in the Assembly after the 1994 election, when two GOP lawmakers were recalled for helping Democrats retain control over the Assembly.

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Signatures Submitted for Recall of South Tucson Mayor | 09/11/17

Arizona Daily Star -- Organizers of a recall effort to oust South Tucson Mayor Ildefonso Green and three council members have turned in roughly 450 signatures, nearly twice the number needed to trigger an election next March.

A city official confirmed the forms were filed with the city last week, with organizers turning in 112 signatures on each of the forms to recall Green and councilmen Rufino Cantu, Robert Larribas and Carlos Romo.

The forms are now in the possession of the Pima County Recorder's Office, which is required by law to verify that the signatures on each petition are valid. However, each petition only needs 60 qualified signatures to trigger a recall election.

Results for the signature verification are expected later this week.

Leading the recall effort is Rita Rogers, a failed write-in City Council candidate with close ties to the owner of the former Spanish Trail Motel, Dennis Luttrell.

Rogers has been openly critical of Green and the council majority in recent months, complaining that the council reduced payments into the pension system, cut firefighter positions and zeroed out its reserve funds to address an anticipated $650,000 budget shortfall.

Rogers also blames Green for the firing of former Police Chief Michael Ford after the two openly clashed at a council meeting.

The mayor does not have the power to fire employees, although Ford's contract was not renewed by City Manager Sixto Molina a day after the contentious council meeting.

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Four Recall Petitions Approved for Fraser, Mich. Mayor | 09/11/17

The Macomb Daily -- The Macomb County Election Commission approved four recall petitions against Fraser Mayor Joe Nichols on Thursday, Sept. 7.

The board's approval means the petitioner, Thomas LaDuke, barring a reversal on appeal, has 180 days to collect 1,305 valid signatures on at least one of the petitions to force an election. The names must be collected within a 60-day period.

The election could be held May 8 if county Clerk Karen Spranger calls for the election at least 95 days before, according to election officials.

At the election, Nichols and other candidates could appear on the ballot.

LaDuke said after the hearing he and his supporters are "very happy" with the decision and is certain he can collect enough signatures to force an election because of residents' opinion of him.

"He has so soured on people because of his demeanor and his personality," he said of Nichols.

Nichols and his attorney, Tom Ryan, did not return phone calls following the meeting.

LaDuke said he expects Nichols to take advantage of his right to file an appeal within 10 days to appeal to Macomb County Circuit Court but already has started collecting.

It was the second set of petitions LaDuke submitted in his attempt to recall Nichols. He said he and his supporters learned after the commissioner rejected three prior petitions and he withdrew one based on commissioners' input.

"We corrected them based on the commission's suggestions and what the law stated," LaDuke said.

Commission Chairwoman Kathryn George, a Probate Court judge, said she was impressed with the new versions.

"The petitioner explored what he needed to write, and wrote clear and factual petitions," she said.

Members also include Spranger and Treasurer Larry Rocca, who was unable to attend due to a meeting and was replaced by Deputy Treasurer Joe Biondo.

Nichols is also under fire in Fraser for City Hall sexual-harassment complaints for which he and Councilman Matt Hemelberg will be subject of a Sept. 18 tribunal after which the City Council could remove him from office.

LaDuke said if the council removes Nichols, he expects Nichols to appeal to circuit court so believe it will be necessary to continue with signature collection.

The commission approved four of six petitions submitted by LaDuke.

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Flint's Mayor Drops Legal Challenge to Recall Election | 09/01/17

Flint's mayor has dropped her legal challenge to a recall petition intent on ousting her from office.

Mayor Karen Weaver's attorney signed on to a judge's order dismissing the mayor's suit.

Weaver had tried to raise questions about the validity of hundreds of signatures on the recall petition. In court this week, a handwriting expert questioned whether some people who signed the petition also filled in the date.

However, when Weaver's attorney quizzed petition signers, many in the court, including the attorney, were surprised to hear some had been contacted by Flint police and felt intimidated.

Genesee County Clerk John Gleason says the result validates his office and that of Flint city clerk which both worked to verify the signatures on the petition.

"It's good that it's behind the city," Gleason said after the dismissal was announced. "We have a lot of issues that are much bigger than a recall that we have to address. It's time that we moved on to those."

With Weaver's suit dismissed, plans can begin for the recall election which is a little more than two months away. The mayor and more than a dozen challengers will appear on the ballot.

There is still one last issue related to the recall to be settled.

9th Ward city councilmember Scott Kincaid has until next Tuesday to decide if he will run for mayor in the recall or run for the seat he has held for 32 years.

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California Recall Organizers Have Enough Signatures | 08/23/17

The Daily Journal (Aug. 18, 2017) SACRAMENTO -- Three counties have received enough valid signatures to trigger a recall election that could remove a Southern California senator from office and end a Democratic supermajority in the California Legislature, according to counts released Friday.

The attempt to recall Democratic Sen. Josh Newman of Fullerton is backed by the California Republican Party, anti-tax advocates and talk-radio hosts who are critical of Newman's vote this year to raise the gasoline tax.

Reports filed by Los Angeles, Orange and San Bernardino counties show the organizers submitted more than the 63,593 valid signatures required to recall Newman, with more still to count.

Democratic Secretary of State Alex Padilla has 10 days certify the signatures results, after which Gov. Jerry Brown must schedule an election within 60 to 80 days.

Democrats say many people were tricked into signing, believing they would trigger a referendum on the gas tax rather than a recall. A Sacramento County Superior Court judge on Friday refused a request by Democrats to block Padilla from certifying the recall, though several legal challenges are pending.

Republicans hope to force an election shortly after the 12-cent-per-gallon tax hike takes effect on Nov. 1. Democrats have tried unsuccessfully to delay the election, arguing people who were tricked into signing the petition should have a chance to take their name off.

Newman barely won last year in a district that has traditionally been represented by Republicans.

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Democrats Push Again to Revamp Recall Rules to Save State Senator | 08/23/17

Los Angeles Times (August 21, 2017) -- Democrats in the California Legislature pushed again Monday to revamp the rules covering recall elections, their second attempt to potentially delay an effort aimed at removing an Orange County state senator.

The new legislation comes on the heels of an appeals court temporarily blocking a law enacted in June. It was introduced just days after local elections officials reported more than enough signatures for a recall election against state Sen. Josh Newman (D-Fullerton) this fall.

The proposal, written as a budget-related "trailer bill," would ban elections officials from verifying voter signatures on recall petitions through a random sampling process. It would, instead, require every signature to be validated.

And like the law placed in limbo by an appeals court, it would create a new time period for voters to remove their signatures from the Newman recall petition.

Democrats have insisted many of those voters were told they were signing a petition to repeal a gas-tax increase slated to take effect in November.

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FPPC Attorney Recommends Lawmakers Face Contribution Limits in California Recall Fight | 07/18/17

(Los Angeles Times) --  The top attorney for the state's campaign watchdog agency recommended on July 17 that it deny a request to boost the limit for contributions to a highly charged recall election.

Democrats had asked the Fair Political Practices Commission to allow elected officials to donate more than $4,400 each to a committee defending Sen. Josh Newman (D-Fullerton) against a recall effort.

The FPPC has said for years that the limit applies to recalls, but Richard R. Rios, an attorney for the Senate Democratic Caucus, argued there should not be one.

The panel will meet July 27 to consider a recommendation by Jack Woodside, its general counsel, to deny the request for a new opinion lifting the limit.

"The FPPC's interpretation ... is well - reasoned and legally sound," Woodside wrote in a memo. "Indeed, the FPPC's position is based on the plain language, legislative history, and policies of the relevant statutes.

"More importantly, the transfer restriction has been in place and applied to every recall since 2003," he added. "And Mr. Rios provides no basis to suggest the FPPC's interpretation needs to be reversed."

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Petition Approved for Recall of Montana Sheriff | 07/18/17

GREAT FALLS -- A petition to recall Pondera County Sheriff Carl Suta has been approved by the Pondera County Clerk & Recorder.

The petition is now ready to be circulated. Petitioners will hold a meeting soon to have the circulators notarized and informed.

Petitioners cite incompetence as their reason for recall. Among the allegations are that Suta:

"left the county unprotected by having only one officer on duty for the entire county countless times"
"openly created dating profiles while married and cited sex as a hobby"
"has spoken openly about cases with multiple people in his presence"
"has created a hostile work environment"
is "not someone who takes responsibility for his actions"
"has abused his power by protecting his kids when they've committed offenses"

The petition needs 530 signatures, or 15% of eligible voters from the last election in the county.

Petitioners have 90 days to collect the signatures.

The sheriff declined to comment.

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Democratic Party Leaders Sue College Republican Recall Signature Gatherers Targeting Josh Newman (D-Orange County) | 07/11/17

By Michael F. Haverluck (July 10, 2017)

GOP and Dems duking it outDemocratic Party leaders are suing three volunteer College Republican signature gatherers after verbally assaulting them for taking part in a recall effort to oust California state Sen. Josh Newman (D-Orange County) and his high taxes.

The conservative college students managed to collect 85,000 signatures in support of a recall election, despite "goon squads" commissioned by Gov. Jerry Brown (D-Calif.) to intimidate voters - along with vicious threats waged by irate Democrats in the Golden State. Not liking their authority challenged in the predominantly blue state, Democrats have ramped up their intimidation tactics against conservative students through the court system.

"Sensing Newman's vulnerability, legislators changed the recall rules ex post facto (which will assuredly be legally challenged by recall supporters), and now Democrats are stepping up their attacks on people who organize dissent in the state - college students - or, more specifically, three College Republicans who volunteered as signature gatherers," Townhall reported. "The California Democratic Party is suing them, accusing them of lying to voters and saying that the recall would repeal the gas tax."

Pot calling the kettle black ...

The charges made by Democrats against the Republicans are considered to be the epitome of hypocrisy.

"First of all, that any California Democratic Party official or candidate would accuse Republicans of lying to get votes - and say it with a straight face - is a massive insult," Townhall's Jennifer Van Larr reported. "These are the people whose confiscatory gun control scheme was called 'Safety for All' in ads. These are the people who claim that sanctuary cities are simply shielding hard-working, law-abiding, family-centered immigrants from being deported. These are the people who call taxpayers 'freeloaders' when they finally get sick of forking over the highest gas taxes in the nation."

The motivation for the allegedly bogus claims against the red students trying to stay afloat in a predominantly blue state reportedly runs much deeper than what Democrats want most Americans to believe. Three College Republicans from California State University Fullerton (CSUF) - Ryan Hoskins, Amanda McGuire and Brooke Paz - and several other conservative activists are targeted in the lawsuit that was filed in the Sacramento County Superior Court ... a strategic court placement by Dems because the venue makes it extremely difficult for the students to defend themselves more than six hours away.

"This is about the super majority the Democrats currently hold in Sacramento," Red State pointed out before divulging what is really at stake. "If Newman is successfully recalled, they lose their two-thirds majority and won't have the power to arbitrarily and spontaneously pass crushing taxes and fees."

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California Democrats Out to Reverse another Election Rule to Help One of Their Own | 07/05/17

By Taryn Luna
Sacramento Bee (July 5, 2017)

First, Democrats hoping to protect one of their own passed a law changing the rules for a recall.

Now they are pressuring the state's campaign watchdog to reverse a longstanding stance on contribution limits to once again benefit Sen. Josh Newman, who Republicans are seeking to punish for casting a vote to raise state gas taxes.

In 2002, the California Fair Political Practices Commission adopted a regulation that said state candidates are subject to contribution limits when they give money to a recall committee controlled by another state candidate. The FPPC interprets the law to mean that state politicians can't give the Fullerton Democrat more than $4,400 each to fight his recall.

Roughly 15 years and two recall elections after the agency took the position, Senate Democrats are arguing the FPPC got it wrong. They say candidate committees should be able to give unlimited sums to a candidate-controlled recall committee, which would allow Newman to rely on fundraising by colleagues to help fend off the Republicans gunning for him. Democrats had the Legislature's government lawyers study the issue, and on June 27 Legislative Counsel Diane Boyer-Vine issued an opinion predicting that courts would uphold a reversal of the FPPC's longstanding interpretation.

A lawyer working for the caucus appeared at the agency's monthly meeting last week to request that commissioners reverse the interpretation.

"Unlike the perpetrators of this fraudulent recall attempt, Senate Democrats are committed to properly interpreting and adhering to the law..." said Jason Kinney, a spokesman for Senate Democrats. "Given the exigency of the issue, it seems logical and appropriate that the bipartisan FPPC would want to consider the matter quickly."

The position reappeared on an FPPC fact sheet in 2003 during the successful recall of Democratic Gov. Gray Davis, according to a letter written by the commission's executive director Erin Perth earlier this month. The agency reiterated its position again in an advice letter to lawyers during an unsuccessful recall campaign against then-state Sen. Jeff Denham, a Republican, in 2008.

During the Denham recall, the firm Bell, McAndrews & Hiltachk, working on behalf of Republicans, similarly disagreed with the FPPC position.

Thomas Hiltachk, whose firm was hired this year by the GOP proponents of the Newman recall, said the agency's interpretation has been on the books for more than a decade and there's no reason to change it now. He said Democrats should take the issue to a judge or pass a law in the California Legislature if they think the agency is wrong.

"Based on what we've seen over the course of the last two weeks, Newman should have no problem getting the Legislature to do whatever it takes to protect him from the voters in the 29th Senatorial District," Hiltachk said.

Last week Gov. Jerry Brown signed a law to change the rules governing recall elections. The new law effectively adds months to the existing timeline to certify a recall election for the ballot and ensures that the recall election would be held during the June primary next year, when more Democrats are likely to cast votes.

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3 Alaska City Council Members Survive Recall Election | 06/20/17

HOMER -- KBBI (June 19, 2017)  Three Homer City Council members who were the subject of a highly contentious recall effort will retain their seats. The political battle led to a court case with the American Civil Liberties Union of Alaska and two political groups have formed around the issue.

Council members David Lewis, Catriona Reynolds and Donna Aderhold all enjoyed double digit wins as the official results came in Friday.

As the canvas board counted hundreds of absentee ballots Friday afternoon, several Heartbeat of Homer supporters in the audience eagerly awaited the results. The pro-recall political action committee's spokeswoman, Sarah Vance, sat quietly as the stacks of ballots were counted.

The three council members narrowly eked out a win Tuesday (June 13) in the regular vote and needed a strong showing from absentee voters. City Clerk Mellissa Jacobsen read the results for the record and those in attendance.

Aderhold and Lewis were both favored by 57 percent of voters and Reynolds came away with 56 percent of the vote. Vance and her supporters were noticeably disappointed as they walked out of City Hall.

"Of course we are disappointed in the outcome," Vance said. "We feel that they definitely were dishonest in their dealings over the issues, but the people have spoken and we'll proceed from here."

The three council members found themselves subjects of the recall effort this spring. Petitioners took issue with two resolutions they crafted and sponsored, namely an inclusivity resolution.

Petitioners argue it was the council members' intent to make Homer a sanctuary city, damaging the tourism industry. They also claim their actions were misconduct in office.

The council members all had one word for the results, vindicated.

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California Democrats Use Budget Bill to Change Recall Rules, Help Colleague | 06/19/17

SACRAMENTO  (Mercury News)-- Over impassioned objections from GOP lawmakers, California Democrats on June 15 used a budget maneuver to help out a freshman colleague, Sen. Josh Newman, who faces an ugly recall battle in Southern California after voting for increasing the state's gas tax less than six months after he was elected.

Slipped into a budget-related bill on a veteran's cemetery was a provision to add new requirements for qualifying a recall petition for the ballot. Such changes would almost certainly delay a Newman recall to a general election.

General elections typically have better turnouts than special elections and favor Democrats.
Republicans are furious about the move, which bypasses the lengthy process through which policy bills are typically vetted. That it appeared in a bill establishing a new location of a new Southern California veteran's cemetery made it more offensive to opponents.

"It's just flat out wrong," said Assemblyman Devon Mathis, a Republican from Visalia, in an interview. "I'm a combat veteran, and I didn't get blown up twice in Iraq to come home and see this happen."

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Recall Initiated for Maryland Town Council Member | 06/06/17

A group of Taneytown citizens has initiated a recall petition for the removal of Councilman Donald Frazier from the Taneytown City Council.

Kelly Buie, one of the organizers, said the petition's goal is "to allow the city council to function effectively."

"Councilman Frazier has pushed an agenda of opposition versus progress for the last two years," Buie said. "It is now time for the citizens to be heard and to let the councilman know that these disruptions are no longer acceptable."

Buie said the petition is self-funded and the group is composed of a coalition of citizens "who desperately want to defend their town from outside organizations and people who have other agendas for our small town."

"We cannot let this continue any longer," Buie said. "Councilmember Frazier no longer represents the needs and desires of the citizens he was elected to represent."

Frazier described the petition as "disgusting."

"I ask a lot of questions and I hold their feet to the fire," Frazier said. "I tend to be mouthy about right and wrong. I ask the tough questions and all their faces turn red. That's my role as a councilman. I'm just doing my job. I'm so thankful that I get a chance to do it. I find it enjoyable to be able to have an elevated opinion. I'm one out of five votes and I hope people value that."

Frazier was censured in December 2015 for conduct, harassment of city employees and lack of decorum. In May 2017, he was also censured for acts of misconduct and violations of Taneytown's Code of Conduct.

In November 2016, Taneytown residents voted to amend the city's charter and to allow elected officials to be removed from office under certain circumstances. The city's charter indicates that "any elected official, after having been censured by an act of the mayor and council, may be petitioned for recall and removed from office for any reason by the qualified voters of the City of Taneytown."

According to Maryland Municipal League's Director of Research and Information Management Jim Peck, only about 35 of Maryland's 157 municipalities, or 22 percent, have recall provisions.

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Judge Blocks Potential Recall in Massachusetts Town | 06/06/17

TOWNSEND -- Pro-recall leaders and the selectman facing a potential recall election said a judge has blocked the election called for June 19.

"I have been notified that an injunction has been issued by the Court of Appeals STOPPING the recall," Selectman Cindy King, one of the two targets of the recalled, posted on Facebook late Friday. "Thank you for all the support. Have a great weekend!!"

Joe Shank and Kelly Kelly, prominent voices in the recall effort, and King all said on Saturday that they received a call from a court clerk about the ruling. All three said they had not seen a copy of the ruling.

John Dombrowski, King's attorney, declined comment on Saturday.

King had asked a Middlesex Superior Court judge to block the recall last month, which was unsuccessful. On Thursday, Dombrowski aruged before Appeals Court Justice Mark Green that the reasons the recall group gave to remove King and Selectman Gordon Clark are not covered by the town's recall bylaw.

It is not clear whether the Friday ruling would also cover Clark.

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Alaskan Town Recall Leaders Hold Rally in Face of ACLU Lawsuit | 05/16/17

HOMER, Alaska (May 15, 2017) The group leading a recall effort to oust three Homer City Council members held a rally Saturday in downtown homer. Heartbeat of Homer, the newly formed political action party, has also been granted standing in a lawsuit against the city.

About 40 Heartbeat of Homer members and supporters gathered at Wisdom, Knowledge, Faith & Love Park to rally their support for the recall of Homer City Council members David Lewis, Donna Aderhold and Catriona Reynolds. Reynolds and Lewis are both up for election in October.

Heartbeat of Homer was granted standing in a lawsuit the American Civil Liberties Union of Alaska brought against the city for certifying the three recall petitions. The ACLU says the certification violated council members' right to freedom of speech. In joining the case, Heartbeat of Homer chose to side with the city.

Spokesperson Sarah Vance spoke to supporters from the park's gazebo decked out in red, white and blue. Vance says the group expects accountability from city council members.

"And that's what Heartbeat is doing, giving conservatives in this town a voice. That's what we're about, to come and to make our voice heard because we're not going to be silent anymore," Vance announced through the PA system.

This all started back in early March after the three council members sponsored a resolution supporting the battle against the Dakota Access Pipeline and an inclusivity resolution.

Vance argues the council members were not transparent while crafting the latter resolution via email. She says it declared Homer as a sanctuary city and was "watered down" after it was met with opposition.

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Providence Voters Oust Councilman in Recall Election | 05/03/17

PROVIDENCE, R.I Providence Journal -- Ward 3 voted overwhelmingly to oust Kevin Jackson from the Providence City Council.

In a special election Tuesday, voters decided 1,772 to 158, absentee ballots included, that Councilman Jackson should lose his council seat.

"The community has spoken," Jackson said after the results were official. "I'm okay. I'm not going to let one year of what's going on ruin everything I've done for the community for the last 22 years."

Patricia Kammerer, one of the organizers of the Recall Kevin Jackson campaign, said she thought the result "sends a message that Councilman Jackson's constituents in Ward 3 expect honorable, ethical leadership. I think it sends a message to voters statewide that they can also hold their elected officials accountable."

The Recall Kevin Jackson campaign collected 2,383 signatures to force Tuesday's voting after Jackson was arrested on charges that include embezzling $127,153 from a youth track program that he led for decades.

Jackson, 58, who was first elected to represent the city's Mount Hope section in 1994, is the city's longest serving council member.

He was arrested in May 2016 and indicted in July on five charges, one of embezzling from the Providence Cobras, a track group he helped found, two of unlawful appropriation, and the others related to filing false documents to the state Board of Elections and misusing campaign funds for personal expenses such as buying clothes and paying for Netflix.

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Governor Supports Recall of Providence Councilman | 05/02/17

PROVIDENCE, R.I. - Democratic Gov. Gina Raimondo says she will vote to recall a Providence councilman who's facing a May 2, 2017 recall election amid embezzlement charges.

Ms. Raimondo lives in the Providence ward represented by fellow Democrat Kevin Jackson. Ward residents are voting on whether to keep Jackson on the city council.

Jackson was indicted in July on charges he embezzled more than $125,000 from the Providence Cobras youth track and field team. He has denied the charges.

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Local California District Board Member Survives Recall | 04/26/17

Linda Santos breathed a long and thankful sigh of relief late Tuesday when results of a recall attempt indicated she will keep keep her seat on the Oakdale Irrigation District board.

According to incomplete returns, "no" votes against the recall came to nearly 56 percent. If the trend holds as remaining ballots are counted in coming days, the balance of power on the deeply divided OID board soon could be thrown into doubt.

The other half of Tuesday's ballot - choosing Santos' successor - became moot in her apparent victory. If she had been recalled, Nate Ludlow - the only candidate to sign up - would have taken her spot.

Because Ludlow is aligned with the current board majority, his ascension would have assured that the old guard stays in power even after Gary Osmundson gives up his seat when he changes homes in a few weeks.

Instead, Santos' win on Tuesday is expected to neutralize the board's power struggle, as she and political ally Gail Altieri will be able to match votes with Steve Webb and Herman Doornenbal once Osmundson moves out of Division 5, forcing him to give up his seat. The power stalemate is likely to continue until the November ballot, when Osmundson's successor will be chosen; Webb and Doornenbal also are up then for re-election.

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ACLU, Council Members Sue Alaska City over Recall Election | 04/25/17

HOMER MustReadAlaska) According to three city council members in Homer, Alaska, it's not up to voters to decide if they are "unfit for office." It's up to the American Civil Liberties Union.

The three, who are facing a recall vote, have enlisted the ACLU of Alaska to help them sue the City of Homer over what they claim is an unconstitutional recall election scheduled for June 13.

Donna Aderhold, David Lewis, and Catriona Reynolds are facing the discontent of hundreds of local residents who signed recall petitions in March. The petitions said they were unfit to represent the city.

The council members had worked as a group to craft a resolution that would have made Homer a "sanctuary city," where illegal immigrants would find safe haven from law enforcement. The effort was cloaked in secrecy and residents were surprised when they learned of it. Under local fire, the resolution was eventually watered down and it failed passage.

The "Sanctuary Three" didn't stop there. They also worked to establish an official position for the City of Homer opposing the Dakota Access pipeline in North Dakota and support the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe in its resistance against the project. Some Homer citizens felt the council members had "gone rogue" in trying to make the entire city weigh in on a project thousands of miles and several states away, for no good reason other than obsequious political correctness.

The ACLU, in a press release, said that the three have done "nothing more than exercising their free speech rights."

But the citizens are also expressing their right -- their right to vote people out of office. They gathered 437 signatures -- far more than needed -- on petitions to recall the three council members. The city clerk, after consulting with the city's attorney, said the petition was strong enough to allow it to go for a vote. The law provides liberal language that supports the public's right to remove lawmakers.

But the ACLU disagrees.

"Legislators have a well-established right, under the First Amendment, to discuss their views on local or national policy and it is good that they do. Such a right promotes public discussion and advocacy of issues of concern to our neighbors at all levels of government," the ACLU wrote in a press release.

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Maine Legislators Consider Bill to Establish Recall Elections | 04/13/17

Spurred in part by public frustration at having no way to oust Gov. Paul LePage after a series of embarrassing comments, lawmakers are taking a look at a measure that would allow the recall of elected officials in Maine.

Its sponsor, Sen. Justin Chenette, D-Saco, said this week he wants "to give power back into the hands of the people."

His proposal would allow people to gather signatures to force a special recall election when an official is accused of neglect of duty, misuse of office or incompetence. It would also apply if an elected leader turns to crime, obstructs voter-approved initiatives or violates ethics laws.

It would apply to town board members, mayors, legislators and the governor.

"On the surface, it would be easy to view this bill as a direct response to the governor, but there is a reason why I include each level of government in this bill," Chenette said. "This is about holding all of us accountable, not just about one position or about one man."

"In fact, by the time this would be in effect and in place, it wouldn't really impact the current occupant of the Blaine House," he told the Legislature's Veterans and Legal Affairs Committee.

The Maine Municipal Association took a firm stand against the bill this week. It said town charters already govern recalls and that recalls require a lot of administrative work.

Besides, it said, "recalls are initiated as much to cause political and partisan mischief as they are to root out an incompetent or otherwise inappropriate elected official."

Chenette pointed out that 19 states already allow recalls of state officials and 29 for municipal leaders. The only one in New England is Rhode Island.

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Louisiana Lawmaker Wants to Make Recall Petitioning Easier | 03/31/17

NEW ORLEANS -- Motivated by recent failures to recall Jefferson Parish President Mike Yenni and former St. Tammany Parish Coroner Peter Galvan, a lawmaker filed a bill on March 30 to reduce the threshold for petition signatures that must be collected to get a recall election on the ballot.

State Rep. Paul Hollis, R-Covington, said he believes both houses of the Legislature will support his proposal when the session starts April 10 and will support the need to ease requirements under the state's recall law, which he called the most onerous in the country.

"I look at Louisiana compared to all the other states that allow for recalls and Louisiana's threshold is by far the highest requirement and I certainly don't want it to be the lowest and likewise I don't want it to be easy, I just want it to be possible."

Under current law, Louisiana districts with more than 1,000 electors need signatures from a third of all registered voters to trigger a recall election. Hollis wants to keep that in place for smaller districts, but lower the threshold to 25 percent of electors in districts with more than 25,000 voters and down to 20 percent of those registered in districts with more than 100,000 voters.

He noted that a number of signatures equal to just 12 percent of the total votes cast in the previous election are needed in California, where voters successfully removed Gov. Gray Davis in 2003 and replaced him with Arnold Schwarzenegger.

By contrast, large Louisiana districts like Jefferson and St. Tammany parishes must collect signatures from a third of voters registered there.

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Mayoral Recall Effort on Track in North Dakota | 03/31/17

BISMARCK -- Organizers of a petition to recall Bismarck Mayor Mike Seminary say they have crossed the 2,000 signatures mark.

Under state law the petitioners are required to get 1,898 valid signatures, equivalent to 25 percent of voters in the most recent mayoral race, according to Kevin Glatt, Burleigh County's auditor.

There's also a possible candidate to run against Seminary -- Steve Bakken, who said he is "definitely running" -- should the recall happen.

And he's confident he would be able to get the 300 signatures needed to get on the ballot. The deadline for filing as a challenger in a recall election is 64 days before the date of the recall election.

Paul Maloney, a spokesman for the group who initiated the petition, said they had been aiming for 2,000 signatures to give themselves a buffer but will continue collecting through April 19 to further hedge their bets before delivering the signatures to Bismarck City Administrator Keith Hunke's office.

Hunke will then have 30 days, or until May 19, to confirm whether the signers live within Bismarck city limits and are of legal voting age. If enough signatures are valid, he must call an election within 95 to 105 days, likely putting the special election in late August.

Seminary ran unopposed for his post as mayor in 2014 and his seat is up for re-election in June 2018, giving any potential successor less than a year in office before running for re-election.

Bakken said he was already planning a run for the mayor's seat in 2018. And when he initially heard about recall efforts, he thought the mayor should be allowed to finish his term.

"I don't know the tipping point" for the organizers of the recall petition, according to Bakken, adding arguments convinced him of "the damage that could be caused before (Seminary) finishes his term."

Bakken said his platform would be one of rebuilding relationships with other government entities and better, more transparent leadership with fiscal accountability to the voters and taxpayers, especially as Bismarck struggles with infrastructure upgrades in a growing city.

"It just got to the point we were tired of waiting," said Maloney, adding that the management of Dakota Access Pipeline protest activity and its effect on local business owners was what urged many to act.

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Nevada Sheriff Facing Recall Denies Allegations | 03/23/17

RENO -- In a wide ranging interview, embattled Storey County Sheriff Gerald Antinoro denied the allegations that resulted in a successful petition for a recall election next month.

The recall stems from allegations made in the past three years that include sexual harassment, wrongful terminations, ethics issues and budget problems.

A group of women initially filed a notice of intent with the Nevada Secretary of State seeking to recall the sheriff in late November, according to the Associated Press.

That group is now being represented by Kris Thompson, project manager for the Tahoe Reno Industrial Center -- home to such high profile projects like Tesla's Gigafactory. The group leading the recall effort had to obtain 477 petition signatures - 25 percent of the people who voted in Antinoro's 2014 election.

They collected 491 valid signatures, Thompson said in an email last week. The recall election is set for April 11.

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Citing Cost, Group Trying to Recall Judge in Sex Assault Case Postpones Campaign | 03/22/17

PALO ALTO, Calif. (March 21, 2017) -- The group working to unseat Santa Clara County Judge Aaron Persky for alleged judicial bias has decided to delay placing a recall on the ballot until next summer given the cost of mounting a special election this November.

Palo Alto resident Michele Dauber, chair of the Recall Persky campaign and Stanford University law professor, said she "immediately" decided to postpone the campaign to June 2018 after learning recently about the difference in cost.

Dauber said she believes that the new election date, while not the campaign's first choice, will not affect the outcome of the recall. She launched the recall movement last summer amid widespread furor over Persky's six-month sentencing of former Stanford student Brock Turner for sexually assaulting an unconscious woman on campus.

The Santa Clara County Registrar of Voters estimates it would cost taxpayers about $6.9 million to hold a special recall election this fall, compared to $576,075 next summer.

The discrepancy in cost is because there are no other items slated for the November 2017 ballot, according to the Registrar, while there are at least three other countywide races scheduled for next June (for district attorney, sheriff and assessor).

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Florida Mayor Alleges Fraud in Recall Effort | 03/08/17

An effort to recall the mayor of Sweetwater is raising allegations of fraud, conspiracy and voter intimidation, and once again threatening upheaval in a town perpetually locked in a political tempest.

Last month, a political committee linked to a city commissioner turned in nearly 2,000 signed petitions calling for the ouster of Orlando Lopez, a strong mayor who serves as the small city's manager. The committee, Providing Effective Government for All Residents, says Lopez is an absentee administrator who skipped at least five commission meetings and workshops last year amid a financial crisis.

"He's neglected his duty," said J.C. Planas, an attorney who represents the committee. "It's not just that he missed the meetings, it's that he didn't send staff either. Some of these meetings had to be canceled."

The Miami-Dade Supervisor of Elections certified 1,779 petition signatures on Feb. 23, enough to allow the recall effort to move forward under a process laid out in state law. A second petition drive circulated along with a rebuttal by Lopez in the west Dade 'burb just north of Florida International University's Modesto Maidique campus will likely begin this week.

The political committee now has 60 days to obtain valid signatures from 15 percent of the town's roughly 10,000 registered voters, triggering a recall election barring Lopez's resignation. If the vote is held and goes against the mayor, Lopez would become the first elected official in Miami-Dade to be recalled since county mayor Carlos Alvarez in 2011.

But the mayor doesn't intend to let that happen.

Lopez filed a complaint Friday in circuit court against the county supervisor of elections, Sweetwater clerk, and Gonzalo Sanchez, the chairman of the political committee behind the recall. He is challenging the verification of signatures and pushing to invalidate the petition drive.

His case is based on two arguments: that he's not actually required to attend meetings under the city charter, which says he "may" attend, and that signatures were obtained through fraud.

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Petitioners Halfway There for Recall of Missouri Parish President | 01/23/17

Roughly halfway through a 180-day window to force a recall election against Jefferson Parish President Mike Yenni, organizers say they have collected about half the signatures they will need to be successful.

The pace suggests getting the recall on the ballot will be difficult, given that the campaign has likely already reached the lowest-hanging fruit -- people most appalled by Yenni's admission that he exchanged inappropriate texts with a teenager.

But organizers remain optimistic, saying that with the holiday lull behind them and a door-to-door campaign underway, they expect to recapture the momentum they need.

"The tempo is back up to where it was during the election period" before Nov. 8, said Mikey Bowler, who runs the day-to-day operations for the Recall Yenni drive.

Bowler said the effort has between 40,000 and 50,000 of the roughly 90,000 signatures -- one third of Jefferson's 270,000 registered voters -- it will need to force a recall election, a range he admits doesn't exactly pin things down.

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Colorado Mayor, Mayor Pro Tem Recalled over Rental Inspection Program | 12/07/16

Recall elections will be held for two city council seats in Federal Heights early next year after residents and petitioners successfully unseated both Mayor Daniel Dick and Ward 1 Councilman and Mayor Pro Tem John Hamlin.

A three-member group of residents formed a recall committee last spring and circulated petitions to remove Dick and Hamlin based primarily on their support for a 2013 city rental inspection program that many residents said was invasive and unfair.

To get a recall, members of that committee -- called Renters Have Rights Too -- needed to gather enough signatures from residents to equal 25 percent of the votes that each candidate received for their election in November 2015.

That came out to 295 votes for Dick and (300 names were confirmed), and 84 votes for Hamlin (102 were confirmed). Both Dick and Hamlin appealed City Clerk Patti Lowell's decision that the petitions were sufficient.

At his hearing, Dick entered pages of complaints by dozens of petition signers who wanted their signatures removed for various reasons -- some saying that they didn't fully understand what they were signing.

Lowell said those names cannot be recanted after the petition has been filed. Dick and Hamlin will retain their seats until the special election, which is set for early next year.

The elections will be held via mail-in ballot. All voters in Federal Heights will receive ballots in the middle of January for the mayor's seat, and voters living in Ward 1 will have an additional question on their ballots for Hamlin's seat. Ballots are due back Feb. 7.

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Voters Recall Two Ohio City Officials | 12/07/16

East Cleveland Mayor Gary Norton Jr. and City Council President Thomas Wheeler were both narrowly recalled from their positions in a special election Tuesday night.

The final, unofficial results show that Norton lost by a margin of 20 votes -- 548 to 528 -- according to the Cuyahoga County Board of Elections website. Wheeler's margin was even narrower -- 18 votes.

The official election results will become available Dec. 19 after the votes are certified, according to the Board of Elections.

This is the third time Wheeler has been up for recall in a special election, once in December 2015 and again in June 2016. He narrowly won his June recall election with about 51 percent of the vote, though only about 7 percent of East Cleveland registered voters cast a ballot.

The Tuesday election was Norton's first time facing a recall since becoming mayor.

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Texas Town Rejects Easing Recall Requirements | 11/29/16

AUSTIN -- Bastrop voters on Nov. 8 rejected three proposed charter amendments that would have lowered signature requirements for recalls, referenda and initiatives -- all of the ways the public can force a vote on legislative action or the removal or replacement of elected officeholders.

However, voters did approve two charter amendments requiring that signatures for initiatives and referenda be collected within 180 days -- a standard rule absent from the Bastrop charter.

Bastrop voters were asked on the ballot whether to reduce the percentage of signatures from registered voters for initiatives from 20 percent to 5 percent, for referenda from 20 percent to 5 percent, and for recalls from 25 percent to 10 percent. They rejected the measures by 56 percent, 58 percent and 54 percent, respectively.

Because the two measures setting the 180-day standard passed, Bastrop will not be able to amend its charter again for another two years, according to laws of the Texas Constitution.

"We got three out of five," Judy Hoover, treasurer for a political action committee opposing the charter changes, said Wednesday. "I think the more critical three were the ones about the percentage requirements, the lowering of the threshold. I think that the public realized that that would cause unnecessary chaos in the system."

Changes in signature requirements could have made the recall of elected officials much easier by requiring support from one in 10 voters, instead of one in four.

Many contended ahead of the election the change was too low a threshold and would have allowed a small group to force special elections based on personal disagreements.

The charter election was the result of a petition drive this summer by Independent Texans, a political action committee, which turned in 337 signatures to the city secretary in August to place the five items on the November ballot.

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Three Arkansas Mayors Recalled | 11/29/16

LITTLE ROCK -- Three Arkansas mayors have been removed in recall elections.

This marks the most recalls in an election since a state law allowing the removal of elected officials was enacted in 2009, according to Arkansas Municipal League executive director Don Zimmerman. Voters are allowed to remove officials in the middle of their four-year terms, if they can gather signatures from at least 25 percent of the town or county's qualified electors.

Earle Mayor Carolyn Jones, Humphrey Mayor Rodney Henderson and Hartford Mayor James Baker were recalled in the Nov. 8 election, according to the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette.

Earle City Attorney Davis Loftin said the City Council will appoint an interim mayor, with a special election for a new mayor held in January.

Humphrey alderman Michael Hodges said the City Council appointed recorder and treasurer Robert Blessing as the interim mayor.

"He was a tough dude to work with," Hodges said. "He was not mayor material."

According to Baker, Sebastian County city recalled him because he "was not a puppet" and he broke a tie vote among council members to renovate City Hall. Baker also said he angered some council members by firing the city's museum director.

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Water Board Members Likely Recalled over Price Hike During Drought | 11/09/16

YORBA LINDA, CALIF. -- Water board members in an Orange County suburb who backed a water rate hike in the midst of intense drought appeared to be defeated in a recall election.

With all precincts reporting, all three incumbents seeking to stay on the five-member Yorba Linda Water District board were losing. About 71% of voters voted to recall two board members, Gary Melton and Robert Kiley.

And the board's president, Ric Collett, appeared to be losing his bid for reelection, coming in last place in a field of four candidates in which,only the top two finishers would secure a new term on the board.

The Yorba Linda Water District's board attracted the ire of the Yorba Linda Taxpayers Assn. when the district unanimously raised bills by $25 a month. The battle has transformed the sleepy suburb into a cautionary case study for other California water suppliers coping with a decrease in water sales during drought.

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Michigan Mayor Is Recalled | 11/09/16

GRAND RAPIDS, MI -- The city of Lowell will seek a new mayor after former Mayor Jeff Altoft was ousted Tuesday during a recall election.

Altoft lost to challenger Greg Canfield, chairman of the Lowell Light & Power Board, who earned almost 70 percent of the 1,695 votes cast, according to unofficial totals.

Effective immediately, Canfield will join the Lowell city council, which will choose the next mayor from one of its five members. In the meantime, Mayor Pro Tem Mike DeVore will fill in as acting mayor on an interim basis.

"The voters have spoken that they'd like to see the city council take a more positive direction and I'm excited to be part of that," Canfield said. "It's clear we're taking another direction and it'll hopefully be more positive."

The effort to remove Altoft from office began in March after a political action committee known as Forward Lowell raised questions about his role in the firing of former city manager Mark Howe after almost five years of service.

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Columnist: Jefferson Parish Drama Underscores Need for Review of Louisiana's Recall Law | 10/28/16

The unfolding drama surrounding an effort to recall Jefferson Parish President Mike Yenni could have some lessons for the entire state--especially as the state House of Representatives prepares a thorough review of Louisiana's recall laws--says Jeremy Alford in his latest column.

Greater Baton Rouge Business Report staff -- The unfolding drama surrounding an effort to recall Jefferson Parish President Mike Yenni could have some lessons for the entire state--especially as the state House of Representatives prepares a thorough review of Louisiana's recall laws--says Jeremy Alford in his latest column.

"There are eight states in the nation that have laws detailing grounds for recalling elected officials," Alford says. "For example, in Alaska, voters can only trigger a recall for four reasons, including 'lack of fitness, incompetence, neglect of duties or corruption.' Louisiana, however, has no such legal definition."

Louisiana voters, however, can boot out a politician for practically any reason as long as they can gather the required signatures to have a recall election scheduled, Alford says, adding they often have an uphill battle to climb.

Rep. Paul Hollis, R-Covington is hoping to change that and make the recall election process easier for Louisiana voters, says Alford. Last year, Hollis authored a resolution asking the House and Governmental Affairs Committee to study possible changes to these laws, Alford says, noting Hollis has reviewed Louisiana recall drives dating back to 1966 and could only find three or four successful attempts.

"The bar is just set too high," Hollis tells Alford. "Of the 31 states that allow recalls, ours is the highest for getting signatures, at percent of the voters in the district needed. In California, it's just 12 percent of those who actually voted. We set the threshold for being the highest."

House and Governmental Affairs Committee is expected to meet before the end of the year to hear Hollis' findings and to offer up suggestions for the 2017 legislative session, Alford says.

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Maine Town Sets Recall Election for Two Selectmen | 10/18/16

PERU -- Selectmen on Monday evening set a recall election for two of its members amid questions about the legality of both recall petitions.

Voters will decide Nov. 18 whether to remove Chairwoman Wendy Henderson and Vice Chairman John Witherell from office.

A public hearing on the issue is scheduled for 6 p.m. Tuesday, Oct. 25, at a location to be determined. Henderson and Witherell will have a chance to address voters.

The two petitions presented to the board Oct. 6 claimed Henderson and Witherell have failed to represent the will of the town and to vote accordingly. The petitions were certified by the town clerk Oct. 10.

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Supreme Court Declines to Re-Open Walker Recall Election Campaign Probe | 10/05/16

MADISON, Wis. -- The U.S. Supreme Court declined on Oct. 3 to reopen a long-stalled investigation into Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker's 2012 campaign against a recall effort, permanently ending a probe that had dogged the Republican even as he launched a brief presidential bid last year.

Last year, the Wisconsin Supreme Court shut down the so-called John Doe probe into whether Walker illegally coordinated with outside conservative groups. 

Walker, who won re-election in 2014 and is up for a third term in 2018, declined immediate comment Monday through his spokesman Joe Fadness, the AP reported:

The governor, who had been working to prepare Indiana Gov. Mike Pence for the vice presidential debate on Tuesday, had no public events planned.

Prosecutors investigated whether Walker's campaign coordinated with Wisconsin Club for Growth and other conservative groups on advertising during the 2012 recall without reporting the groups' contributions. The recall itself stemmed from Walker's signature law that stripped public unions of nearly all of their bargaining rights.

Those groups challenged the investigation, which was conducted under Wisconsin's John Doe law that allowed secret probes into misconduct by public officials. The judge overseeing the case determined the activity in question wasn't illegal and effectively halted the investigation in 2014.

Conservative-leaning justices who control the Wisconsin Supreme Court agreed and ended it last year. They ruled that the groups and the campaign's coordination on ads that don't expressly call for the election or defeat of a candidate amounts to free speech and isn't subject to disclosure requirements.

The Wisconsin Club for Growth, which fought the investigation, praised the court's decision to end it.

"From its inception, this proceeding was a politically motivated attack and a criminal investigation in search of a theory," said the group's president Eric O'Keefe in a prepared statement. He called for documents seized during the investigation to be given back.

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Recall Effort Underway against Oakland Mayor | 09/21/16

OAKLAND, Calif. -- An aggressive campaign has begun to recall Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf.

The group says Schaaf has been too closely tied with the troubled police department since her first day in office.

KRON4's Spencer Blake was at Oakland City Hall, where the recall signatures started coming in Sunday.

It was certainly a small turnout at city hall, but the Anti Police-Terror Project is just beginning its effort to get a special recall election set up for early next year.

Meanwhile, Mayor Schaaf is defending her record.

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Oregon Official Recalled; Another Optimistic He'll Survive Vote | 08/18/16

SALEM -- Residents of the least populous county in Oregon have voted overwhelmingly to recall their top county administrative official, while in an adjacent county a commissioner is optimistic he'll emerge victorious from the recall election he is facing.

A total of 406 ballots were for the recall of Wheeler County Judge Patrick Perry, with 208 against, County Clerk Barb Sitton said Tuesday, August 16. There was a 65 percent return of ballots from eligible voters, she said.

Wheeler County covers 1,715 square miles in Central Oregon and has only 1,358 residents, according to the U.S. Census.

The recall had cited conflicts of interest. Perry had said the recall was "based on unfounded and vague allegations."

Gov. Kate Brown will appoint a replacement for Perry, whose seat would be added to the ballot for the November election, said Molly Woon, communications director for Secretary of State Jeanne Atkins.

To the east in Grant County, Commissioner Boyd Britton said by phone that he is "cautiously optimistic" he'll survive his recall election. Among other things, the petition faults him for not calling for an investigation into the 2015 Canyon Creek Fire, which destroyed 43 homes and nearly 100 barns. U.S. Forest Service firefighters were unable to get the fire under control in its early stages.

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Recall of California Supervisor Will Be on November Ballot | 07/28/16

Calaveras County Clerk Recorder Rebecca Turner on July 27 formally ordered that a recall election for District 5 Supervisor Steve Kearney will be placed on the Nov. 8 ballot.

Turner was forced to take the action after the Calaveras County Board of Supervisors on July 12 declined to certify that sufficient signatures had been gathered to call the election.

By state law, the Board of Supervisors had 14 days after the July 12 meeting to issue an order to approve the recall election. No order came, so Turner followed state rules that require her to act as the county registrar of voters and set the recall election.

Petitioners earlier cited as reasons for the recall Kerney's votes to allow a controversial asphalt plant to operate without a conditional use permit and environmental studies and to allow a developer to back out of an agreement to pay for a left turn lane on Olive Orchard Road at Highway 26.

Kearney said in an emailed media release that he believes those responsible are part of a small group of "elites" and that the group is guilty of "inflicting economic terrorism" on Calaveras County.

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Recall Effort Begins against Louisiana Sheriff | 07/13/16

NEW IBERIA, La. -- A petition drive had begun to remove Iberia Parish Sheriff Louis Ackal from office.

Donald Broussard of New Iberia told The Daily Iberian that he filed the petition with the Louisiana's Secretary of State's office to force a recall election.

Broussard recently helped organize a rally and voter registration drive against Ackal, who is facing conspiracy and civil rights charges as part of an ongoing federal investigation of the sheriff's office.

Ackal and two other officials have pleaded not guilty in connection with the charges. They are scheduled for trial on Oct. 31.

Broussard says he is confident he will gather the more than 15,000 signatures needed to force the recall election.

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Anti-Police Group Wants to Recall Oakland Mayor | 07/13/16

OAKLAND, California -- A group of activists walked into the city clerk's office to file a petition to recall Mayor Libby Schaaf on July 11, but quickly discovered they will have to return with 24 more signatures before beginning the process toward a potential recall election.

The Anti-Police Terror Project cited a slew of grievances -- such as the ongoing sexual exploitation scandal in the Oakland Police Department, the displacement of longtime residents and violent crime -- when they announced they intended to circulate a petition to recall the city's mayor. The group plans to return Tuesday with the signatures needed to file a petition.

"The people in the hills are happy, the developers are happy, but the people-people -- the black and brown and the poor people that are the heart and soul of this city -- are sick and tired of being sick and tired," activist Cat Brooks said in an interview with ABC7 News.

The group needs to collect more than 20,000 signatures -- 10 percent of the city's electorate -- to put a recall election on the ballot.

The same group of activists previously demanded for Oakland police to be defunded amid recent scandals.

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Recall Petitions Submitted for Virginia Mayor | 07/13/16

PORTSMOUTH -- Organizers of an effort to unseat Mayor Kenny Wright delivered nearly 8,200 signatures on July 12 to the Circuit Court clerk, hoping to trigger a recall election less than four months before the general election.

The effort, led by Norfolk businessman and Portsmouth resident Robert Marcus, has been 14 months in the making.

"The mayor has proven to me and a large number of citizens that he's ill-suited for the job he's been tasked with," he said.

Tidewater Tea Party Alliance Chairman Nelson Valez, who helped gather signatures, said Tuesday that Wright had caused two groups to suffer with higher taxes in Portsmouth : homeowners and businesses. And despite the highest tax rate in the region, services haven't improved, he said.

Wright, reached by text message, didn't say whether he'd legally challenge the signature collection.

"I love this city and all of its people!" he responded. "In the words of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. 'We shall overcome!' "

Marcus' effort needs the valid signatures of 30 percent of the number of people who voted in the last governor's election. That appears to be 7,786 signatures, based on 25,952 votes cast in the November 2013 election, although Marcus has said he thinks the number to reach is 7,776. He didn't provide the exact number he thinks he has.

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Recall Sought of Ohio Town Council Members | 06/21/16

Four of Upper Arlington's seven city council members might face a recall election. On Friday a group of residents submitted 3,000 petition signatures to the county board of elections. The group wants answers about the city's Northam Park redevelopment plans.

The group "Save Northam Park" wants the recall. They say questions about the park's redevelopment by the city are going unanswered. OSU finance professor emeritus Stephen Buser says council originally planned to eliminate tennis courts, move ball fields and cut down trees. But now he doesn't know where the plan stands.

"If we come to a meeting and we don't say exactly what they want to hear, we're divisive. If we ask a question, we're divisive. And we don't get answers," Buser says.

Following Friday's filing, a statement on behalf of council's John Adams, David DeCapua, Debbie Johnson and Kip Greenhill called the action "radical and unprecedented." It went on to express disappointment with the "vocal activist group."

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Oregon Senate President Won't Face Recall Election | 06/16/16

SALEM -- Opponents of Oregon Senate President Peter Courtney failed to gather enough valid signatures to force a recall election.

Backers of the recall had until June 13 to obtain 4,533 signatures from registered voters in Courtney's district, which includes Woodburn and part of Salem. Matt Geiger of Woodburn told The Oregonian/OregonLive that he and other supporters decided not to submit any signatures once it became apparent they'd fall short.

In a press release sent out in March, petitioners blasted Courtney for being "tone-deaf to his community's needs" and presented four reasons for wanting to recall the state senator: his support of raising the state minimum wage, his push to help eliminate coal power in Oregon by 2030, his proposal that would allow mass transit districts to impose a tax on employees if their employer is located in that district, and his failure to urge voters to approve a diversion of 2 percent of lottery tax revenues to help veterans, according to the Woodburn Independent.

Courtney, who has served in the Senate since 1999 and as its president since 2003, was most recently re-elected to a four-year term in 2014. Two attempts have been made to recall him in the past, according to state records: once, in 1993, when he was serving in the House, and again in 2007. Neither attempt produced enough signatures to trigger a recall vote. 

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Could Judge in Stanford Rape Case Be Recalled? | 06/14/16

The case of Brock Turner, a former Stanford University student convicted of sexual assault, has gained national attention amid an outcry over the six-month sentence he received. More than a million people have signed recall petitions for Judge Aaron Persky, who issued the sentence.

After Turner's conviction in March, prosecutors requested six years in prison. Instead, Judge Persky decided to sentence Turner to six months in county jail and a requirement to register as a sex offender, in line with the probation officers' recommendations, The San Jose Mercury News reported.

The sentence fell below the "mandatory minimum" for the crime, which Persky attributed to Turner's youth, his intoxicated state, and his lack of criminal record. Following the survivor's testimony going viral, the public's response to the sentencing has been unprecedented, as The Christian Science Monitor reported.

Peter Lake, a professor at Stetson University College of Law and a Title IX expert, told The Monitor that "public attitudes about appropriate punishment often drives change".

One change many are calling for is the removal of Persky from the bench. There are two efforts to remove him, one focusing on a recall election and the other demanding his removal by the California Commission on Judicial Performance. Those demanding his removal by the judicial commission, which has not commented on the issue, delivered the petition with a million signatures at a rally on Friday.

Michele Dauber, the Stanford law professor who is part of the recall effort, told NPR that Persky's lenient sentencing due to Turner's drunkenness, academic accomplishments, and athletic success prior to the sentencing endangered college-aged women.

"That that description fits essentially every campus rape at Stanford certainly and many schools across the country," Dauber told NPR. "So it means that he has essentially taken campus rape out of the category of things you can go to prison for, and awarded it a lighter sentence."

Dr. Dauber is working with Progressive Women Silicon Valley on the recall election, and told NPR an official signature gathering effort for a recall vote would begin shortly. To reach the ballot, the petition would need the signature of 60,000 Santa Clara County voters, the Mercury News reported. If he is defeated, another candidate will be selected to replace Persky, who began a new six-year term last week after being reelected with no opponent.

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Oregon Town Braces for Recall after Standoff | 06/14/16

Voters in a rural Oregon town are receiving ballots in the mail for a recall election targeting a judge who opposed the armed takeover of a federal wildlife refuge earlier this year.

Harney County Judge Steve Grasty decided to fight the recall even though he is retiring this year.

The recall has stirred passions in Burns, which held the national spotlight for weeks during the standoff at Malheur National Wildlife Refuge.

Ammon Bundy and others occupied the refuge this winter to protest federal land policy and the imprisonment of Dwight and Steven Hammond, two ranchers sent to prison for starting fires.

The 41-day standoff ended Feb. 11 and included the fatal shooting by police of rancher and occupation spokesman Robert "LaVoy" Finicum.

The recall election is June 28. Though his title is judge, Grasty's position is essentially chairman of the county commission.

He was outspoken in his opposition of the occupation and the ranchers holed up in the refuge. Their supporters blamed Grasty for not doing more to protect the Hammonds.

Some Burns residents are rallying around Grasty as the recall election draws near. About 100 people attended a rally for him last week and an ad running in the local newspaper this week will list the names of up to 150 supporters.

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Nebraska Town Mayor to Face Recall | 05/25/16

MADISON -- Petition drive organizers have obtained enough valid signatures to force a recall election on the mayor of Madison in northeast Nebraska.

The Madison County election commissioner says 229 signatures of registered Madison voters have been validated, 59 more than required. So the Madison City Council now must order a special election to be held no less than 30 days nor more than 75 days from May 23 unless Mayor Alvin Brandl resigns.

Brandl has drawn fire for his appointments to city boards.

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Recall Slated against Oregon Official in Wildlife Refuge Standoff | 05/25/16

A special recall election against Harney County commissioner Steve Grasty will be held in late June, according to the Oregon Secretary of State's office.

The June 28 election is the result of a recall campaign started in the aftermath of the 41-day takeover of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge by armed militants earlier this year. Grasty is the County Court judge -- not a judge in the traditional sense, but essentially chairman of the county commission.

Petitioners gathered the valid signatures of 458 active registered Harney County voters, Molly Woon, a secretary of state spokeswoman, said in an email.

They needed 444 to validate the petition, forcing a recall election or compelling Grasty's resignation. Grasty chose the former and addresses Harney County citizens in a "statement of justification" to be printed on the ballot.

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Bundy Standoff Spawns Recall Campaign | 05/17/16

PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) - A recall petition has been filed against a Harney County official who did not support the armed takeover of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge.

Petitioners say they have gathered 566 signatures, more than enough to compel Judge Steve Grasty to resign or face a recall election. Though his title is judge, Grasty's position is essentially chairman of the county commission. He tells The Oregonian/Oregonlive he's not going to resign.

Ammon Bundy and others occupied the refuge this winter to protest the imprisonment of Dwight and Steven Hammond, two ranchers sent to prison for starting fires. They blame Grasty for not offering to protect the Hammonds from the federal government.

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Recall Effort Begun against Wisconsin Town Board | 05/17/16

PARIS -- Three residents began an effort Friday to recall all three members of the Paris Town Board.

Joseph Kolnik is pursuing the recall drive along with Robert Fliess and Paul Terry. Kolnik is one of the plaintiffs in a lawsuit against the town challenging an Interstate 94 corridor boundary agreement with the village of Somers

With their statement of intent filed Friday, they may now begin circulating recall petitions targeting Paris Chairman Virgil Gentz and Supervisors Ronald Kammerzelt and Kenneth Monson. If they are successful and a recall election ensues, Kolnik plans to challenge Gentz, Fliess would oppose Monson and Terry would take on Kammerzelt.

All three of the would-be challengers are upset about the Town Board's approval of an intergovernmental agreement that would result in some 2,500 acres along the west side of I-94 transferring from Paris to Somers, with revenue generated by new development to be shared 50-50 between the two municipalities.

"I've lived in Paris my whole life," Fliess said, "and that's why I bought my farm -- because of the tax base -- and now my town is throwing me out. It just doesn't seem fair."

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Texas Mayor Wins Recall Election, Looks Ahead | 05/17/16

KELLER -- Mayor Mark Mathews said he is happy to put the recall election behind him and focus more on making improvements in the city.

Mathews, elected in 2014, was the subject of a recall election on May 7, surviving with almost 54 percent of the 4,000 votes, according to the Tarrant County unofficial election results. A group of residents began circulating a recall petition late last year that accused him of using his position for personal gain, allegations he denied.

For months, name-calling and mudslinging escalated as Mathews fought the recall, calling the group of residents a special interest group that was unhappy with his votes in City Council meetings, while the group continued accusing him of misconduct.

But thanks to a difference of about 300 votes, Mathews is safe. His term ends in May 2017.

"For me, I'm moving forward," he said, calling the election results "a great victory for the city."

"I think the citizens spoke very loudly that they are tired of the divisiveness, the toxic language and bitterness and they don't want a small group to dictate to the larger group the direction that the city's going to go," Mathews said.

Linda Taylor, the spokeswoman for the recall group, said that the small margin between "yes" and "no" votes shows that "the mayor has split the city even further."

In a city of about 43,000 people, Mathews said the turnout of 4,000 votes is high for a May election, adding that he received about 19 percent more support than when he was elected two years ago.

Mathews will continue serving with City Council, including at least two members -- Debbie Bryan and newly elected Eric Schmidt -- who directly supported the recall.

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Colorado Mayor's Recall Petition Drive Continues | 05/03/16

CASTLE ROCK (CBS4)- The recall petition for the mayor of Castle Rock will continue after eight protests against the recall were denied. The Castle Rock Town Council must set a recall election according to the town's charter.

A group obtained the required number of signatures to petition the recall of Castle Rock Mayor Paul Donahue.

Eight protests were filed to challenge the validity of the petition but Independent Hearing Officer Karen Goldman issued her decision on Monday and stated she found, "no credible evidence of petition failure as part of any of the protests."

As a result of her decision, the Town Council will discuss the date of the recall election during its regular meeting Tuesday night.

Donahue will continue to serve in office during the recall process. Donahue was first elected in 2008 and most recently in 2012.

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Signatures Submitted for California City Council Recall Election | 04/25/16

LAKE FOREST - Organizers of the recall campaign to oust three of the five City Council members submitted more signatures than required to the city, just before the deadline Wednesday.

Leah Basile and her team of volunteers turned in 8,245 signatures requesting the recall of Mayor Andrew Hamilton, 8,238 for Councilman Dwight Robinson and 8,183 for Mayor Pro Tem Scott Voigts, city spokeswoman Hannah Shin-Heydorn said.

City staff counted the signatures Wednesday night to make sure they exceeded the minimum 7,882 per official being recalled, Shin-Heydorn said.

The city will deliver the petitions Thursday to the Orange County Registrar of Voters to get the signatures verified, she said.

Recall supporters, who accuse Voigts, Hamilton and Robinson of corruption and cronyism, have been gathering signatures in store parking lots, at community events and going door-to-door since December.

"It was almost like four months of struggle and hard work all paid off," Basile, a Portola Hills resident who's spearheading the recall, said Thursday. "Many of the people we talked to were not happy with the direction the city's headed, so it was not difficult to get them to sign."

The three council members being targeted for recall deny the allegations, saying the effort is an overreaction based on misleading information, and is being promoted by rival councilmen Jim Gardner and Adam Nick.

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Recall against New Jersey Mayor Gets Green Light | 04/25/16

BAYONNE -- After hitting a minor problem with the filing of their recall petition, three men aiming to oust Bayonne Mayor Jimmy Davis from office are moving forward with collecting signatures for their cause.

City Clerk Robert Sloan said he approved the petition on Wednesday after the group updated it to specify that they are seeking a special election.

Michael Alonso, Donald Baran Jr. and Patrick Desmond first filed a notification of intention to recall the mayor on April 4. Davis, who defeated incumbent Mayor Mark Smith in the 2014 election, reacted at the time by calling the filing "comical."

Attorney and city resident Peter Cresci represented Desmond at a tax board hearing earlier this month in arguing for a citywide revaluation, which the board subsequently ordered the city to do. Davis called the request "purely political, plain and simple," which Cresci denied.

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Recall Effort Begins against New Jersey Mayor | 04/21/16

BAYONNE -- A little over two weeks since the initiative was made public, the recall effort of Bayonne Mayor Jimmy Davis, led by childhood friend Pat Desmond, is officially underway. Desmond told Hudson County View on April 20 that the three-man recall team, which also includes perennial Republican candidate for office Michael Alonso and Donald Baran, Jr., are now free to collect signatures in hopes of forcing a special election in May 2017.

The group now has 160 days to gather 8,128 valid signatures from registered voters in the city. The number represents 25 percent of the voters registered for the last general election.

Desmond, a friend of Davis' for around 40 years before a recent falling out, was a key organizer in the 2014 municipal election where Davis unseated incumbent Mark Smith.

City Clerk Robert Sloan confirmed that his office had officially approved the recall paperwork today. Last week, he stated that the recall effort was stalled due to "a minor deficiency" where the group did not indicate if the recall should be held with the general election or a special election.

Both sides have already drawn their lines in the sands and appear prepared for a political war, with Davis calling the accusations made in the recall effort, such as failing to secure a new teachers' contract and bringing "a garbage train" back to Bayonne, "baseless and wholly inaccurate."

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Alaska Borough Gets Interim Mayor after Successful Recall | 04/13/16

ANCHORAGE - The North Slope Borough announced the interim mayor Tuesday following the recall of former Mayor Charlotte Brower. A date for a special election for a new mayor was also set for June 7.

The NSB Assembly certified the April 5 recall election Tuesday, and then selected Assembly President Mike Aamodt for the position until the new mayor is elected.

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Three School Board Members Ousted in California City Recall Election | 04/13/16

Three out of four Raisin City Elementary School District board members facing recall, including the board president, were ousted in a special election Tuesday. In addition, a vacant seat was filled on the Golden Plains Unified School District board.

Raisin City trustee Evangelina Urias survived a recall attempt, with about 55 percent of those marking ballots voting "no."

The recalled trustees are board president Anthony Monreal, Nancy Schwabenland and Federico Garcia.

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Judge Declines to Halt School Board Recall Election in Idaho | 04/01/16

A recall election against West Ada School District trustees will move forward without the courts intervening to stop it.

On Thursday, District Judge Deborah Bail issued a written ruling denying trustees Russell Joki and Carol Sayles' request for a preliminary injunction, which would have stopped the Ada and Canyon County clerks from putting recall language on the May 17 ballot.

"I'm disappointed," Sayles said Monday. "I was waiting for the judge's decision, and now I have work to do. ... I'm going to start campaigning for 'no on recall.'"

Joki said he plans to continue his term and imagines he will form a no-recall campaign as well. For now, he said, trustees' obligation is to support the new superintendent, Mary Ann Ranells, whom he said is doing an excellent job.

Board chairwoman Tina Dean also faces a recall election in May but was not part of the lawsuit.

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Alabama Representative Wants Bill to Allow Recall | 04/01/16

MARSHALL COUNTY, AL (WAFF) -- Representative Will Ainsworth continues his research to complete a bill allowing for a recall election but he also feels other options are on the table.

If Will Ainsworth has his way a recall election bill will become a reality in Alabama but that won't happen overnight.

Ainsworth feels other options are still possible for embattled Governor Robert Bentley.

He feels the first is for the governor to resign and the second is articles of impeachment proposed by Representative Ed Henry.

Ainsworth says a recall election bill would give the citizens an option if a politician doesn't fulfill their obligations.

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Petition Drive Begun to Recall North Dakota Sheriff | 03/19/16

JAMESTOWN - Stutsman County voters may go to the polls to vote on who will serve as the county sheriff sooner than expected.

A committee has formed to organize a petition drive to force a recall election of Chad Kaiser. Kaiser is in his second term as Stutsman County sheriff and would normally not face a re-election challenge until 2018.

Tim Greshik, chairman of the recall committee, said his group was prompted to act by what he called "corruption" in the Stutsman County Sheriff's Office when Deputy Elizabeth Kapp was terminated in February.

"By corruption I mean the whole reason she was fired," Greshik said. "The investigation initialized by Chad (Kaiser) was conducted by Jason Falk, who Liz had made the original complaint against."

Kapp had accused Falk of using a Sheriff's Office vehicle to pull a personal boat verbally in October and in writing through her attorney in January. A review of the accusations by Fritz Fremgen, Stutsman County state's attorney, resulted in no criminal charges.

Falk conducted the internal investigation for Stutsman County regarding a news tip made to KVLY Valley News Live Whistleblower Hotline that a Stutsman County sheriff's deputy and Kaiser's son were improperly using a Jet Ski allegedly owned by Stutsman County. Stutsman County does not own a Jet Ski, and the news tip was proved to be false. While the investigation did not trace the news tip to Kapp, it found she had not cooperated with the investigation and kept a book documenting the misconduct of other deputies.

Kapp's letter of termination, signed by Kaiser, said she was terminated for violations of the Peace Officer's Code of Conduct and Stutsman County policy.

Greshik said Kapp was not associated with the recall effort.

"She has nothing to do with this," Greshik said. "No one in close proximity to her is involved."

Kapp did not return calls seeking comments.

Judge Halts Recall Attempt in Texas Town | 03/19/16

Floresville -- A state judge has handed a major defeat to a group of Floresville residents seeking to recall their mayor and two council members, saying the election cannot be held in May or November, the two dates available this year.

No decision has been made on whether to appeal, recall supporters indicated Friday.

"In order to have lawfully placed the recall issue on the May 7, 2016 ballot the recall petition would have had to (have) been filed a good month before it was actually filed," Senior Judge Dick Alcalá ruled Thursday.

And the election can't be held Nov. 8, the next uniform election date, because it would violate the city charter, which states that a recall election can't be held on the same date as a regular election set for the same seat.

That's exactly what the city has been saying for months.

The judge's decision all but renders the recall effort moot because Mayor Sherry Castillo, Councilman Daniel Tejada and Councilman Juan Ortiz -- the subjects of the recall -- are up for reelection Nov. 8. Castillo said Friday she hasn't yet decided whether to run again; Tejada said he will be seeking reelection. Ortiz could not be reached Friday.

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Clerk Rejects Recall Petitions for Texas City Council Member | 03/07/16

AUSTIN -- A petition seeking to force a recall election on Austin City Council Member Ann Kitchen was rejected Friday by the city clerk because the canvassers failed to sign each of the 989 petition sheets in the presence of a notary.

That means that Austin4All, the political action committee behind the recall effort, would have to start over to collect the almost 4,900 signatures of registered voters from Kitchen's District 5 required to instigate a recall. The petition organizers, who had turned in almost 5,300 signatures, cannot cure the fault in their petition by having the canvassers re-sign the petitions with a notary on hand, city spokesman Bryce Bencivengo said.

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Zavala County Mayor Resigns after Arrest, Recall Petition Certification | 02/21/16

CRYSTAL CITY -- A South Texas mayor under a federal corruption indictment resigned from office on Friday after a recall petition was certified and he was arrested over a disturbance that disrupted a city council meeting.

In a letter of resignation submitted to the city clerk, Ricardo Lopez said his departure would take effect Friday afternoon.

"I appreciate the opportunities I have been given to be mayor of Crystal City. I wish all the citizens of Crystal City success in the future," his letter stated.

Lopez and two city council members are named in a federal public corruption indictment returned earlier this month. Another council member has been charged with human trafficking.

Crystal City is the county seat of Zavala County, which in January 2015 entered into a federal court consent decree with the American Civil Rights Union to clean up its voter rolls. The county had more than 100 percent of its age-eligible residents registered to vote.

Lopez was led from a city council meeting in handcuffs late Tuesday night after an apparent scuffle ended the gathering in pandemonium. The meeting, which was to schedule a recall election for him and two council members, ended prematurely after the mayor's arrest cost the panel a quorum.

He was released from the Zavala County Jail the next day after posting a $12,000 bond. However, the rest of the Tuesday council meeting was postponed until Wednesday, then was canceled when Lopez didn't attend and the group again lacked a quorum. Upon his release from jail, Lopez told reporters that he would attend no more council meetings.

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Recall Petition against Michigan Governor Approved | 02/09/16

A petition to oust Governor Rick Snyder from office will soon be circling the state. The Michigan Board Of Canvassers approved a petition Monday night to recall the Governor, but not over the Flint Water crisis-- but rather for his decision in 2015 to move the state school reform office to a department under his control.

Nine other petitions, including petitions to recall the governor over the tainted water in Flint, were rejected by the Board Of Canvassers due to how the petitions were worded, or even misspellings. Those who submitted petitions to recall the Governor over the Flint Crisis, plan to rewrite their petitions and resubmit them.
The sole petition that was approved is valid for only 180 days. Organizers have sixty days within that window to collect 789,133 valid signatures.

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Recall Election Slated for Alaska Town Mayor | 02/01/16

ANCHORAGE -- North Slope officials have called for a special election to recall Mayor Charlotte Brower after residents successfully gathered enough signatures on a petition.

The announcement was made Tuesday at a North Slope Borough Assembly meeting, KTVA-TV reports.

The effort to recall Brower began after allegations that she misused borough funds. She has been accused of using public money to send her grandchildren to a basketball camp in California and to purchase cakes for her daughter.

Petitioners starting gathering signatures in November and have collected more than the 492 signatures needed for the recall. Under borough laws, a petition to recall an official must gather at least 25 percent of the total number of votes cast in the last election before it can be certified by the clerk.

According to the borough clerk's office, the special election will be held April 5.

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Group Begins Petition Drive to Recall Austin City Council Member | 01/22/16

A group calling itself Austin4All PAC has begun collecting petition signatures with the goal of forcing a recall election of Austin City Council Member Ann Kitchen.

Or has it?

The petition sheets, seeking a recall of Kitchen on the grounds that she "has purposefully hurt businesses that employ citizens of Austin," bear the name of Austin4All PAC, along with an address on Congress Avenue. The Austin City Clerk's office has no record of a political action committee with that name, though city spokesman Bryce Bencivengo said a recall effort does not require any sort of advance notice to the city.

"Anyone can go start circulating a recall petition, and if they believe they have enough signatures, they can turn it in to the city clerk to be validated," Bencivengo said.

No one associated with Austin4All could be reached Thursday.
City council district 5 member Ann Kitchen attends a city council meeting concerning Bluebonnet Hills in Austin City Hall on Thursday, June 11, 2015. Shelby Tauber / AMERICAN STATESMAN

Council Member Ann Kitchen, shown at a meeting in June, has advocated for fingerprint-based background checks of drivers for hire.

Kitchen said she had heard of the effort, which she presumes is related to her advocacy to require fingerprint-based background checks of drivers for transportation network companies like Uber and Lyft. (The other petition drive you've heard about recently, the one that gathered more than 65,000 signatures seeking an election to overturn Austin's new ride-for-hire rules, came from a different PAC called Ridesharing Works for Austin.)

"Of course the voters always have the right to petition," Kitchen said. "But this strikes me at this point as an effort by a corporation to recall a council member who is just trying to do her job, to protect the women and the public in general from being assaulted."

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Petitions Approved for Recall of Two Michigan Legislators | 01/15/16

LANSING, Mich. (AP) -- Michigan election officials have approved the wording of petitions that seek to recall two state senators from office for their votes to raise taxes and fees as part of a road-funding plan.

The Board of State Canvassers approved the petitions Thursday, after previously rejecting earlier versions.

Some residents are angry with Republican Senate Majority Leader Arlan Meekhof of West Olive and Republican Sen. Wayne Schmidt of Traverse City for backing fuel tax and vehicle registration fee increases in November, months after voters rejected tax and fee hikes included in a ballot proposal.

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Voters Use Recall Drives to Oust Scores of Officials in 2015 | 12/30/15

More than 100 state and local officials faced recall elections in 2015 and a majority were ousted from their jobs, as unhappy voters vented their frustrations on issues ranging from charter schools to gun rights.

In all, there were more than 400 recall drives, with 108 actually going to voters and 65 officials being tossed from their jobs, according to a tally from Joshua Spivak, who writes the Recall Elections Blog.

Fifteen other officeholders resigned, while just 28 survived the recall vote, according to Mr. Spivak.

The 108 recalls were down from 126 in 2014. There were 107 in 2013, 168 in 2012, and 151 in 2011.

Recalls have become major political news in recent years after Californians voted in 2003 to kick Democratic Gov. Gray Davis out of office and replace him with actor Arnold Schwarzenegger.

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Illinois Legislator Pushes Bill to Allow Recall of Chicago Mayor Emanuel | 12/14/15

CHICAGO -- Amid ongoing protests in the city of Chicago, an Illinois state legislator who introduced a bill that would allow Rahm Emanuel to be removed from office by a recall vote says city residents feel abandoned by the embattled mayor.

"We have not seen the tip of the iceberg yet," Rep. La Shawn Ford said on Thursday, saying voters had lost "trust and confidence" in the mayor.

"People are hurt, people have died, people feel that they are forgotten about in the city of Chicago," the Chicago Democrat added.

Legislation drafted by Ford would revise a 1941 law and create a ballot procedure for voters in the city to petition for Emanuel's ouster. He said he hadn't wanted to introduce his recall measure but constituents were demanding it.

Emanuel, a former congressman and chief of staff to President Barack Obama, has come under fire for his handling of the city's police force, which the Department of Justice announced on Tuesday would be subject to a federal investigation.

In a statement, Emanuel's office brushed off the prospect of a recall election, saying "the mayor's focus is not on his own personal politics."

Ford, however, expects the pressure -- and protests -- to grow.

"Until there is real change and real reform in the way the city of Chicago is operating, I don't think people are going to let up," he said. "People are not going to let up because this is the moment the people who really fight for justice and equality in Chicago have been waiting for.

"Right now, the city is disturbed, the city is all messed up right now."

Thursday night, protesters again took to the streets of Chicago, as they have since the release of dashcam footage that shows the police shooting of 17-year-old Laquan McDonald.

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Wisconsin Town Mayor May Request Recall Recount | 12/01/15

ARCADIA -- Mayor John Kimmel has until Thursday to decide if he wants a recount in last week's recall election.

Last week Arcadia City Clerk Angela Berg told WEAU that Kimmel had three business days after the election to make the request. That deadline would have been Monday.

Berg now says Kimmel has until Thursday evening, because the office just finished counting absentee ballots Monday morning.

Read more at WEAU.

Last Tuesday, Rob Reichwein defeated Kimmel in the special election, receiving 69 percent of the vote (373 to 164).

Read more in the Winona Post.

Oregon City Mayor Survives Recall Election | 11/18/15

Clatskanie voters have decided to retain Mayor Diane Pohl, who was criticized for the way she handled the resignation of the town's police chief last summer.

Pohl got 53.44 percent of the vote in Tuesday's recall election. That's compared to 46.56 percent of the vote against keeping Pohl as mayor.

Virginia Leloff, the person who filed the petition on Sept. 21, was as disappointed by the voter turnout as the results.

"I'm disappointed that only 403 voters out of 851 turned out," Leloff said Tuesday. "If people wanted a recall, they should have voted."

Leloff said she filed the recall petition with the goal of improving Clatskanie's governing body.

"I've never had anything personal against Diane Pohl. I just want city government to do a better job," Leloff said Tuesday morning, before ballot counting began.

Pohl said she is looking forward to serving out her term, which is up at the end of 2016.

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Arizona City Councilmen, Mayor Survive Recall | 11/04/15

ORO VALLEY (Tucson News Now) - An effort to replace the Oro Valley mayor and three members of the town council has fallen just short.

According to Pima County officials, the following results include all 15 precincts and 100 percent of the mail-in ballots.

In the mayoral race, incumbent Satish Hiremath defeated Patrick "Pat" Straney and Joseph Winfield. Hiremath held onto his title with 6,336 votes (50.66 percent) compared to 5,442 votes (43.51 percent) for Straney and 705 (5.64 percent) for Winfield.

In the town council races:

Incumbent Joe Hornat beat Ryan Hartung 6,253 votes (50.43 percent) to 6,128 (49.42 percent).

Incumbent Mary Snider grabbed 6,243 votes (50.37 percent) to beat Shirl Lamonna (4,420 votes, 35.66 percent) and Doug Burke (1,720 votes, 13.88 percent).

Incumbent and vice mayor Lou Waters beat challenger Steve Didio 6,242 votes (51.18 percent) to 5,931 votes (48.63 percent).

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Recall Leaves Three Council Seats Open in Oregon Town | 10/20/15

POWERS -- The City of Powers received certified recall election results on Oct. 15, and that means applications for the three vacant city council positions are now available.

Interested Powers residents can request an application by emailing the City.

To be eligible, applicants must have lived in Powers for at least a year and be registered to vote.

New city councilors will be appointed.

The remaining members of the council are Charlie Possee, Shirley Burgess, Ben Bedwell, and mayor Bill Holland.

As previously reported, Burgess is out of town, which leaves the council without a quorum. However, the City announced Burgess is expected to return in early November. At that time, the council will be required to appoint citizens to the three vacancies to complete the terms of the recalled councilors.

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Longtime Resident Replaces Recalled Town Councilman | 10/20/15

ASPEN -- A resident of the Roaring Fork Valley for more than 40 years, Tom Goode is already well-known to many people in Snowmass Village.

Many of them expressed their confidence in his leadership, as well, when they elected him to be their newest Town Council member on Tuesday. Goode received 341 votes to replace Chris Jacobson, who was voted out on Tuesday in the town's first-ever recall election.

Goode will be sworn in Nov. 2. Although the town originally anticipated swearing him in at the council's next meeting on Oct. 19, state law requires a 10-day gap after recall elections, according to a statement released Wednesday.

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California School District Slates Recall for Board Member | 10/07/15

LUCERNE VALLEY -- On Feb. 2, residents of the Lucerne Valley Unified School District will get their chance to recall school board member Dawn Turnbull, although fellow board members say she hasn't been a board member in months.

On Sept. 18, San Bernardino County Registrar of Voters Michael J. Scarpello certified that recall proponents had gathered enough valid signatures to put a recall of Turnbull up to a vote in an upcoming special election.

On Oct. 5, the other four Lucerne Valley Unified board members picked a date: Feb. 2, when another has already scheduled its own special election.

"We can then share those expenses and minimize these costs," said board president Jim Harvey.

"If we're going to save money, (then) that's the logical date," board Jodi Collingham concurred.

The board voted to hold the election on Feb. 2 by a 4-0 vote. Under state law, the election had to be held a minimum of 88 days after the meeting to choose a date but not more than 125 days.

In the meantime, Turnbull's seat is vacant, as it has been for more than three months, according to fellow board members. After months of unexcused absences, board members voted on Sept. 1 to vote her off the board.

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Colorado School Board Members to Face Recall on Nov. 3 | 09/09/15

JEFFERSON COUNTY -- The recall question targeting the three conservative members of the Jeffco school board will be on the Nov. 3 general election ballot, according to a spokeswoman from the county clerk's office.

Up until the announcement from Beth Clippinger, assistant to Jeffco Clerk Faye Griffin, it was unclear whether the county would have to schedule a special election for the ongoing efforts to recall school board members John Newkirk, Ken Witt and Julie Williams. A special election would cost more than $500,000 and would be paid for by the school district.

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Snowmass Village Recall Election Set | 09/01/15

An election to recall Snowmass Village Councilman Chris Jacobson is now officially set for Oct. 13.

The Town Council voted 4-0 Monday in favor of setting the date, an action prompted by a successful residents' petition effort. The election will be mail-in, and ballots will be sent out Sept. 21.

Jacobson was absent from Monday's meeting as well as last week's, both special meetings scheduled for the Town Council to work through the review of an application to amend current development approvals for Base Village. Jacobson told the council he would be taking a two-week vacation and returning Sept. 15; his absence last week was for another reason.

After the recall petition was verified as having the required number of signatures and a 15-day protest period passed with none filed, the petition was deemed sufficient Aug. 24, Jacobson had a five-day window in which he could have resigned from office and avoid the election.

In keeping with his statements thus far in the process, Jacobson did not tender his resignation, and so it was up to the council Monday to call for the election.

On the recall ballot, voters will be asked whether Jacobson should be recalled from office and also, regardless of their response, to choose a successor from a list of candidates.

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Challengers File in Oro Valley, Arizona Recall Election | 09/01/15

Five Oro Valley residents filed petitions on Monday to get their names on the ballot in the town's November recall election. 

If verified by the town clerk, the potential candidates will see their names on the ballot. They do not need to go through verification by the Pima County Recorder's Office.

"The signatures to become a candidate in the recall election only need to be reviewed by the Oro Valley Town Clerk's office," said Oro Valley Communications Administrator Misti Nowak. "They will go through those signatures, count them, and make sure there are a sufficient number to become an official candidate."

The recall effort stems from the town's purchase of El Conquistador Country Club, which is now a town recreation center.

Two of the candidates were a part of the movement against how the purchase was handled.

Ryan Hartung, running against Council Member Joe Hornat, led the effort to recall the office-holders who voted in favor of the purchase.

Shirl Lamonna,running against Council Member Mary Snider, headed a failed effort to put the purchase to a voter referendum.

Also in the race is retired Navy officer Steve Didio, who will run against Council Member Lou Waters.

Former General Motors Executive Patrick Straney and landscape architect Joe Winfield will challenge Mayor Satish Hiremath.

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Arizona Recall Election Adds Candidate | 08/24/15

GLENDALE -- After two attempts to get a recall on the ballot, the voters of Glendale will officially have a choice as long-time resident Ray Malnar submitted his paperwork Aug. 13 to the city clerk's office.

He submitted 56 petition sheets with approximately 370 signatures, well over the 221 minimum needed to be placed on the ballot.

"I haven't walked the entire district, but was easily able to collect the needed signatures to be placed on the ballot," Malnar said. "I am excited to get in there and show the citizens what I have in mind for Glendale."

Malnar, a resident of Glendale for over 25 years, has owned a floor-maintenance business in town for more than 20 years and he was the first candidate to pull paperwork to challenge Gary Sherwood, who was targeted for recall last summer after he supported a $26 million agreement with the Tohono O'odham Nation for a tribal casino on the Glendale-Peoria border.

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Nebraska School Official Faces Recall Election | 08/18/15

CREIGHTON -- A member of the Creighton School Board will find out his fate Tuesday night.

Voters in the Creighton School District are headed to the polls Tuesday to decide whether or not to recall board member Dan Morrill.

The initial affidavit against Morrill was filed in April by Creighton resident Jody Fuchtman. Fuchtman cited in the affidavit a lack of communication between Morrill and residents of the district, as well as a failure to properly evaluate Creighton's superintendent among the reasons for the filing.

Morrill responded in May, saying that he has worked to provide the best education possible for Creighton's students.

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Recall Approved Against County Prosecutor in Washington State | 08/12/15

TACOMA, Washington -- Barring a reversal by the state's highest court, an effort to recall Pierce County Prosecutor Mark Lindquist will move forward.

The recall petition was approved August 7 by Kitsap County Superior Court Judge Jay Roof, a visiting judge appointed to avoid potential conflicts of interest.

In his ruling, Roof found legal and factual sufficiency for the charge that Lindquist abused his authority by "engaging in a vindictive prosecution of a Pierce County woman; withholding evidence, and obstructing justice."

The Pierce County woman is former Longbranch resident Lynn Dalsing, charged with sex crimes in 2010 and 2014 by county prosecutors, and accused of molesting her 7-year-old daughter.

Those charges have been dismissed twice, most recently in March by Superior Court Judge Edmund Murphy, who threw out charges of child rape against Dalsing due to prosecutorial vindictiveness. Prosecutors have appealed that decision.

Vindictive prosecution was one of 12 charges leveled against Lindquist in the recall petition. Roof's ruling rejected the other 11 charges.

The finding triggers a possible appeal by Lindquist to the state Supreme Court, which would have the final word. Lindquist isn't saying what he'll do.

Asked for comment Friday, Lindquist replied with an emailed statement:

"Our office charged Lynn Dalsing for one reason only -- evidence showed she assisted in the crimes of Child Rape, Molestation and Sexual Exploitation. Judges repeatedly found probable cause for the filing of these charges.

"I'm confident the people of Pierce County will support our efforts to pursue justice for the young victims and for our community."

Jeff Helsdon, attorney for recall proponent Cheryl Iseberg, replied with a statement of his own, noting that charges against Dalsing were dismissed:

"Mr. Lindquist continues to trot out the false statement that he stacked new charges on Lynn Dalsing because there was new evidence. Unfortunately for Mr. Lindquist, two judges saw things very differently.

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Gun Advocates Target Oregon State Senator | 08/05/15

Douglas County gun owner Geno Zayas isn't happy with State Sen. Floyd Prozanski, D-Eugene.

At Zayas' Roseburg business, Geno's Auto Repair, he put up a sign last week welcoming members of Prozanski's District 4 to come in to sign a recall petition. District 4 covers most of North and East Douglas County, as well as parts of Eugene and South Lane County. Prozanski has served as its senator since 2003 and has been reelected three times.

Zayas said he feels the senator has been "running amok," and it's time to remove him.

He's not alone.

North Douglas County residents were peppered in July with letters accusing Prozanski of pursuing an "extreme anti-liberty agenda" and asking recipients to sign the recall petition.

The recall effort is backed by gun rights advocates, who object to Prozanski's sponsorship of a new law requiring criminal background checks for private gun transfers.

Prozanski said the new law will help prevent gun violence. Recall supporters say it's an infringement of law-abiding citizens' right to bear arms.

Gun rights advocates initially backed the recall of four legislators who favored the law. The recall effort against Prozanski is the best funded and the only one still in progress.

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Cleveland Mayoral Recall Organizers End Effort -- for Now | 07/21/15

CLEVELAND, Ohio -- A movement to recall Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson seemed to die quietly Thursday, when a group of activists decided not to submit the nearly 12,000 signatures they needed to put the issue before voters after a botched first attempt.

But Norm Edwards, one of the group's leaders, said in an interview Friday that Jackson hasn't heard the last from the petitioners, and that they will launch their mission anew in September.

The recall group, which calls itself the Cleveland: A Return to Excellence Committee, began its campaign in February with a series of public meetings and rallies, during which organizers argued that the mayor has failed to protect citizens from police abuse, provide an adequate education for the city's children and invest in neighborhoods.

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Michigan Town Recall Petition Rejected for Fourth Time | 06/16/15

WEST BLOOMFIELD -- Since March, a group of West Bloomfield residents has repeatedly attempted to recall three township board members.

And for the fourth time, the Oakland County Election Commission has rejected the petition language to recall Clerk Cathy Shaughnessy and trustees Lawrence Brown and Howard Rosenberg.

Attorney Ryan Fishman, who filed the recall petitions, said he was shocked that the language was rejected again, but at this point, he "maybe would have been more shocked if it would have been approved."

Fishman said the difficulty they face filing the petitions is that the law pertaining to recall language changed in 2012.

"Before, it used to be you could make any allegation you wanted, factual or not factual, and the language could be approved so long (as) it was clear," Fishman said. Now, the language must be factual and clear.

Fishman said he is reworking the language to make it "more abundantly clear" why the residents are seeking to recall the board members and what the issues are. Fishman was expected to file the new language within a week. If it fails, he will then explore appealing, he said.

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Signatures Verified for Arizona Recall Election | 06/04/15

TUCSON -- It appears that opponents of Oro Valley's million dollar buyout of the El Conquistador Country Club have gotten enough signatures to force a recall election for three council members.

Pima County Elections officials verified the signatures - now the town will double check them.

The next step is to formally notify the council members - Mary Snider, Lou Waters, and Joe Hornat - and that will happen some time during the next week.

Oro Valley bought the club to turn it into a rec center. It will own the golf course as part of the deal.

The town says the purchase is being made from cash reserves, interest-free, over a three-year period. Oro Valley raised the sales tax to fund ongoing maintenance and operations.

Opponents are upset the plans were not put to a public vote.

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Liberals Seeking to Derail Recall Effort against Oregon House Leader | 06/01/15

A liberal group is charging that backers of a recall effort against House Majority Leader Val Hoyle are breaking the state's signature-gathering laws.

Our Oregon filed a complaint on May 28 with Secretary of State Jeanne Atkins that, if successful, could derail the recall campaign against Hoyle, a Democratic legislator from Eugene.

The complaint says that investigators hired by Our Oregon found that recall petitions were improperly circulated at four gun stores in Hoyle's district. The group charged that employees helped gather signatures and should have registered with the state as paid petitioners. In addition, petitions were often left unsupervised, meaning that some people could have signed them without being witnessed by a canvasser, the complaint says.

Jason Thiesfeld, the recall's chief sponsor and owner of a gun store in Junction City, could not be reached immediately for comment.

Thiesfeld has previously said that Hoyle's support for a measure requiring background checks on private gun sales was the final straw leading him to mount a recall campaign.

Arizona City Councilman to Face Recall Election | 06/01/15

GLENDALE -- The City Council on May 29 formally approved a live vote for a special recall election in the Sahuaro District Nov. 3.

The council could have gone with an all-mail-in vote, but City Clerk Pam Hanna said it would confuse voters, since the recall ballot will include special language explaining the positions of those seeking to recall Councilman Gary Sherwood. Hanna said Sherwood missed the deadline to include a statement explaining reasons voters should retain him.

The recall will cost the city at least $29,098, Hanna said. The figure represents a portion of the expense Glendale will share with Maricopa County for ballot printing, mailing, personnel and machinery to conduct the vote. Early balloting will begin Oct. 7.

Four residents, all figures in the recall effort, addressed the council Friday, contending Sherwood has failed to represent constituents on a series of issues, most recently the proposal to reconsider a request by a private company to erect billboards off Loop 101 near Bell Road.

Voters Recall South Tucson Mayor | 05/20/15

An attempt to recall South Tucson Mayor Paul Diaz has succeeded.

Robert Larribas defeated Diaz by 59 votes with a total of 342 votes cast in the 1.2-square-mile city.

Larribas, 54, is a lifelong South Tucson resident who works at Raytheon Missile Systems.

"It is an honor to serve," Larribas said on Tuesday night. "I want to thank the community for their support, for believing in me and giving me this chance."

He said he hoped to come into the South Tucson City Council as a neutral party who will be able to work with everyone.

"That way the council can move forward and work with the community," Larribas said.

Diaz did not immediately return a call seeking comment on Tuesday night.

Diaz was targeted by political opponents who accused him of supporting an attempt for the Pasadera Behavioral Health Network to open a residential drug-treatment facility across the street from Mission View Elementary School.

The Diaz recall petition, circulated last year, stated: "He failed to uphold his campaign promises of transparency and public safety and is taking actions that are detrimental to South Tucson."

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Florida City Mayor Loses Recall Election | 05/20/15

BRADENTON BEACH -- Former Vice Mayor Jack Clarke is the city's mayor-elect after winning a tight race Tuesday with just 13 more votes than ousted Mayor William Shearon.

"I'm very pleased," Clarke said Tuesday evening. "I'm most pleased that we finally got to the point where the people made the choice, so we didn't have to horse around with the forfeiture."

According to the Manatee County Supervisor of Elections website, 182 residents -- or 50.84 percent of Bradenton Beach voters -- wanted a recall. A total of 174 residents -- or 48.6 percent -- voted against a recall.

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Supreme Court Won't Block Probe of Walker Recall Campaign | 05/18/15

The U.S. Supreme Court refused to end a state investigation into Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker's 2012 recall campaign, rejecting an appeal from a conservative group that says its constitutional rights are being violated.

The rebuff leaves the future of the investigation in the hands of the Wisconsin Supreme Court, which is considering a separate bid to stop the probe. The criminal investigation, on hold during the court fight, might complicate Walker's potential campaign for the Republican presidential nomination.

A court-appointed special prosecutor, Francis Schmitz, is tasked with investigating whether Walker and his operatives violated state campaign-finance laws by coordinating their efforts with Club for Growth, an advocacy group.

The Wisconsin chapter of Club for Growth and its director, Eric O'Keefe, are fighting subpoenas they received from Schmitz seeking financial records. The group and O'Keefe sued in federal court to block the probe, and a federal trial judge said the First Amendment bars the state from trying to learn whether the organization coordinated with the Walker campaign.

A U.S. appeals court overturned that ruling, saying federal judges shouldn't entangle themselves in state criminal proceedings.

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Judge Allows Bradenton Beach Recall to Go Forward | 05/07/15

MANATEE -- A judge on Tuesday denied a citizen's request for a temporary injunction concerning a case connected with the recall election between Bradenton Beach Mayor William Shearon and Vice Mayor Jack Clarke.

At a court hearing that lasted more than an hour, Manatee Circuit Judge Gilbert Smith Jr. said he would allow the recall election to move forward.

Bradenton Beach resident John Metz, a regular at city meetings with his wife, Lee Anne Metz, had requested the temporary injunction before the May 19 election. He wanted Clarke booted from the recall ballot and a temporary injunction prohibiting Manatee County Supervisor of Elections Michael Bennett from printing additional recall ballots with the vice mayor's name on them.

Metz claimed Clarke's written resignation was not submitted at least 10 days prior to the first day of qualifying for the office. Clarke had to resign from his commission seat before submitting an application to qualify as a candidate in the recall election.

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Recall Effort Begins against Cape May Mayor | 04/28/15

CAPE MAY, New Jersey -- Mayor Ed Mahaney faces an attempt to oust him from office as three residents have filed a petition to begin a recall process.

The petition was filed Monday at the City Clerk's Office by Trenton Avenue resident Charles Hendricks, Lafayette Street resident Thomas Keene, and Beach Avenue resident MaryJo Pinelli.

Reached by phone, Mahaney said he was not aware of the petition.

Hendricks, who made an unsuccessful bid for council in the November election, has seen victory and defeat in battles with Mahaney. An ethics complaint he filed against Mahaney was dismissed in 2012 by the state Department of Community Affairs as having "no reasonable factual basis."

The complaint had to do with city contracts given to Mahaney's alma mater, Temple University, which had been reviewed by the city solicitor and voted on by City Council at public meetings. Mahaney called it an "unjustified and brutal attack" all about election year politics. He won the mayor's race later that year.

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Hearing Set on Recall Petition of Washington State Auditor | 04/27/15

OLYMPIA, Wash. -- A court hearing for a petition to recall embattled Washington state Auditor Troy Kelley has been set for May 8.

In a Friday filing, Attorney General Bob Ferguson's office requested the hearing happen in Pierce County, where Kelley lives.

Former legislator Will Knedlik filed recall papers asking voters to remove Kelley from office for reasons that include not adhering to a constitutional requirement for the auditor to live in Olympia. Kelley was indicted in federal court April 15 on 10 felony counts, including allegations he failed to pay taxes.

At the May 8 hearing in Pierce County Superior Court, a judge will consider whether the charges are sufficient to give Knedlik permission to gather the 715,800 valid signatures from registered voters required to put the recall on a statewide ballot.

The Secretary of State recommends gathering a million signatures to make sure there are 715,000 valid ones. According to the Secretary of State, there's never been a petition filed with a million signatures in Washington.

There's a nine month window to gather the signatures, then another month for verification, which could take us to March 2016. At that point, an election date would be set, perhaps in early summer, which is very close to the 2016 primary election for Auditor. Even if a million signatures could be gathered in two or three months, it seems unlikely there could be a recall election before November.

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Recall Petitions over Gun Control Put Pressure on Oregon Democrats | 04/21/15

SALEM, Ore. (AP) -- With Oregon Democrats moving forward on a bill to require background checks for private gun sales, the potential political backlash is becoming apparent.

Gun rights advocates earlier in April filed petitions to recall three Democratic lawmakers who sponsored the legislation, and they say more could follow.

It's not yet clear whether deep-pocketed gun interests such as the National Rifle Association will get involved and raise a serious threat to the targeted lawmakers.

The state Senate voted last week to require background checks on any person-to-person gun sale not involving relatives. The recall move puts pressure on Democrats as the bill awaits a hearing in the House.

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Recall Election Slated for Florida Mayor | 04/15/15

BRADENTON BEACH -- A date has been set for a mayoral recall election.

Residents will decide whether to remove Bill Shearon from his position as Bradenton Beach mayor, on May 19th.

A committee in favor of removing Mayor Shearon recently submitted a petition to the Manatee County Supervisor of Elections Office. The petition had enough signatures for a judge to authorize a recall.

Shearon is accused of misusing city funds, causing poor morale and violating state public records law.

He denies those claims.

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Oregon Mayor Survives Recall Election | 03/30/15

GEARHART -- Mayor Dianne Widdop easily survived a recall effort.

Roughly 64 percent of the voters who returned ballots in the special election opted to keep Widdop, The Daily Astorian reported Friday.

"There is no question as to how people have felt about this," Widdop said of the large margin.

Widdop said she hopes the coastal community can put the matter to rest. "We've got our goals; we have a really good City Council. Let's work together and move forward."

Voter turnout was about 55 percent.

Gearhart resident Harold Gable started the recall effort in November, filing a petition with City Administrator Chad Sweet. On his form, Gable cited Widdop's "abuse of leadership, lack of transparency and strong personal bias."

Specific complaints: that Widdop secretly recorded a conversation; exceeded her authority by requesting that a business owner remove a candidate's sign from a window; inappropriately used the word "we" to suggest she was speaking for the entire City Council; and publicly denounced a candidate's ability to serve in public office, citing his temper.

Widdop disagreed with Gable's accusations.

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Recall Effort Begun against Ferguson Mayor | 03/24/15

A coalition of Ferguson, MO. residents has filed paperwork in an effort to oust the city's current mayor, James Knowles III.

Five people have filed an affidavit at city hall, notifying officials that they would be collecting signatures demanding a recall election, which, according to Ferguson bylaws, is the first step in removing an elected officer.

If removed, Knowles would join a growing list of Ferguson city officials who have either resigned or have been fired in the weeks following a U.S. Department of Justice investigation examining alleged discriminatory tactics used within the city.

The investigation was launched in the wake of riots after a grand jury declined last November to charge Officer Darren Wilson in the shooting death of robbery suspect Michael Brown in August.

The committee has 60 days to gather 1,800 signatures before a recall election is ordered.

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Voters in Massachusetts Town Recall 4 Selectmen | 03/19/15

SAUGUS -- Political change swept through Saugus on Tuesday, where residents voted overwhelmingly to recall four selectmen, ending months of political turmoil.

Incumbents Ellen C. Faiella, Maureen Dever, Paul Allan, and Steven Castinetti were ousted from office, replaced by four challengers who never before held elective office.

Scott Brazis, Jeffrey Cicolini, Jennifer D'Eon, and Mark Mitchell won by as much as 60 percent of the votes cast in the town's 10 precincts.

About 27 percent of the town's 17,486 registered voters, or a total of 4,778, cast ballots in the first special election held in Saugus to recall selectmen since 1975.

The recall centered on the firing of Scott C. Crabtree, a former police officer and selectman who served as town manager for nearly two and a half years. The ousted selectmen accused him of a variety of financial managerial offenses, and voted to fire him on Oct. 29.  Selectwoman Debra Panetta, the only board member to vote against firing Crabtree, was not subject to the recall.

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Massachusetts Town Official Who Questioned Recall Resigns | 03/03/15

SAUGUS -- For the second time in three months, a member of the Saugus Board of Registrars has resigned after raising questions about the March 17 special election to recall four selectmen.

Joanne D. Rappa, the board's chairwoman, resigned on Feb. 20, stating her "disappointment with the process of the upcoming special election," according to her resignation letter.

The recall of four of five selectmen centers on the board's vote to fire Scott C. Crabtree, former town manager, in October.

Gary Butt, who served for nearly 20 years on the board, resigned on Nov. 14. Butt said he didn't believe the recall was following state law, and it was not the process outlined in the town charter.

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Questions Raised about Colorado Springs Recall Petition | 03/03/15

COLORADO SPRINGS -- Southeast district resident Robert Blancken raised questions on March 2 about the recall petition against District 4 City Councilwoman Helen Collins, including whether people who collect signatures need to be registered voters.

In December, three District 4 residents headed by Deborah Hendrix, launched a recall effort against Collins, who represents southeast Colorado Springs. Collins was elected in 2013 to a four-year term, beating out Hendrix and Dennis Moore. Hendrix has said she is not interested in the council seat.

In a phone interview, Hendrix said Collins' opposition to a stormwater proposal, which failed in the Nov. 4 election, as well as a lack of communication with district residents were two of the reasons behind the recall.

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Deadline for May Recall Passes in Michigan Town, but Drive Goes On | 02/23/15

PLYMOUTH TOWNSHIP -- There won't be a recall election in May, but efforts to oust Plymouth Township's three full-time elected officials, plus a longtime Board of Trustees member, are continuing.

Supervisor Richard Reaume, Clerk Nancy Conzelman, Treasurer Ron Edwards and Trustee Kay Arnold are the targets of the recall effort, which proponents say was started out of frustration with what they call the officials' unwillingness to listen to and share information with the public, particularly on recent recreation projects.

Recall targets say they have considered public input and been open and that the recall is being led by a disgruntled minority.

Activists missed a Jan. 30 deadline for a May recall election, but are still gathering voters' signatures on recall petitions against the four. About 3,200 petition signatures are needed, against each of them, in order to force a recall election against all four.

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Michigan Town Official to Face Recall Election | 02/20/15

TAWAS CITY - The question as to whether Tawas City Mayor Pro Tem Dave Dickman should be removed from office will be on the May 5 ballot, according to Iosco County Clerk Nancy Huebel.

Huebel said the ballot will also list candidates to replace Dickman, should he be recalled. Dickman will be one of those names, since he did not withdraw from consideration within 10 days of the filing of the recall petitions.

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Colorado Councilwoman Survives Recall | 02/11/15

SILVERTON - After months of seething political tensions, elaborate scheming, and Capulet vs. Montague grudge-nursing, on Tuesday night Silverton Town Board Trustee Karla Safranski prevailed in a recall election, defeating Patty Dailey 245 votes to 201.

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Recall Petitions filed in New Mexico City | 02/10/15

LAS CRUCES -- Petitions to recall Las Cruces city councilors Gill Sorg, Olga Pedroza, and Nathan Small were submitted on Feb. 6. The city clerk has 20 working days to verify the signatures on the petitions.

The recall campaign was organized by a group, New Mexicans for a Better Tomorrow. The group quickly raised more than $30,000, mostly from local businessmen. In the last year, many in the business community have opposed a new minimum wage law drafted by the group Communities in Action and Faith.

The three councilors targeted in the recall voted against the minimum wage law in a stated effort to get the measure on the November ballot. But that effort failed when the other councilors and the Mayor voted to approve the law with stated intentions of making adjustments at a later date.

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Colorado Councilwoman Who Faced Recall Resigns | 01/14/15

PUEBLO -- City Councilwoman Ami Nawrocki submitted her resignation letter to City Manager Sam Azad on January 13.

Nawrocki said she's calling it quits after 2 1/2 years on City Council because the recall election is hurting her family.

"At this point, my priority in life is the quality of my family's life," Nawrocki said.

Nawrocki became the target of a recall last year after she was accused of breaking state law by keeping the public out of the loop when she discussed public business over email.

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Fall River Swears in New Mayor After Recall | 12/30/14

FALL RIVER -- Massachusetts's newest mayor has taken the oath of office in front of a standing room only crowd.

Bristol District Attorney Sam Sutter was sworn in as Fall River's mayor on Tuesday.

Sutter, who previously ran unsuccessfully for Congress, defeated Will Flanagan in a recall election earlier this month.

His office is currently prosecuting former New England Patriots' player Aaron Hernandez, who has pleaded not guilty to murder.

Sutter plans on stepping down as district attorney after meeting with Gov. Deval Patrick this week and recommending a successor. He says he is confident with the prosecution team assigned to the Hernandez case.

Issues in the recall election included fire department layoffs and costs of a trash program. A city councilor also alleged Flanagan tried to intimidate him with a gun, which Flanagan denied.

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Voters Recall Massachusetts Mayor | 12/17/14

FALL RIVER -- Amid tears and cheers, Will Flanagan conceded office after a landslide recall election on Dec. 16 ousted the third-term mayor, who will be replaced by his former boss, Bristol County District Attorney Sam Sutter, out of a slate of eight candidates.

Voters, in a historic move for the city, chose to recall Flanagan by nearly 70 percent, with 10,631 voting for the recall and 4,669 voting against the recall. As well, Sutter handily defeated Flanagan with 36.77 percent of the vote to Flanagan's 26.83 percent, or 6,021 to 4,393.

Flanagan, who has been battling an aggressive recall campaign since August, is under a criminal investigation by a special prosecutor appointed by Sutter and an ethics probe.

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Fall River, Mass. Mayoral Recall Voting Today (Dec. 16) | 12/16/14

FALL RIVER, Mass. (WPRI) -- Residents are hitting the polls on Tuesday, as the city of Fall River gears up for its first recall election.

The voters are deciding whether or not to recall Mayor Will Flanagan and, if so, who should sit in his office on the sixth floor of Government Center.

The recall began after a group of citizens said it was dissatisfied with the mayor for implementing a "pay as you throw" garbage fee. Flanagan was under more scrutiny after City Councilman Jasiel Correia claimed the mayor attempted to intimidate him with a firearm in his car.

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Louisiana Town Councilman Loses Recall Election | 12/09/14

GONZALES, La. - Timothy Vessel became the first Gonzales councilman to be recalled in the history of the city on Dec. 6, when 75 percent of the voters cast ballots to oust him.

Chuck LeBlanc, chairman of the recall effort Save Gonzales, tells The Advocate that after a nine-month drive, the group was elated.

Vessel faced the recall election alone after former Councilman Gary Lacombe, also targeted for recall by the grass-roots organization, avoided the election when he resigned Nov. 25.

The recall effort against the two men was launched in April in large part because of bloc voting on the council.

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Interfaith Service Set After Massachusetts Town's Mayoral Recall Election | 11/25/14

FALL RIVER -- Several of the city's religious leaders are planning to hold an interfaith service shortly after the Dec. 16 mayoral recall election to help heal the divisions in the community.

Though still in the planning stages, organizers intend to hold the service in a neutral location, possibly the Our Lady of Light Band banquet facility on Quarry Street. The service would include prayers, Scripture readings and reflections urging the city's residents to be mindful of their common humanity despite their political differences.

"The service is meant to bring healing to the city for what it's been going through," said Cantor Richard Wolberg, the chaplain of the Fall River Police Department who will be leading the ecumenical service.

Over the past several weeks, Wolberg and other clergy members have observed with growing concern the heated commentary that has often included personal attacks and innuendos against individuals on both sides of the debate over whether to recall embattled Mayor William Flanagan, who is also the subject of a separate criminal investigation.

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Colorado Recall Leaders Visit Connecticut | 10/28/14

NEWINGTON -- Two of the leaders in the successful recall election in Colorado toured 'Hoffman's Gun Center' on Oct. 28.

They came to support the efforts of the 'Connecticut Citizens Defense League' in attempting to turn Governor Malloy out of office next week because of his advocacy and signing of the strict gun control measures passed in the aftermath of the shootings at Sandy Hook.

At a news conference on the stops of the State Capitol earlier, Timothy Knight, a founder of the Colorado recall movement said, "In Colorado we struck our blow for liberty in 2013 by making 137 years of state history by recalling two Senators outright...a third fled."

But Connecticut has no re-call procedure so the 15,000 plus member CCDL is pushing to vote out Malloy and legislators who helped pass the bill.

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New Mayor Sworn in after Richmond Heights Recall | 10/08/14

RICHMOND HEIGHTS, Ohio -- For the first time in months, there was no bickering, ruthless accusations or hours of public comments from angry residents Tuesday at Richmond Heights' first city council meeting since Mayor Miesha Headen was recalled.

Instead, council members pledged to put 10 months of political turmoil behind them, and residents showed up to celebrate the change in leadership.

Voters ejected Headen 57 to 43 percent in a special recall election on Sept. 23.

Less than 12 hours after the Cuyahoga County Board of Elections certified Headen's recall Tuesday, Cuyahoga County Eighth District Court of Appeals Judge Larry Jones swore in Council President David Roche as mayor.

Michigan Township Recall Changes Could Cause Ballot Confusion | 09/30/14

COTTRELLVILLE TWP - Voters will have to pay close attention to the ballot in November, as the recall process has changed.

Township Trustee Michael Zoran is up for recall.

While previously residents would first vote whether or not they wanted to recall the elected official, then would vote in a second election to replace them, the process has been streamlined onto one ballot.

Cottrellville Township residents will be asked to vote for Zoran or Matt Kovalcik in the Nov. 4 election. The man with the most votes will complete the trustee term which ends Nov. 20, 2016.

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Ohio Supreme Court Okays Mayoral Recall Election | 09/23/14

COLUMBUS -- The Ohio Supreme Court refused to block a special recall election of Richmond Heights Mayor Miesha Headen, clearing the way for residents to vote Tuesday (Sept. 23).

In its decision Monday, the court said Richmond Heights resident James Dawson, who sought to halt the recall vote, had failed to show any disqualifying defects in petitioning process that triggered the vote and that his constitutional arguments were "without merit."

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Media Ignore Soros Tie-In to Walker, Jindal Recall Attempts | 09/17/14

The group that first filed an indictment charge against Texas Gov. Rick Perry was funded by George Soros, the liberal billionaire, but the trail of his money didn't end there. 

Both the recall election for Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker and an even less successful recall attempt for Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal were rooted in Soros-funded groups. Among them, these three potential Republican presidential candidates were targeted by groups receiving more than $6.3 million from Soros.

The media should be reporting on this connection, but so far they have completely ignored it. None of the broadcast news coverage of Walker's recall election or Perry's indictment on ABC, CBS or NBC has mentioned Soros. Attempts to recall Jindal weren't mentioned by the networks, although left-wing outlets like The Huffington Post tried to promote them.


Recall Launched Over Audit of Nevada Railway | 09/15/14

ELY, Nev. --A recall drive has been launched against all five Ely City Council members amid controversy over their handling of a financial audit of the Nevada Northern Railway tourist attraction.

Residents Rick Stork, Don Purinton and Chris Lani filed a notice of intent on Sept. 8 with the deputy city clerk to circulate a recall petition against Sam Hansen, Marty Westland, Randy Lee, Dale Derbidge and Bruce Setterstrom.

Stork said the group will take similar action against Mayor Melody Van Camp after she has served in office for the required six months. She was appointed to the post on March 14.

Among other things, the group is upset about the city council's move to enter the closed offices of the railway on Sept. 2 to gather information for the audit.

The railway's executive director, Mark Bassett, and his lawyer, Scott Husbands, have branded the action as a "break-in," noting the offices are regularly closed to the public on Tuesdays.

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Ohio Councilwoman Survives Recall | 08/20/14

Columbus -- A ballot initiative to recall Pataskala 1st Ward Councilwoman Pat Sagar was voted down last night.

Although only 320 of the 2,600 registered voters in the two 1st Ward precincts turned out, 198 of them -- 62 percent -- voted to allow Sagar to continue her fourth term, which will expire in 2015.

"I'm shocked at the low number of people who voted, but I'm happy that the good guys showed up," Sagar said.

The recall on the ballot originated with a petition drive. It was orchestrated by five 1st Ward residents, and the petition was certified by the Licking County Board of Elections last month after 124 valid signatures were gathered, 17 more than needed.

None of the petitioners alleged that Sagar had done anything illegal in office.

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Fire District Chairman in Idaho Faces Recall Election | 08/19/14

COEUR D'ALENE -- Petitioners seeking to recall Mica Kidd Island Fire District Commission Chairman Chris Shelton have collected enough signatures to trigger a recall election.

A group of people from the Mica Flats and Kidd Island area gathered 123 certified signatures, topping the 79 required, said Carrie Phillips, Kootenai County elections manager.

Shelton was given notice Friday. "If he does not resign, the district will order the (recall) election," Phillips said.

Shelton, who is three years into his first four-year term, told The on Friday he hasn't decided whether to resign or face the recall election.

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Michigan Town Slates Mayoral Recall Election | 08/14/14

BENTON HARBOR - The Benton Harbor mayoral recall election will be on the Nov. 4 ballot.

That was the order issued on August 12 by Berrien County Trial Court Judge John Dewane after hearing testimony Aug. 7 during a civil trial.

The decision to schedule the election hinged on Dewane's decision that the practice of the Berrien County Clerk's Office to disqualify both signatures if a person signed a recall petition twice violates the person's First Amendment free speech rights.

Berrien County Clerk Sharon Tyler said in a press release that she was surprised by his ruling, since it was based on an issue that had not been raised until the day of the trial.

Tyler said she dealt with the duplicate signatures as she had been instructed by the state Bureau of Elections.

"It appears that the court's ruling today will likely have state-wide implications on the bureau, as well as all county and local clerks in the state of Michigan concerning their qualifying of petition signatures," she said.

The recall election between Benton Harbor Mayor James Hightower and City Commissioner Marcus Muhammad was originally scheduled for May 4 but was halted at Tyler's request so the recall petition signatures could be further examined for validity.

Read more.

Colorado Senate Recall Winner Gears for Re-Election | 08/05/14

PUEBLO -- George Rivera won his state Senate seat last year in the spotlight of a nationally watched recall election that sprung up over gun control. He expects, or hopes, that support from gun-rights groups will be there for him again.

"There will be attention on this race," he predicted.

"The Second Amendment issues helped get me into office," he said. "That's why the first bill I introduced was to repeal the requirement for a universal background check on gun sales."

Read more.

Wisconsin Supreme Court Upholds Union Law that Led to Walker Recall | 07/31/14

MADISON, Wis. -- The Wisconsin Supreme Court on Thursday upheld the 2011 law that effectively ended collective bargaining for most public workers, sparked massive protests and led to Republican Gov. Scott Walker's recall election and rise to national prominence.

The 5-2 ruling upholds the signature policy achievement of Walker in its entirety and is a major victory for the potential 2016 GOP presidential candidate, who is seeking re-election this year.

The ruling also marks the end of the three-year legal fight over the union rights law, which prohibits public worker unions from collectively bargaining for anything beyond base wage increases based on inflation. A federal appeals court twice upheld the law as constitutional.

Read more.

Recall Effort Begins Against Two Portland Officials | 07/16/14

PORTLAND, OREGON -- Ray Horton has less than three months to convince 69,842 Portlanders of his cause.

The Southeast Portland resident filed two separate prospective recall petitions with the city Auditor's Office in the past week.

Horton wants voters to have a chance to recall Commissioner Steve Novick and Mayor Charlie Hales this fall. The auditor's office approved both recall applications, now Horton just needs the signatures.

The current recall campaign comes amid an occasionally contentious political discussion surrounding how to pay for street maintenance in the Rose City. Hales and Novick are proposing a monthly street fee on residents and businesses, with the goal of bringing in $53 million per year.

Horton is fighting history.

Just two elected officials were successfully recalled by voters in Portland in the past century, and no mayor has ever been recalled. The last successful recall effort was in 1952, when 88,558 voters booted then Commissioner J.E. Bennett.

According to The Oregonian archives, Bennett was kicked to the curb for his "discourteous, abusive, uncouth, insulting" behavior to citizens.

Read more.

Recall Petition Launched Against Arizona Fire District Director | 07/07/14

GOLDEN VALLEY - Golden Valley Fire District Director Steve Robinson has filed a recall petition against fellow director Rhonda Brooks, and Chief Tom O'Donohue was the first person to sign on the dotted line.

Read more.

Man Charged with Vote Fraud in Walker Recall | 06/24/14

In one of the biggest cases of voter fraud ever in Wisconsin, a Milwaukee area health insurance executive has been charged with casting multiple votes for Republican candidates -- including Gov. Scott Walker in the 2012 recall election.

Robert Monroe of Shorewood was charged Friday with 13 felonies related to his voting a dozen times in five elections between 2011 and 2012, using his own name along with his son's and his girlfriend's son.

Read more.

Louisiana Legislators Pass New Recall Provision | 05/28/14

Legislation aimed at preventing a situation like the one Port Allen voters found themselves in recently when former mayor Deedy Slaughter ran for the spot from which she was recalled is headed to Gov. Bobby Jindal's desk to become law.

The legislation, sponsored by Port Allen resident and Republican state Sen. Rick Ward, prohibits recalled elected officials from running in the special election to replace them during the same term.

The Senate gave final passage to the bill Tuesday (May 27) by a vote of 28-5 to agree to changes made to it in the House. The House approved it by a vote of 80-11, and the Senate initially approved it by a vote of 32-5.

Read more.

Stay Sought of Injunction Halting Walker Recall Probe | 05/07/14

MADISON -- Wisconsin prosecutors have appealed a federal judge's decision to halt the investigation into Gov. Scott Walker's 2012 recall campaign and conservative groups that supported him.

U.S. District Judge Rudolph T. Randa issued a preliminary injunction Tuesday blocking the probe into whether Walker's campaign illegally coordinated with those groups about the spending. Randa also ordered prosecutors to destroy all their evidence.

Milwaukee County District Attorney John Chisholm asked the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals in Chicago to stay the injunction on Wednesday, May 7.

Read more.

Washington Town Mayor Faces Recall Election in June | 04/30/14

After a long process, the issues surrounding Bridgeport Mayor Marilynn Lynn will be settled by the voters.

The recall election has been formally established to be held on June 3, with the results being certified by June 17.

Bridgeport citizen Michael Knox began the process to recall Lynn on Jan. 21, submitting a type written charge citing 14 complaints of Lynn committing misfeasance or malfeasance. As described by state law, "misfeasance or malfeasance in office means any wrongful conduct that affects, interrupts or interferes with the performance of official duty.

Knox and Lynn attended a court hearing on Feb. 4 to determine the validity of the claims. The allegation that was ruled legally and factually sufficient was the claim that Lynn illegally hired a city employee without the consent of the Bridgeport City Council, as stated in Bridgeport's City Code.

Read more.

How Do You Recall a Philadelphia Politician? You Can't | 04/30/14

Most states and major U.S. cities have a recall process through which voters can remove an elected official from office. And this happens not infrequently: 2011 saw at least 150 recall attempts across the country, with more than 50 mayoral recall efforts. And who can forget the recall campaign in California that led to the installation of Arnold as governor there?

But in Philadelphia -- the Birthplace of Freedom, the Seat of Democracy -- you can't recall anyone. Not the mayor, not members of City Council, not the district attorney. It's quite literally impossible. It wasn't supposed to be this way.

Read more at Philadelphia Magazine.

Voters Recall Two on Oregon Town's Water District Board | 04/02/14

Terrebonne voters removed two members of the town's water district board in a recall election on April 1.

The seats held by Terrebonne Domestic Water District board members Kay Walters and Sharon Struck will be vacated in the next 14 to 20 days, according to Deschutes County Clerk Nancy Blankenship. The water district's other three board members will vote on replacements.

A group of Terrebonne residents started the recall against Walters, Struck and two other water district board members last fall. About 50 residents said they received August water bills at least three times as high as they're used to paying, without an explanation from the board for the increase.

Read more.

Judge in Wisconsin Recall Probe: No Wrongdoing | 03/19/14

MADISON, Wis. -- The judge overseeing a secret investigation into possible illegal coordination between conservative groups and recent recall campaigns said in a ruling earlier this year he doesn't think anybody did anything wrong, according to court documents.

The documents, filed this week, offer some of the most definitive details yet on the probe. The investigation is being conducted as a so-called John Doe probe, a proceeding similar to a grand jury investigation where information is tightly controlled and witnesses can't speak publicly about their testimony.

The conservative group Club for Growth has filed a federal lawsuit seeking to stop the investigation, arguing prosecutors are harassing conservatives. Attorneys for a state Government Accountability Board investigator working on the probe filed a heavily redacted brief on March 12 asking U.S. District Judge Rudolph Randa to toss the lawsuit.

Read more.

Colorado Democrats Propose Recall Election Changes | 03/19/14

DENVER -- After seeing two of their colleagues bounced from office last fall in recall elections in which mail ballots weren't used, Colorado Senate Democrats introduced legislation Monday to ensure that mail ballots can be used in future recall elections.

Read more.

Oregon Town Slates Mayoral Recall Election | 02/25/14

TULELAKE -- A recall election will be June 3 with proponents seeking to remove Mayor Randy Darrow from office.

The petition charges Darrow with: Failure to follow the Brown Act, which provides for public meetings; failure to protect city residents from conflict of interest for legal representation; failure to follow city procedures for hiring and dismissal of city employees.

Read more.

Judge Upholds Colorado Town's Recall Election | 02/25/14

SAGUACHE COUNTY--Saguache District Court Judge Martin Gonzales issued a "judgment" declaring the town of Center recall election valid, ordering that current trustees be removed and former contestees be rightfully seated.

Another election is scheduled on April 1 -- only six weeks away -- and petitioners wish to take their rightful positions in advance of the next election to alleviate voter confusion.

Read more.

Election of New Mayor Caps San Bernardino Recall Effort | 02/05/14

SAN BERNARDINO, CALIFORNIA  - (INT) - Voters demanded change in the bankrupt city's politics and Tuesday's election set the stage.

A process that began with November's recall election was capped with the election of corporate controller Carey Davis as Mayor. Financial analyst Henry Nickel fills the vacant Fifth Ward City Council seat.

Councilman Fred Shorett was retained in the Fourth Ward and says 'night has become day' at City Hall since the November recall.

Read more.

Recall Election Verified for Arizona School District Board Members | 01/07/14

After months of collecting signatures and having the names reviewed and verified by county officials, a group of Sunnyside citizens can move forward with a recall election of two school district Governing Board members.

The Pima County Recorder's Office certified the signatures this week, clearing the final hurdle in Sunnyside Recall 2013's  quest to recall Sunnyside Unified School District Governing Board President Louie Gonzales and board member Bobby Garcia.

The group needed 1,345 signatures for each board member, but turned in more than 2,100 names for each of them in November. 

Read more.

Recall Drive to Begin for South Jersey Mayor | 12/31/13

VINELAND -- The battle to decide the political fate of Mayor Ruben Bermudez begins in earnest on Jan. 2, 2014.

That is when officials and volunteers with the Committee to Recall Mayor Ruben Bermudez will start going door-to-door to gather more than 9,000 signatures needed to hold an election that could oust the New Jersey city's first Hispanic chief executive.

Read more.

Petitions Filed for Recall of Southern California Mayor | 12/09/13

Moreno Valley residents met a key deadline Thursday, Dec. 5, by submitting signed petitions for their campaign to recall Mayor Tom Owings.

Recall organizers say they turned in petitions bearing nearly 5,690 signatures - about 2,150 more than they need - to the city clerk. The Riverside County Registrar of Voters has 30 days to verify that the minimum number of valid voters' signatures were turned in before the recall election is put on a ballot.

Read more.

Montana Local Officials Seek to Avoid Recall Election | 12/09/13

BOZEMAN -- Bridger Canyon Rural Fire District trustees filed a lawsuit on Dec. 5 to halt the recall election against them.

Trustees Colleen Carnine, Mike Conn, Margaret Foster, Dennis Guentzel and Dave McKee requested an order to stop Gallatin County Clerk and Recorder and Election Administrator Charlotte Mills from conducting the recall election. According to the complaint filed in Gallatin County District Court on Thursday afternoon: Mills sent a letter to the trustees Nov. 27, informing them that a petition to hold a recall for their positions was filed with her office. The petition stated that the reasons all the trustees should be recalled include official misconduct by holding unannounced meetings without public notice or input since December 2012 and for violating their oath of office by failing to uphold the state constitution.

Mills told the trustees they had until Dec. 9 to submit a statement to be placed on the ballot giving reason why each should not be recalled. Board trustees contend that the recall petition doesn't include a clear statement of their alleged acts that constitute recall.

Read more.

Four Face Recall in Rhode Island Town over Gun Law | 12/09/13

EXETER -- This sleepy town of 6,000 doesn't have a police department, and the only firearm violence tends to be directed at deer. Its biggest controversies usually stem from the local animal shelter or noise from the town pub.

It's an unusual place for a debate over gun control.

Yet this rural community 30 minutes south of Providence has become the latest place where officials are facing consequences for proposals to change gun laws.

Four of the five council members are now the subject of a recall election to be held Dec. 14 after they angered local gun owners with an idea to tweak the way the town issues concealed weapon permits.

Read more.

Voters in Many Texas Towns Consider Recalls | 12/02/13

SAN ANTONIO -- Voters in Cibolo, a bedroom community in the San Antonio area, recently recalled two city council members, but two others narrowly survived attempts to remove them.

Their offense? They favored a Walmart plan to build a 182,000-square-foot store near a neighborhood and an elementary school. So, a citizens group upset with their vote began a signature-gathering effort -- the first major step in a recall election -- and, once it succeeded, Cibolo voters settled the issue Nov. 5.

The next recall election could be in San Antonio.

Read more.

Colorado Democratic Senator Resigns to Avoid Recall | 11/28/13

ARVADA, Colo. | Colorado Democratic state Sen. Evie Hudak resigned on Nov. 27 rather than face the prospect of a recall election brought by opponents of her votes in favor of sweeping gun control legislation.

Her resignation allows Colorado Democrats to appoint a vacancy committee to choose her successor, thus ensuring that their party will retain their one-seat hold on the state Senate.

The Hudak recall, if it had qualified for the ballot, would have been the third Colorado recall this year in reaction to the Democrat-controlled state legislature's passage of three gun control bills in March. State Sens. John Morse of Colorado Springs and Angela Giron of Pueblo lost their Sept. 10 recall elections, the first recalls of state legislators in Colorado history.

Read more.

Walker Talks about How He Survived Recall | 11/20/13

As the only governor in history to survive a recall effort--one in which he faced $21 million in union funding against him--Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker has earned the right to name his new book Unintimidated.

Walker sat down for an exclusive interview with the Sirius XM Patriots Forum hosted by Breitbart News Executive Chairman Stephen K. Bannon for a wide-ranging chat about the madness of the failed union-led recall against him, his hard path to structural reform, and how he refused the temptation to "go Christie" on protesters.

Read more.

Daily Show Lies to Its Young Audience about Colorado Recalls | 11/13/13

DENVER --Many millennials are increasingly relying on Comedy Central's The Daily Show and The Colbert Report for their news.

If that's the case, Jon Stewart's audience on Nov. 11 got an amusing but absurdly misleading four-minute segment on the Colorado recall elections that saw two Democrats ousted from office over their support for gun control measures earlier this year.

Read article from Fox's local Denver station.

Two Face Recall in Oregon Town | 11/13/13

LOWELL -- Two city councilors will face a recall election in December after a resident collected signatures on a recall petition from about 10 percent of the town's population of a little more than 1,000. Both councilors chose to fight the effort to oust them, filing rebuttals on Tuesday, the last day to do so.

Read more.

Texas City Councilman Survives Recall | 11/07/13

LUBBOCK -- City Councilman Victor Hernandez won out after District 1 voters rejected a proposition to recall the councilman.

After all ballots cast on Election Day were counted, Hernandez survived the recall attempt with 58.47 percent of District 1 voters' support.

Read more.

Voters Recall San Bernardino City Attorney | 11/07/13

SAN BERNARDINO, Calif,. -- After 26 years, James F. Penman's role as San Bernardino's city attorney has come to an end.

Nearly 60 percent of voters favored recalling Penman, although the total number of votes cast -- 11,048 -- was less than the 15 percent of registered voters who signed a petition asking for his recall to be on the ballot.

Read more.

Rhode Island Town Moves Toward Recalls over Gun Issue | 10/16/13

EXETER -- Four Town Council members could lose their jobs as a result of a recall petition drive. What started as a dispute over who issues concealed carry permits for handguns is now more a vote about good government, according to the combatants.

Read more.

Recall Petition Okayed for Another Colorado Senator | 10/08/13

On October 5, organizers in Colorado's Senate District 19 were certified to collect signatures to recall another state senator who supported expanded gun control legislation earlier this year.

The focus of this recall is Evie Hudak (D-Westminster), who sided with recently-recalled Senators John Morse (D-ColoradoSprings) and Angela Giron (D-Pueblo) on gun control.

Read more.

Louisiana Mayor's Recall Election Set for Nov. 16 | 10/01/13

PORT ALLEN -- Gov. Bobby Jindal signed an executive proclamation on Sept. 20 setting a special election in Port Allen on Nov. 16 to give voters the opportunity to decide whether Mayor Demeteric "Deedy" Slaughter should be removed from office less than year into her first term.

Since taking office, Slaughter has been involved in a string of controversies which include hiring a relative, increasing her salary by $20,000 and billing the city for her trip to President Obama's second inauguration.

Read more.

Colorado Recall Proponents Still Bristling | 10/01/13

Proponents of the two recalls in September that ousted Colorado Senate President John Morse of Colorado Springs and Sen. Angela Giron of Pueblo -- both Democrats -- have now set their sights on "establishment Republicans," with the current target being state GOP Chairman Ryan Call.

Despite Call providing evidence that the GOP assisted both financially and with outreach efforts, proponents say he and the party could have done more. While conservatives supported the recalls along with gun rights interests, proponents say Republicans as a party fell short. Now they're calling for inter-party reform.

Read more.

Wyoming Not Likely to Follow Colorado | 09/24/13

CHEYENNE -- Don't expect Wyoming to follow Colorado's lead in using recall elections to oust state officials. Colorado voters removed two lawmakers earlier this month in what largely became a referendum on the state's recently passed gun-control laws.

Wyoming allows recalls only for elected officials in cities or towns operating under a commission form of government. However, no Wyoming cities or towns currently use that form of government. Wyoming is among the 31 states that do not allow recalls of legislators or statewide officials. But there is some debate over whether Wyoming should open up its recall process.

The American Civil Rights Union, a Virginia-based conservative group, is among those pushing for more states to allow recalls.

Read more.

Colorado Supreme Court to Rule on Town's Recall Election | 09/24/13

DENVER -- Colorado's Supreme Court will decide whether to order a new recall election in the town of Center, which straddles Rio Grande and Saguache counties.

The town held a recall election of four municipal officials in March, but some people say that election needs to be redone because some identifying tabs were left on absentee ballots. The result was that vote-counters knew how some people voted, violating the right to a secret ballot.

Read more.

Colorado Recall Election Energizes Gun Rights Groups in Connecticut | 09/17/13

HARTFORD -- Connecticut has no provision to recall elected officials, unlike Colorado, where two prominent backers of gun control were just booted from the legislature.

But gun-rights groups here say they will push aggressively to oust state lawmakers who worked to pass one of the nation's most sweeping gun control laws in the aftermath of the Dec. 14 massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

Lessons from the Colorado Recall Election | 09/17/13

American Civil Rights Union Senior Fellow Robert Knight says in a Washington Times column that much can be learned from the successful Colorado recall election.  The first lesson is that the recall process worked as envisioned by its creators. Tone-deaf public officials who gave the motorists' sign of disapproval to their constituents suddenly found themselves out of office.

Read more.

Dem Chairwoman Claims 'Voter Suppression' Led to Recall Defeat of Colorado Legislators | 09/11/13

Democratic Party Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz claimed that Tuesday's vote in Colorado unseating two prominent Democrat lawmakers over the gun issue was the result of "voter suppression."

Read more.

Colorado Voters Oust Two Dems over Gun Control in Recall Election | 09/11/13

Colorado voters on Tuesday ousted state Senate President John Morse and state Sen. Angela Giron in a recall election triggered by their support of strict gun control measures.

Read more.

Democratic Ad Attempts to Shift Colorado Recall Focus away from Guns | 08/26/13

COLORADO SPRINGS - A controversial new political ad is using the abortion issue to try and push gun rights off center stage in the recall election of Democratic State Senators John Morse and Angela Giron.

The ad, called "Suspect," was created by the Chicago firm Adelstein Liston and paid for by the 527 group We Can Do Better Colorado. It attacks the Republican challengers on the ballot, Bernie Herpin and George Rivera, for their pro-life positions.

Read more.

Oklahoma Town Voters Oust Councilman in Recall | 08/19/13

PIEDMONT -- Voters removed a city councilman in a recall election that was called after the councilman upset residents by meeting privately with officials interested in building a wind farm in the town.

Councilman Vernon Woods received just less than 36 percent of the vote in the August 13 election while candidate Bobby Williamson won with 55 percent.

Read more.

Colorado Recall without Mail Ballots Changes Dynamic | 08/19/13

COLORADO SPRINGS - With mail ballots out of the question, recall elections for two Democratic state senators who backed new firearm restrictions will test how enthusiastic their backers are about getting to the polls in person - and how badly gun-rights advocates want to kick out the lawmakers.

Read more.

Recall Begins against San Diego's Mayor | 08/19/13

Efforts to recall San Diego Mayor Bob Filner, the 70-year-old Democrat who is embroiled in a sexual harassment scandal, kicked off in earnest this weekend, with a petition drive and protest at City Hall.

About 250 protesters showed up for the "Freedom From Filner March and Rally" at City Hall on Sunday, according to KFMB-TV in San Diego, and volunteers circulated petitions at events including a half-marathon.

Read more.

Oklahoma City Official Faces Recall over Wind Turbines | 08/12/13

-- A Piedmont city councilman faces a recall election August 13 after he drew the ire of local residents by meeting with a wind energy company that has shown interest in erecting giant turbines near the fast-growing town.

Read more.

Colorado Democrat, Libertarians Challenge Recall Deadlines | 08/12/13

DENVER -- A Pueblo Democrat has joined with the Colorado Libertarian Party and a libertarian candidate in El Paso County in an effort to stop the all-mail recall election of state Sens. Angela Giron and John Morse.

In a complaint filed in Denver County District Court on August 7, Pueblo resident Richard Anglund, along with Gordon Butt of El Paso County and the Libertarian Party of Colorado, claim that the state constitution conflicts with election law over the deadline for replacement candidates to submit petitions to appear on recall ballots.

Read more.

Two Colorado Dems Face Recall in September over Gun Law | 08/01/13

After months of gathering signatures and skirmishing in court, gun activists in Colorado, with the support of the National Rifle Association, have forced Senate President John Morse and a fellow Democrat, Senator Angela Giron, into recall elections. The recall effort is seen nationally as a test of whether politicians, largely Democrats, outside big cities and deep-blue coastal states can survive the political fallout of supporting stricter gun laws.

Read more.

Colorado Petition Signers Face Chicago-Style Harassment | 07/16/13

Colorado voters attempting to recall two state lawmakers who helped pass a rash of draconian gun control laws that were rammed through the legislature now charge that Chicago-style thug tactics are being used to get them to recant their signatures.

"Everyone who signed a recall petition has received multiple phone calls, mailers and face- to-face visits in an attempt to get them to remove their name," said Victor Head, a plumber from Pueblo.

Read more.

Colorado Sec. State Sues Governor to Set Date for Recall | 07/16/13

DENVER -- In a surprise move late Sunday, Republican Secretary of State Scott Gessler filed suit against Democratic Gov. John Hickenlooper, aiming to force the governor to set a date for a recall election in Colorado Springs, FOX31 Denver is first to report.

Read more.

Wisconsin Man Fined for Forging Recall Petition Signatures | 06/28/13

A Racine man said he let his "emotions run wild" in the "toxic political environment in the state of Wisconsin" and that's why he forged more than a half-dozen signatures on recall election petitions seeking to unseat Republican Sen. Van Wanggaard.

Read more.

Colorado Dems Challenge Recall Petitions | 06/28/13

DENVER -- Colorado Democrats targeted for recall elections because of their support for gun control laws are arguing that the elections can't be held because voters didn't fully understand the recall petitions.

Read more.

Cost of Recall of Mayor of Washington State Town: $37,000 | 06/24/13

PACIFIC -- The people seeking to oust Mayor Cy Sun have spent close to $37,000 on their recall effort, funds raised mostly in dribs and drabs from friends, family, even garage sales.

Read more.

Utah Lawmakers Frown on Recall Elections | 06/24/13

Even as possible impeachment looms for Utah Attorney General John Swallow, legislators gave a cold shoulder Wednesday to the idea of allowing voters to recall elected officials -- even though 38 other states allow it in some form, and 19 allow it for statewide officials.

Read more.

Second Colorado Lawmaker Faces Recall | 06/11/13

Gun-rights advocates submitted signatures this week against a second Democratic state lawmaker in the escalating backlash against the Colorado legislature's recently approved gun control bills.

Read more.

Petitioners Turn In Double the Signatures for Recall of Colorado Senate President | 06/04/13

An historic recall election of Colorado Senate President John Morse is likely in September because opponents, citing his backing of a draconian gun control law, turned in twice the number of signatures needed.

Read more.

Recall Fails Against Sheriff Joe Arpaio | 05/31/13

Phoenix -- A group trying to recall Maricopa County, Arizona's Joe Arpaio, known as "America's Sheriff," failed on Thursday as opponents could not present enough petition signatures.

Read more.

Colorado Dems in Campaign Mode over Recalls | 05/28/13

The offices of some Colorado Democrats are in full campaign mode, with volunteers working the phones and reviewing maps in anticipation of a new front of modern campaigning -- the recall phase.

Read more.

Colorado's New Gun Law Drives Four Recall Efforts | 05/08/13

Recall drives are in full swing against Colorado Senate Democrats John Morse, Evie Hudak and Angela Giron as well as Democratic Rep. Mike McLachlan.

Citizens groups angry about these lawmakers' stances on gun control are collecting signatures to try and force a special election. To make the ballot, they must collect a number of signatures equal to 25 percent of the total vote in their districts.

Read more.

Judge Who Signed Walker Recall Petition Ousted | 04/03/13

Three conservatives won judicial seats in Wisconsin on Tuesday, and Gov. Scott Walker's supporters had the satisfaction of seeing a judge who signed a petition to recall the governor turned out of office in a landslide. Tom Wolfgram, a 19-year incumbent, won only 40 percent of the vote in his bid for reelection in Ozaukee County, outside of Milwaukee. He was defeated by Joe Voiland, an attorney and Federalist Society member, who maintained the judge had improperly injected himself into partisan politics.

Click here for full article.

Nebraska County Official's Recall Election Slated | 03/25/13

WAYNE, Neb. (AP) -- Wayne County commissioners in northeast Nebraska have set a May date for a recall election that targets one of their own. The vote is scheduled for May 14 on District 1 Commissioner Kelvin Wurdeman.

The recall affidavit cites Mr. Wurdeman's conviction after pleading no contest to charges that he stole a truckload of publicly owned scrap metal. He was fined $1,000. This is the second recall effort against Mr. Wurdeman.

Click here for full article.

Colorado Protesters Call for Recall of Gov. Hickenlooper | 03/25/13

GRAND JUNCTION -- Hundreds of protesters demanded a recall of Gov. John Hickenlooper while he was speaking at Colorado Mesa University on Saturday afternoon. The governor had signed a gun control bill that banned "assault" weapons and high-volume magazines.

Click here for full article.

Leading Arizona Democrat May Face Recall | 03/13/13

Arizona House Minority Leader Chad Campbell, D-Phoenix, could face a recall election. Paperwork was filed by Gordon Stoa and Randy Hancock on March 12 with the Secretary of State's Office to begin the recall process. The Secretary of State was still processing the paperwork and documents detailing the reason for the recall were not immediately available.

Former unsuccessful legislative candidate Bob Thomas of Phoenix, who is involved with the recall committee, called Fire Representative Chad Campbell, said: "People are concerned about some of the issues he's been promoting. The list (of issues) is too long to go over right now."

Click here for full article.

Group Begins Recall Effort Against Sheriff Joe Arpaio | 02/12/13

A political group called Respect Arizona has filed paperwork with the Arizona Secretary of State's office to launch a campaign to recall Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio.  Citizens for a Better Arizona last year waged a failed "Joe's Got to Go" campaign to defeat Arpaio in his re-election bid.

Click here for full article.

Arizona GOP Legislators Move to Change Recall Rules | 02/12/13

Hoping to avoid another ouster of one of their own, Republican legislators on Feb. 7 voted to change the rules for recall elections.

The measure approved by the House Judiciary Committee would require there be both a primary as well as a general election once a public official is recalled. Now, there is a single winner-take-all election.

That distinction is important.That would mean only Republicans get to vote in the first step of the process in a recall of a GOP lawmaker. Whoever survives that partisan primary would face off against the Democrat and any others in the general election -- assuming there is anyone else running in what might be a largely one-party district.

Click here for full article.

Oregon Voters to Cast Ballots on Recall of Four Council Members | 01/21/13

SALEM -- City officials said 20 percent of Salem's registered voters have signed a petition to hold a re-election for city council. They said the county clerk's office has accepted the petition, making it a legal document. The petitions, reportedly signed by more than 20 percent of the city's registered voters, request the recall of council members Israel Williams, Laurie McKowen, Bobby Knight and Doug Fischer. Each petition accuses the four of "disruptions and actions that continue to subject the city to ridicule from the media and neighboring communities." It goes on to say "they continue to waste valuable time squabbling and pursuing personal attacks rather than addressing the real challenges and concerns that face the city."

Click here for full article.

Councilman Faces Recall Effort Over Support for NFL at Rose Bowl | 01/21/13

A Pasadena councilman is facing a recall campaign over his support for an ordinance that cleared the way for negotiations to bring professional football to the Rose Bowl.

Click here for full article.  

Michigan Moves Toward Limiting Recalls | 12/04/12

LANSING -- A Michigan House panel has approved legislation that would tighten language related to recall elections and restrict the time period in which people can be voted out of office.

Click here for full article.

Detroit Mayor Bing Could Face Recall | 12/03/12

DETROIT (WJBK) -- The Wayne County Election Commission confirms that a recall petition for Detroit Mayor Dave Bing has been approved.  Just 43,000 signatures are needed to call a special election as early as mid-February.

Click here for full article and video.

Ruling Due on Recall Effort against Chattanooga Mayor | 08/30/12

A ruling on the recall effort against Chattanooga Mayor Ron Littlefield should happen within weeks. The Tennessee Court of Appeals heard from attorneys on August 29 in Knoxville and promised to give a decision as soon as possible with a November election looming 21/2 months away, said Chris Clem, attorney for the Hamilton County Election Commission

Click here for full article.

Recall Winner Walker Says Romney Shouldn't Avoid Fiscal Specificity | 08/29/12

Republican Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin, who beat a recall election in June, said Mitt Romney needs to be more specific in telling voters how he'd address the nation's fiscal crisis as president.

Click here for full article.

Opinion: Recall the Referendum | 07/31/12

During the recall elections of the past year, Wisconsin Democrats were quick to paint the constitutional recall process as sacrosanct; as if "thou shalt recall Scott Walker" was the last commandment cut by Moses in order to whittle down the list to a manageable 10. Yet before the last shred of confetti had been swept up at the Walker victory party on June 5, Democrats had changed their tune.

Click here for full column.

Opinion: Wisconsin Recall Losses Signal Trouble for Unions | 07/16/12

The Republican victories in the Walker recall election and the two prior recall elections against Judge Prosser and then against Republican state senators in Wisconsin demonstrates that one of the most unionized states in the nation can no longer defeat sensible and stalwart conservatism.

Click here for full article.

GOP Assembly Members Call Senate Recall Election in Racine 'Utter Mockery' | 07/11/12

Citing irregularities in the local Senate recall election in which a Democrat replaced a Republican, several prominent Assembly Republicans Wednesday called on the Government Accountability Board to resolve election issues before November.

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Wisconsin Recall Is Boon for GOP Governors' Fund-Raising | 07/02/12

Buoyed by the high-profile recall election of Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, the Republican Governors Association hauled in $16.7 million during the second quarter of 2012 and has raised $29 million total in 2012.

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Final Count Shows Highest Turnout for Non-Presidential Election in 60 Years | 06/28/12

Final results show nearly 58% of voting-age adults turned out for Wisconsin's historic recall election. The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports that's easily the highest turnout in more than 60 years for a non-presidential ballot in Wisconsin.

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Anti-Walker Group Used High Schools to Recruit | 06/22/12

A group supporting the failed recall of Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker used several Racine high schools to recruit students to canvass heavily Democratic neighborhoods.

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Classless Warfare Fails in Wisconsin | 06/08/12

Wouldn't it be awful if an important election hinged on some fat cats outspending the opposition? That was the liberals' excuse for the failure of Democratic Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett to unseat Republican Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker in the June 5 recall election.

Click here for full commentary by Robert Knight.

Walker, GOP Win Big in Wisconsin Recall | 06/06/12

Wisconsin gave Gov. Scott Walker a renewed lease Tuesday, voting to keep the Republican in office in a recall election that amounted to an embrace of his union-busting, government-trimming agenda in this traditionally Democratic-leaning state.

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Wisconsin Recall: Will Scott Walker Survive? | 06/05/12

(CBS News) What some are calling the second biggest contest of the 2012 election cycle - behind only the presidential race - is taking place in Wisconsin today.

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Labor Has Much on Line in Walker Recall Vote | 06/04/12

Organized labor says its fight to oust Wisconsin Republican Gov. Scott Walker from office is much larger than just his curtailing its collective-bargaining rights.

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Walker's Lead Appears to Be Growing in Recall Race | 05/19/12

Democrats' hopes of ousting Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker in June's recall election seem to be slipping, as the state's biggest newspaper gave the incumbent a huge boost over the weekend.

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Walker vs. Barrett: Strangely Familiar, but Altogether Different | 05/14/12

For the second time in 19 months, Gov. Scott Walker and Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett are in a race for governor. This time, they're facing off in the June 5 recall election.

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National Dems Up Ante in Wisconsin | 05/14/12

A day after Wisconsin Democrats aired their frustrations with the national party, the Democratic Governors Association announced that another $700,000 was sent last week to fund a Greater Wisconsin ad buy.

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Wisconsin Governor's Recall Election to Be Re-Match | 05/09/12

Tom Barrett, the mayor of Milwaukee since 2004, easily won the Democratic primary Tuesday and will take on Republican Gov. Scott. Walker in the June 5 recall election.

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Wisconsin Recall Pits Friends against Each Other | 05/07/12

Janesville -- As battle lines harden heading into the June 5 general election, the little shop on Main Street in this blue-collar city 45 miles south of Madison has become a microcosm of a state so divided over the governor that some friends and family members can barely speak to each other about him.

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Recall Effort Stalls Against California Local School Board Members | 05/07/12

Oxnard -- Organizers of a recall election petition against three Rio District school board members in Ventura County fell short of the required number of signatures for the initial round.

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Wisconsin Dems Divided over Who Is Best to Beat Walker | 04/29/12

Before Democrats get their shot in a recall election against Republican Gov. Scott Walker, they have to get through a divisive primary between an establishment pick and a union favorite that is threatening to undercut their unified front.

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Wisconsin Election Board Okays 6 Republicans Running in Dem Primary | 04/18/12

The state elections board voted unanimously Tuesday to allow six Republicans to run on Wisconsin's upcoming Democratic primary recall election against Gov. Scott Walker and five other Republicans. The GOP said it is fielding the candidates to ensure that only the primary will be held on May 8 and a general election on June 5.

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Big City Faces College Town in Wisconsin Recall Primary Panel | 04/16/12

Several Democratic candidates who are vying to oppose recall target Gov. Scott Walker appeared at a forum in Madison. On May 8, voters will choose among four Democrats and a Republican-backed candidate to challenge Walker in the third recall election of a U.S. governor.

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Walker Launches Ads Against Opponents | 04/13/12

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker's campaign is airing two television ads targeting his opponents in the June 5 recall election.

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El Paso Man Announces New Recall Effort Against Mayor | 04/11/12

A U.S. Army retiree in El Paso is collecting signatures to recall Mayor John Cook over his overturning a popular referendum against extending marital benefits to same-sex and unmarried couples. An earlier effort was struck down in court.

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Viewpoint: Proposed Alabama Recall Law Would Not Be Misused | 04/01/12

With the Alabama Senate considering a recall law for all officials throughout the state, voters could look north to the recall fights in Wisconsin and express some concern whether the state would become a brutal, political, three-ring circus. However, because of the way the potential Alabama law is structured, the likelihood of misuse is small.

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El Paso Recall Clock May Be Running Out | 04/01/12

Even if the Texas Supreme Court were to side with a group trying to recall Mayor John Cook and two city representatives, the court and election calendars make a recall all but impossible, Cook's lawyer said Friday.

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Milwaukee Mayor Shakes Up Democratic Primary in Wisconsin Recall Election | 04/01/12

MADISON, Wis. - Unions backing the successful effort that forced Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker into a recall election are suddenly facing an uncomfortable scenario: Their favored candidate may not survive the Democratic primary now that Milwaukee's mayor is looking for a gubernatorial rematch.

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GOP Senator Resigns Before Recall Election, Leaving Senate Split | 03/16/12

Wisconsin State Sen. Pam Galloway, one of several Republicans targeted for a recall election, resigned, ending the GOP's Senate majority.
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Wisconsin Officials Get More Time to Study Recall Signatures | 03/14/12

Wisconsin election officials were given 11 more days to review petitions seeking the recall of Gov. Scott Walker, according to a copy of an agreement provided by the state attorney general's office.
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Donald Duck Remains Valid Signature in Walker Recall Campaign | 02/27/12

Scott Walker's campaign said Donald Duck signed a petition to recall the Republican governor, but unless a state board strikes that signature, the Disney character will be listed as a valid Wisconsinite.
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Recall of 3 California City Officials Approved | 02/06/12

The Orange County registrar of voters has verified that enough valid signatures were turned in for a recall election against Fullerton City Council members F. Richard Jones, Don Bankhead and Pat McKinley.
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ACLU Fights Sunshine in Wisconsin Recall | 02/03/12

When should names on public rolls be kept secret? Judging by the ACLU's double standard, secrecy is warranted if exposure might reveal voter fraud. On the other hand, if exposure puts marriage supporters at risk for harassment by radical activists...well, then, that's okay.
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El Paso Recall Election Set for April 14 | 02/01/12

The El Paso City Council on Tuesday chose April 14 to hold a recall election of Mayor John Cook and city Reps. Susie Byrd and Steve Ortega, but the date may change because of the controversy over statewide redistricting and when the primaries will take place.
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ACLU Raises Concern about Wisconsin Petition Verification | 01/19/12

The ACLU opposed the online publication of two million signatures collected for the recall election of Gov. Scott Walker, Lt. Gov. Rebecca Kleefisch and four Republican state senators, citing a potential threat to privacy.
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Democrats File 1 Million Signatures for Walker Recall | 01/18/12

Madison -- Opponents of Republican Gov. Scott Walker filed more than 1 million petitions to recall him, along with recall petitions against Lt. Gov. Rebecca Kleefisch and four GOP state senators.
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Walker Says It's All About 'Union Money' | 01/18/12

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker says the recall effort against him is about public employee unions seeking to restore 'automatic dues.'
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Wisconsin Judge: Clean Up Walker Recall Petitions | 01/06/12

Waukesha -- A judge ruled Thursday that the state Government Accountability Board needs to take more aggressive action to vet recall signatures that are expected to be submitted in two weeks against Gov. Scott Walker and other Republican office holders.
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Gov. Rick Perry Calls Emergency Recall Election in El Paso | 12/13/11

Gov. Rick Perry has ordered a special recall election on April 14, 2012 for the mayor and two council members in El Paso who voted to override a referendum limiting marital benefits to married couples and their families.
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Wisconsin Gov. Walker Campaigns Early Against Recall | 11/27/11

MADISON, Wis. Embattled Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker may not face a recall vote until next summer, but he's already campaigning to keep his job in the face of a major challenge by organized labor and the Democratic Party.
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Arizona's Senate President Loses Recall Election | 11/10/11

Russell Pearce, architect of Arizona's toughened immigration law, lost a recall election on Tuesday to fellow Republican Jerry Lewis.
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Michigan GOP Vows to Reclaim Seat of Recalled State Rep. Paul Scott | 11/09/11

Republicans vowed today to reclaim the seat of recalled state Rep. Paul Scott, R-Grand Blanc, and said his removal - the first successful recall of a state lawmaker since 1983 - will not affect their agenda. Click  here for full story.

Recall Election Slated for County Attorney in Nebraska | 11/07/11

YORK -- Dec. 20 has been set as the date for a recall election that will determine if Bill Sutter will remain the York County Attorney.
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Arizona Recall a Dead Heat, Survey Shows | 11/03/11

Senate President Russell Pearce and challenger Jerry Lewis are tied just prior to the Nov. 8 recall election, according to an Arizona Capitol Times survey.
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Senate Democrats, Republicans to Be Targeted in Second Round of Wisconsin Recalls | 10/13/11

Madison - Alongside an attempted recall of Gov. Scott Walker, Republicans and Democrats will likely seek in coming weeks to recall state senators in a contest for control of that legislative house.
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Recall Effort to Begin Nov. 15 Against Wisconsin Governor | 10/11/11

Supporters of a recall effort against Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker need 540,000 Signatures by Jan. 17, 2012.
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The Real Purpose of Political Recall Elections | 10/08/11

Average citizens don't usually pay much attention to recalls, but lawmakers watch them like hawks. Citizens should jealously guard any power they have that so captures their representatives' attention. (Commentary)
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Texas Hold 'Em Unfolds in El Paso | 10/03/11

Arrogant Politicians take note: There is more to fear than scheduled elections. Exhibit A is the recall effort underway against the mayor and two council members right now in El Paso.
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Local Sources Fund El Paso Recall Issue | 09/25/11

The explanations given about where the money is coming from in the city's recall election aren't nearly as sexy as the rumors on the street.
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Texas Church Leads Recall of Mayor, Council Members Who Reversed Ballot Initiative | 09/23/11

EL PASO -- A conservative religious group has collected enough signatures to force a recall election of the mayor and two members of the City Council who voted to restore health benefits for gay and unmarried partners of city employees after a ballot initiative ended them.
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Oregon Mayor, Three Councilors Survive Recall Election | 09/20/11

The mayor and three city councilors in the small Oregon timber town of Oakridge have survived a recall election despite a financial crisis that has turned recent council meetings into shouting matches.
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Wisconsin Recall Spending Nears $44 Million | 09/20/11

MADISON--Nearly $44 million was spent on recall elections targeting nine Wisconsin state lawmakers after a clash over collective bargaining rights, and unions and conservative special interest groups led the way, according to estimates released Sept. 20.
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Michigan Legislator Prepares Against Recall Effort | 09/12/11

Michigan Rep. Paul Scott (R-Grand Blanc) is preparing against a recall election in November.

Michigan Mayor to Be on Recall Ballot in November | 09/06/11

TAYLOR -- A recall question involving Mayor Jeffrey Lamarand will be on the Nov. 8 ballot.
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Arizona Town Ousts Mayor | 09/06/11

Quartzsite voters ousted a controversial mayor in a recall election on Sept. 6, replacing him with a former town council member who resigned earlier this year so he could challenge the mayor.
"Click here for the full story."

Group Seeks Recall of Mayor in Texas Town that Set Council Recall Election | 09/06/11

A petition is being circulated in Jasper to recall two-term Mayor Mike Lout.
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Texas Town Slates Recall of Three Council Members | 09/01/11

The Jasper, Texas City Council has slated recall elections for three council members next May over their role in hiring a new police chief.
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3 Nebraska School Board Members Face Recall | 08/29/11

Three members of a southwest Nebraska school board face a recall election, at least in part for their actions in backing a successful bond issue.

Click here for full story from RealClearPolitics.

On, Wisconsin | 08/18/11

"After recalls fail, the teachers union lays off 40% of its staff. The Battle of Wisconsin ended with a whimper on Tuesday as two Democrats facing recall elections for their roles in the fight over union reform hung on to their seats. Four of six Republicans up for recall did the same last week. After Greek-style protests in Madison, a judicial election and tens of millions of dollars spent, voters weren't in the mood for revenge after all."

Read the full story at Wall Street Journal Online (subscription required).

Left-Wing Wisconsin Recall Amnesia | 08/15/11

By Robert Knight. This column originally appeared in The Washington Times on August 15, 2011.

Some stories have "legs." They don't disappear after a day or so but stay in the news, especially if they help move a liberal agenda. Think of global-warming findings or New York's assault on marriage.

Tuesday's recall elections in Wisconsin won't have legs. That's because union-backed Democrats failed to gain control of the state Senate in perhaps the most expensive off-year campaign in history. Of six Republicans up for recall, just two were defeated. One was in a heavily Democratic district that gave President Obama more than 60 percent of the vote in 2008, and the other senator had dumped his wife and moved in with his mistress.

On the day after the election, ABC's "Good Morning America" did not bother to report on it, as noted by the Media Research Center's Scott Whitlock. CBS' "Early Show" gave it a liberal slant while failing to mention that two Democrats would face recall elections in Wisconsin on Tuesday. NBC's "Today Show," a four-hour program, mentioned the vote result only once.

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Unions Lose Big in Wisconsin | 08/10/11

"An energized Democratic base was supposed to turn out yesterday. It was supposed to pry away from Republicans their total control of Wisconsin's state legislature. Republicans had gone after the state's public employee unions, and this was supposed to be an overreach that would cost them dearly in yesterday's recall elections. If Democrats could pick up three of the six seats under recall, they could win back the state Senate and block Gov. Scott Walker's agenda."

Click here for the full story from The Washington Examiner.

Democrats Fall Short in Wisconsin Recall Elections | 08/10/11

"Democrats failed late Tuesday in their effort to gain control of the Wisconsin state senate as Republican incumbents won four of six recall elections. The outcome was a big setback for Democrats, organized labor, and progressive groups who'd sought retribution against six GOP allies of Gov. Scott Walker, who earlier this year enacted a labor law overhaul that ended collective bargaining rights for many public sector workers. The recall elections attracted millions of dollars of investment from both liberals and conservatives across the nation."

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Democratic Challengers Raise Nearly $1.6 Million | 07/05/11

"Spending reports for state Senate recall elections filed Tuesday showed Republicans were outraising Democratic challengers in at least four races, but not all the incumbents have the financial upper hand heading into the Aug. 9 election. The Republicans took advantage of a state law that allows lawmakers targeted for recalls to exceed normal contribution limits during the period petitions are being circulated and before the election dates are set."

Click here for the full story from

Wisconsin Senate Recalls: A Recap of Events to Date | 06/28/11

"Barring court challenges, yesterday's rulings by the Wisconsin Government Accountability Board were the final step leading up to the recall elections against 9 incumbent state senators. Following the decision by the Board to deny him ballot access, Assemblyman John Nygren said he was considering his options regarding further actions to reinstate his name on the ballot. Nygren said he did not submit more signatures because he was busy working to re-write the state budget. The GAB initially verified 424 signatures on Nygren's petition to run in the recall targeting Sen. Dave Hansen, but after challenges, it was ruled that only 398 were valid, two short of the necessary 400."

Click here for the full story from Ballot News.

Unions Pour Money into Recall Elections; Nearly All Funds Go to Democrats | 06/27/11

"Union dollars are flowing into the campaign coffers for three Democratic state senators facing recall elections this summer, a largely unsurprising development in a political battle spurred mostly by the passage of Gov. Scott Walker's collective bargaining legislation. For the six Republicans bracing for recalls, union donations are drastically smaller, which election experts say is to be expected, even in a regular election."

Click here for the full story from The Chippewa Herald.

GOP Candidate Disqualified from Wisconsin Recall Election | 06/27/11

"After collecting more than 15,000 signatures necessary to trigger a recall election against Democratic state senator Dave Hansen, Wisconsin Republicans failed to get 400 valid signatures necessary to get their preferred candidate on the ballot. [..] [Rep. John Nygren (R-Marinette)] says he will "pursue further legal options" to challenge the board's ruling."

Click here for the full story from The Weekly Standard.

Recall Elections Surge in Local and State Governments | 06/22/11

"The new president of Arizona's state Senate, Russell Pearce, had only 21 days to enjoy that position before opponents began circulating petitions in January to recall the freshly reelected conservative. That's more time than Jim Suttle had. The night the Democrat was elected mayor of Omaha in 2009, backers of his rivals began to talk online about trying to remove him from office. Suttle barely survived a recall election in January."

Click here for the full story from Los Angeles Times online.

Liberal Wisconsin Judge Tipped Off Anti-Walker Suit Was Coming | 06/21/11

"Emails obtained through the Wisconsin Open Records law indicate former Dane County Executive Kathleen Falk emailed all county employees and circuit court judges, including Circuit Court Judge Maryann Sumi, with a memo announcing her intention to file suit against Gov. Scott Walker's budget repair bill."

Click here for the full story from

Board Certifies Recall Elections for 3 Wis. Democratic Senators Who Fled During Union Debate | 06/08/11

"A Wisconsin state board has voted to let July recall elections be held against three Democratic state senators who fled the state during a divisive debate on collective bargaining rights for public workers."

Click here for the full story from The Washington Post.

Robaina, Gimenez in Runoff for Mayor | 05/24/11

"Former Hialeah Mayor Julio Robaina and former County Commissioner Carlos Gimenez will compete in a June runoff to be Miami-Dade's next mayor after neither emerged as the majority winner in Tuesday's special election. 'We are extremely privileged to be able to go to the next round and to be in first place and to have the advantage we have with the votes,' Robaina said. 'That is a demonstration that our message, our campaign and our hard work...paid off this night'"

Click here for the full story from NBC Miami.

Record Financial Contributions Expected In Recall Elections | 05/17/11

"Last Thursday, recall petitioner and Northwoods Tea Party leader Kim Simac, of Eagle River, announced her candidacy for the 12th Senate District after volunteers obtained nearly 23,000 signatures in the recall campaign against Sen. Jim Holperin of Conover. The race is expected to be one of many highly-contested races that will take place this summer during a rare election cycle."

Click here for the full story from the Northwoods River News.

Are Recall Elections a Good Idea? | 05/06/11

"The recent controversy over Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker's budget plans spurred a round of recall elections in his state. But Wisconsin is not alone, with recalls up around the country. Advocates say recalls enhance democracy, but critics say they cause chaos."

Click here for the full story from US News and World Report online.

Wisconsin Recalls Hit Deadline: Where Things Stand | 05/05/11

"Wisconsin will play host to nine special state Senate elections this summer in what will be viewed nationally as a referendum on Gov. Scott Walker's (R) collective bargaining law passed earlier this year. Petitions were filed against all sixteen state senators eligible for recall, but only nine drives succeeded when the petition deadline passed on Wednesday night."

Click here for full story from The Washington Post online.

Recall Petition Filed Against 5th Wis. GOP Senator | 04/22/11

"Wisconsin recall organizers Thursday added three Democratic state senators and one GOP senator to the list of lawmakers in line for recall elections over their opposition to or support of Republican Gov. Scott Walker's law curtailing collective bargaining rights for public employees. Committees to recall Sens. Dave Hansen of Green Bay, Jim Holperin of Conover and Robert Wirch of Pleasant Prairie filed the signatures needed with the Government Accountability Board. All three groups had thousands more signatures than required to trigger a recall election."

Click here for the full story from

Incumbent Wins Wisconsin Supreme Court Race | 04/15/11

"In a victory for Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, an official tally for a hotly contested Supreme Court election confirmed Friday that incumbent David Prosser defeated his Democratic-backed challenger by 7,316 votes. The slim margin, out of nearly 1.5 million ballots cast, prompted challenger JoAnne Kloppenburg's campaign to say they may ask for a recount. They have until Wednesday to decide. 'We will review the information available to us and carefully weigh the options,' the campaign said in a statement."

Click here for the full story from The Wall Street Journal Online.

Mayoral Recall Drives Go Viral | 04/12/11

"Buoyed by the viral power of the Internet and rising anti-government sentiment, disgruntled voters have set off a rash of recall drives against mayors in cities across the USA. The urge to oust city leaders has intensified in the struggling economy as more mayors raise taxes and cut services to close budget shortfalls. Fifty-seven mayors faced recall attempts last year, up from 23 in 2009, according to Ballotpedia, a non-profit that tracks recall elections. So far this year: 15."

Click here for the full story from

Campaigns to Recall 16 Wisconsin Senators Called 'Unprecedented' | 04/11/11

"2011 began with the Green Bay Packers winning the Super Bowl. Then things got really exciting in Wisconsin. Weeks of protests at the state Capitol in Madison over the Republican budget proposal were followed by a contentious campaign to turn out a state Supreme Court justice. Now the state Senate is facing a total recall. Sixteen state senators -- eight Republicans and eight Democrats -- have been targeted by recall committees stemming from the contentious budget-reform debate in March. That's half of the 33-member Senate, and it might have been more but for a state law that prohibits recalls against first-year legislators."

Click here for the full story from The Washington Times website.

State Election Law Throws Wrench into Killeen Recall Effort | 04/09/11

"A petition drive to recall the Killeen City Council is taking off, but because of quirks in state law, it may be six months before a potential recall election gets off the ground. And even if there is an election, there is a question as to whether four of the council members can be subject to a recall. All this serves to make one Killeen resident's task that much more difficult. Angered by the Killeen City Council's recent decision to buy out former City Manager Connie Green for $750,000, Jonathan Okray last week began a petition drive to recall all seven council members -- despite the fact that only four of the seven members voted to approve the buyout."

Click here for the full story from the Killeen Daily Herald.

Wymore Recall Election Set for May 10 | 04/09/11

"The Wymore City Council has set the date of May 10 for the recall election of councilman Dan Hawkins. After Wymore City Attorney Andy Carothers introduced the resolution Wednesday night to set a date, a brief moment of silence was broken when Hawkins asked Carothers if he needed a motion for approval. When Carothers indicated he did, Hawkins made that motion. Councilman Max Allen seconded the motion, which allowed Carothers to read the entire resolution. When it was put to a vote, the council voted 3-1 in favor of setting May 10 as the recall date with Hawkins voting in favor. Councilman David Monfelt was the lone vote against."

Click here for the full story from the Beatrice Daily Sun.

Wisconsin Election Results: Conservative David Prosser Retakes Lead in Supreme Court Race | 04/07/11

"Wisconsin's topsy-turvy supreme court race -- widely seen as a referendum on Republican governor Scott Walker -- took another dramatic turn as incumbent justice David Prosser, a conservative, moved convincingly back into the lead. On Wednesday, liberal challenger JoAnne Kloppenburg, an assistant attorney general, had appeared to eke out an upset -- besting Prosser by 204 votes in an unofficial tally. But officials in heavily Republican Waukesha county now say they discovered a counting error that, when rectified, gives Prosser an additional 7,582 votes."

Click here for the full story from

House Democrats Want Recall Option | 04/06/11

"A pair of House Democrats say they will soon introduce a bill that would allow Ohioans to join 19 other states in the ability to recall statewide officeholders and legislators. Ohio law currently allows for the recall of local officials. Reps. Robert F. Hagan, D-Youngstown, and Mike Foley, D-Cleveland, said the proposal was sparked by Gov. John Kasich's low approval numbers, which a recent poll pegged at 30 percent, following the governor's proposed budget cuts and his push for Senate Bill 5."

Click here for the full story from The Columbus Dispatch.

Democratic Senator Joins Republican on Wisconsin Recall Block | 04/05/11

"The fallout continues from Wisconsin Republican Gov. Scott Walker's successful legislation to limit collective-bargaining rights for public unions. Democratic State Sen. Robert Wirch may face a recall election soon, The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports. Dan Hunt, chairman of Taxpayers to Recall Robert Wirch, says his organization has 'well over' the 13,537 signatures needed to trigger a recall election, though he said the group still has a target of 18,000 signatures, in case some are disqualified. The signatures probably will be submitted to the state Government Accountability Board next week, he said."

Click here for the full story from

Keeping Score on the Wisconsin Results | 04/05/11

"Public employee unions and tea party supporters have been gathering signatures to trigger recall elections of, respectively, Republican and Democratic state senators in what amounts to a referendum on Republican Governor Scott Walker's policies limiting the privileges of public employee unions. What's the score. The Hill tells us that Democrats have succeeded in getting enough signatures to trigger a recall election on state Senator Dan Kapanke and Republicans have gotten enough to trigger a recall of state Senator Robert Wirch."

Click here for the full story from The Examiner.

Wisconsin Recall Drive Already Making History | 04/04/11

"Ever since Wisconsin Dems and labor activists announced late Friday that they had already amassed enough signatures to trigger a recall election against GOP state Senator Dan Kapanke -- and filed their petition to make it happen -- political observers have been wondering precisely how many signatures activists had gathered. The number could contain clues as to whether the election will actually happen and how much grassroots energy there remains on the ground in the state."

Click here for the full story from The Washington Post Online.

Message from Miami | 03/21/11

"Democrats and labor leaders chortling over their supposed popularity in the Wisconsin rift between GOP Gov. Scott Walker and public unions might want to consider a Florida recall vote last week. Miami-Dade voters turned out in huge numbers to oust Mayor Carlos Alvarez in a vote that saw a staggering 88 percent of ballots cast against him. The issues: soaring property taxes and increased public-sector union benefits. Alvarez is a Republican -- but didn't govern like one: He raised property taxes for two-thirds of county homeowners by a whopping 13 percent. He rewarded his political base -- public-employee unions, who pushed for tax hikes rather than spending cuts -- by raising their members' pay and unfreezing some benefits."

Click here for the full story from The New York Post.

Will Voter Revolt Bring Real Change at Miami-Dade County Hall? | 03/20/11

"Even the most fervent supporters of tossing out Miami-Dade Mayor Carlos Alvarez and longtime Commissioner Natacha Seijas say last Tuesday's historic recall won't mean much unless there is widespread reform at County Hall. Yet changing the county charter -- the rulebook that politicians and bureaucrats play by -- may prove even harder than the ouster of two of the county's most powerful leaders. The reason: There are two ways to change the county charter, and neither is easy. Citizen petition drives to change the charter have even higher hurdles than recall efforts, and commissioners have often refused to bring proposals to change the charter before the public for a vote."

Click here for the full story from The Miami Herald.

After the Recall, Race Begins for Miami-Dade Mayor | 03/19/11

"Candidates are already campaigning to succeed Miami-Dade County's ousted mayor, just days after voters booted Carlos Alvarez by a nearly 9-to-1 margin in a recall election on Tuesday. The candidates -- ranging from a mayor to a former hip-hop star -- are catering to the anti-tax, anti-establishment movement that led the recall effort. Tuesday's election results were certified Friday, formally removing Mr. Alvarez from office. A special vote to replace Mr. Alvarez isn't likely for at least two months, and it won't be known how many candidates will join the race until an election date is set and candidate registration is held."

Click here for the full story from The Wall Street Journal Online.

Indiana House Walkout Brings Talk of Recall Elections | 03/17/11

"The Republican leader of the Indiana House says the ongoing walkout by Democratic legislators has him considering laws making such actions illegal or letting voters remove boycotters from office. Most Democratic House members skipped Wednesday's House session, extending the boycott that began Feb. 22 over education- and labor-related bills they find objectionable."

Click here for the full story from Washington

Unions Show No Class in Wisconsin "War" | 03/11/11

By Robert Knight. This article originally appeared on The Washington Times on March 11, 2011.

"I'm not going to lie to you, this is going to get ugly." So predicts "Goldfish," a Daily Kos blogger who boasts of spending two weekends in Madison, Wisc., "on the Front Lines of the Class War." Now, "Goldfish" is predicting a general strike, like the ones in Greece whenever the bankrupt government tries to cut ruinous spending.

A bigger fish, film director Michael Moore, announced on MSNBC's "The Rachel Maddow Show" on Wednesday that, "This is war. This is class war," and that a national walkout of government school students would happen Friday. Jesse Jackson told Fox News that public unions will retain collective bargaining or "you're going to have it through the streets. People here will fight back because they think their cause is moral."

Continue reading “Unions Show No Class in Wisconsin "War"”.

Wisconsin Recall Bid Picks Up Support | 03/09/11

"Efforts to recall 14 Republican and Democratic senators in Wisconsin picked up momentum Tuesday while Gov. Scott Walker released emails suggesting the two sides discussed compromises in the three-week standoff over the governor's 'budget-repair' bill. A handful of emails between the governor's staff and top Democrats appear to show the governor softening his position on collective bargaining for public employee unions, which has been at the center of the stalemate. Fourteen Democratic senators left the state on Feb. 17 to prevent a vote on Mr. Walker's legislation."

Click here for the full story from The Wall Street Journal Online.

Recall Drives Could Make History | 03/06/11

"As improbable as the last three weeks have been in state politics, Wisconsin is about to embark on another wild ride into the political unknown -- a series of legislative recall campaigns on a scale the nation has rarely, if ever, seen. 'I don't think there's a precedent for what's going on in Wisconsin,' said Gary Moncrief of Boise State University, an expert on legislative politics. 'I don't think there's ever been a case where pretty much everyone has been subject to a recall attempt at one time on both sides. That's really amazing.' Formal recall campaigns have now been launched against 16 state senators -- eight Republicans and eight Democrats. That's everyone in the 33-member Wisconsin Senate who is legally eligible to be recalled this year."

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Are AWOL Democrats Facing Total Recall in Wisconsin? | 03/01/11

Greta Van Susteren of Fox News interviews Dan Hunt, Chairman of Taxpayers to Recall Robert Wirch, about the recall petition in Wisconsin.

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Petition to Recall Sen. Wirch Filed | 02/25/11

"A petition to recall Sen. Robert Wirch, who represents Burlington and most of Kenosha County, was filed Thursday. Wirch, D-Pleasant Prairie, is one of the 14 state Senate Democrats who fled to Illinois last week, halting a vote on Gov. Scott Walker's proposal to essentially eliminate collective bargaining for public workers. A group called Taxpayers to Recall Robert Wirch out of Pleasant Prairie filed the petition with the state Government Accountability Board on Thursday. The group has 60 days from now to collect about 15,000 signatures, 25 percent of the votes cast for governor in Wirch's Senate District 22, to force a recall election, according to GAB."

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Outspoken Tucson Sheriff Faces Recall Bid | 01/20/11

"Pima County Sheriff Clarence Dupnik has never lost an election, but that was before his remarks assigning blame for the deadly Tucson, Ariz., shooting to political 'vitriol' and calling Arizona 'a mecca for prejudice and bigotry.' Now it's Sheriff Dupnik who finds himself on the public-opinion hot seat. A group opposed to illegal immigration has begun an effort to recall the sheriff in a special election. Meanwhile, a Pima County tea party group is planning on holding a 'Dump Dupnik' rally next week outside his office."

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Recall Sheriff Dupnik | 01/14/11

"A lot of people are wondering what to do about Clarence Dupnik, sheriff of Pima County, Ariz. He's the left-wing lawman who shot off his mouth and blamed everyone to the right of President Obama for the Jan. 8 massacre in Tucson. Last April, he boasted that he would not enforce S.B. 1070, the state's immigration enforcement law, which he called "racist," "stupid" and "disgusting." In September, he accused Tea Party members of being bigots."

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Reckless Congress Makes Case for Recall | 12/17/10

"If ever a Congress epitomized the need for more accountability, it's the 111th lame-duck gang. Sorry, that's unfair to gangsters. With most Americans distracted by holiday plans, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, Nevada Democrat, has sprung another Christmas surprise, vowing to ram through a far-left agenda in the waning days of 2010. Last year, he put a giant lump of coal in Americans' stockings with Christmas Eve passage of Obamacare."

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Illinois Recall Headed to Approval | 11/02/10

"Illinois voters tonight are favoring giving themselves a limited ability to recall wayward governors should the state encounter another Rod Blagojevich or George Ryan in the coming decades. A recall referendum attracted 66 percent support with 53 percent of the unofficial statewide vote counted. The question that topped the ballot needed a favorable vote from 60 percent of the people voting on it or a majority of the people casting ballots in the election overall. Critics say Illinois' version is recall-lite. It would only apply to the governor. And the constitutional amendment is laden with significant ways for the powers-that-be to stop or slow down this type of citizen revolt."

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ACLU Calls Illinois Recall Proposal -- What Else? -- Unconstitutional | 10/25/10

"Under constituents' heat to deal with corruption exemplified by the multiple-count indictment of former Gov. Rod Blagojevich (D), Illinois legislators on Oct. 15 approved placing a recall of governors law on the November 2 ballot. The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) is rattling its sword, however, warning that the measure would lead to expensive litigation, which is the ACLU's way of pressuring public officials without even filing a lawsuit. Illinois ACLU Legal Director Harvey Grossman suggested the legislature start over with a new draft, according to the Associated Press. The recall law is expected to pass, however."

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A Tea Party Fight Liberals Could Get Behind? | 07/30/10

New video on "A Tea Party Fight Liberals Could Get Behind? Liberal Groups Could Benefit If Conservative Activists Win The Ability To Recall Members Of Congress." This video is part of National Journal's effort to document the recall efforts.

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Effort to recall Menendez heard in state supreme court | 05/25/10

"A 1787 letter from George Washington did not appear to trump other texts and events Tuesday as the state Supreme Court hit the history books while hearing arguments on a Tea Party-connected group's effort to recall U.S. Sen. Robert Menendez. The NJ Supreme Court is set to hear today from New Jersey's Sussex County Tea Party activists who want to recall Menendez for promoting health care reform and opposing limited government. In a case that is being watched in several states, the recall committee with ties to a Sussex County Tea Party group is seeking the removal of Menendez, D-NJ, whose term expires in 2012. The Committee to Recall Senator Menendez says the senator is a big spender, and it opposes his support of the recently passed health care reform law."

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Banned In Trenton: Menendez Tries to Block Recall Brief | 05/12/10

"On May 12, 2010, U.S. Senator Robert Menendez filed a brief with the New Jersey Supreme Court to deny the Committee to Recall Sen. Robert Menendez the benefit of a friend-of-the-court brief filed by the Conservative Legal Defense and Education Fund and 11 other public interest organizations. The brief supports the right of the people of New Jersey to recall their United States Senators and Representatives, as provided by New Jersey's Constitution. RoseAnn Salanitri, Chairman of the recall effort ( asked: "What is Sen. Menendez so afraid of by this amicus brief that he does not want the court to see it or read it?"Michael Laffey of the Messina Law Firm, the local counsel that filed the brief, said, "I have never seen this done before in New Jersey." According to Sen. Menendez, the brief should be dismissed because it was not filed in a "timely" manner, even though it was filed on May 10, 2010, the very day set by the Court for the filing of briefs by all parties and by amici."

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NJ AG declines to oppose Menendez recall committee before NJSC | 04/24/10

"In a stunning development, the New Jersey Attorney General's office said on Thursday that it will not support the petition for certification by Senator Robert Menendez (D-NJ), who is seeking to have the New Jersey Supreme Court quash an effort by a citizens' committee to recall him from office, this Examiner has learned. In a letter addressed to the clerk of the Supreme Court, Assistant Attorney General Donna Kelly cited the opinion of the Appellate Division in the case of Committee to Recall Robert Menendez from the Office of United States Senator v. Nina M. Wells et al., stating that invalidating the recall provisions of the New Jersey constitution and authorizing statute would have 'grave and momentous consequences.' Kelly indicated the full agreement of the AG's office with the Appellate Division's applications of 'principles of judicial restraint.'"

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NJ Tea Party Coalition Seeks Menendez Recall | 04/12/10

"Led by the Sussex County New Jersey Tea Party Patriots, a coalition of like-minded organizations in the Garden State has filed a petition with the New Jersey Secretary of State to recall Democratic Sen. Robert Menendez. The Tea Party groups' official reason for calling for Menendez's ouster by recall is his support for what the groups see as radical agenda items like President Obama's healthcare overhaul and the controversial cap-and-trade energy tax legislation. But the effort started months before Menendez's Christmas Eve vote for the Senate healthcare bill."

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Menendez Recall Case Likely Heading to U.S. Supreme Court | 04/06/10

"This should be interesting: The state Supreme Court is being asked to rule whether the New Jersey Constitution is constitutional. Now there's a case for the court to be deciding while Gov. Chris Christie is mulling appointing/reappointing four justices. The case comes courtesy of Sen. Robert Menendez, D-NJ, who is asking the court to say that any attempt to recall him is unconstitutional because it violates the U.S. Constitution. And, as a result, he'll also be asking the court to decide whether the section of the New Jersey Constitution, which allows for the recall of all elected officials, is unconstitutional as well."

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U.S. Sen. Menendez Appeals Recall Ruling | 04/06/10

"Calling it an 'attack on the Constitution,' a spokesman for U.S. Sen. Robert Menendez yesterday said the Democrat has appealed to the state Supreme Court to stop a recall effort. 'Mainstream New Jerseyans believe deeply in the U.S. Constitution that for more than 200 years has made ours the greatest form of government in world history,' said Afshin Mohamadi, a spokesman for Menendez (D-NJ). 'This attack on the Constitution undermines our uniquely American system of democracy and will be contested.'" (Ackermann, The Record)

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Stage Set for Recall Battle in North Dakota | 04/06/10

ACRU Responds to North Dakota Secretary of State's Denial of Citizens' Effort to Recall Senator Kent Conrad (D-ND)

Bismarck, ND — North Dakota is one of ten states with broad language in its constitution to recall elected officials. Yet, in a letter dated 25 March, 2010, Alvin Jaeger, North Dakota's Secretary of State, refused to provide the procedures by which a member of Congress could be recalled from the office they hold to a citizen of North Dakota. The ACRU contends that to deny this request is to deny the citizens of North Dakota their constitutional right of recall.

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ACRU continues defense of Menendez recall effort | 04/02/10

"The American Civil Rights Union, which filed an amicus curiae brief in support of the appeal by the Committee to Recall Robert Menendez from the Office of United States Senator, today offered a new commentary explaining why the recall of a United States Senator by his State's voters is constitutional and unaffected by the most-often-cited case law.

John Armor, a member of the ACRU's legal team, offered this commentary in today's American Thinker. In it he pointed out that the United States Supreme Court has never before heard a specific case involving the recall of a Member of Congress."

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Is a State-Based Recall of a U.S. Senator Constitutional? | 04/01/10

By John Armor. This article originally appeared on on April 1, 2010.

Whether citizens of a state have the right to recall from office a sitting U.S. senator is no longer an academic question. The second-highest New Jersey appeals court has just ruled that such an effort can proceed against Sen. Robert Menendez (D-NJ).

Several other states have provisions in their state constitutions and laws that may also allow recall efforts. And by the common provision of initiative by the people of state laws and constitutions, similar processes could be established in other states.

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Toyotas Aren't the Only Things Getting Recalled This Year | 03/17/10

By John Armor. This article originally appeared on on March 17, 2010.

On Tuesday, the New Jersey Court of Appeals cleared the way for the recall of Sen. Robert Menendez (D-NJ) to proceed. New Jersey is one of nine states whose constitutions provide broad language with regard to recalling "all, every, any" elected official. This decision could severely endanger the 11 other sitting Senators (all Democrats) in those states, who are not up for re-election this year but could be subject to citizen recall efforts.

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Let the Recalls Begin | 03/17/10

By Peter Ferrara. This article originally appeared on FOXNews on March 17, 2010.

A New Jersey state appellate court yesterday gave the green light for approval of the circulation of petitions in that state asking for a recall election to remove Democrat U.S. Senator Robert Menendez. State law in 9 states counting New Jersey specifically provides for the recall of members of Congress, just as former California Governor Gray Davis was recalled and replaced with Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger in a recall election in 2003. Those 9 states are represented by 12 incumbent Democratic Senators who are not otherwise up for reelection this year, potentially putting majority control of the Senate even more in play.

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First Ever Recall Effort of a U.S. Senator Cleared by N.J. Court | 03/16/10

"It has apparently never been done before, but a Tea Party group in New Jersey has won the first round in its effort to recall a U.S. Senator -- Democrat Robert Menendez. 'We are loathe to strike down a component of our State's charter [Constitution] that fortifies the democratic role of our citizens,' an Appeals Court panel ruled Wednesday morning. Tea Partiers upset with rising taxes tried last year to get permission from New Jersey's Secretary of State to begin a petition recall campaign against Menendez. When that was denied, they went to court. And now they've won."

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New Jersey Democrats Blast Tea Party | 03/10/10

"New Jersey Democrats are coming out with guns blazing against a tea party-led effort to recall Democratic Sen. Robert Menendez, with the state party chairman going so far as to brand the campaign racist. Last week, newly minted Democratic Chairman John Wisniewski blasted the recall campaign as extremist, saying that it was no accident that it was targeting Menendez, the only Hispanic in the Senate. And without mentioning her by name, Wisniewski took a shot at the recall campaign's leader, Sussex County tea party founder RoseAnn Salanitri."

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Tea Party Group Seeking to Recall Sen. Robert Menendez Appears Before N.J. Appeals Court | 03/10/10

"Appearing before a three-judge appellate panel in Trenton today, the attorney representing the Committee to Recall Senator Menendez--which is backed by the state's grassroots conservative Tea Party movement--said his client has a right to begin an effort to remove the New Jersey Democrat."

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Stopping the Runaway Congress | 03/03/10

By Peter Ferrara. This article originally appeared on Big Government on March 3, 2010.

The recall of New Jersey Senator Robert Menendez took a step forward yesterday with a promising oral argument in New Jersey state court. The New Jersey Constitution expressly provides for the recall of members of Congress representing the state in a provision adopted by a 75% favorable vote of the people in 1995. The New Jersey state legislature then expressly provided by statute for the procedures for such a recall.

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Tea Party Group Seeking to Recall Sen. Robert Menendez Appears Before N.J. Appeals Court | 03/02/10

"Appearing before a three-judge appellate panel in Trenton today, the attorney representing the Committee to Recall Senator Menendez--which is backed by the state's grassroots conservative Tea Party movement--said his client has a right to begin an effort to remove the New Jersey Democrat."

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Location of Recall Committee Hearing Changed | 02/23/10

(2/23/10) -- "Three Appellate Division judges will hear oral argument in Committee to Recall Robert Menendez v. Nina Wells, Secretary of State et al. on Friday, Feb. 26 at 10 a.m. in the Supreme Court courtroom on the 8th floor of the Richard J. Hughes Justice Complex, 25 Market St., Trenton."

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Throw the Bums Out: Let's Take It On The Road | 02/16/10

By Peter Ferrara. This article originally appeared on Big Government on February 16, 2010.

Eighteen states provide for recall elections to remove state officials. Nine of those provide for the same for their Congressional representatives. But such a right of recall can and should be adopted in every state.

Ideally this would be done by amending the state constitution to provide for such recall elections. But it can be done through statute as well, with the New Jersey Uniform Recall Election Law as a good model.

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Menendez NJ Recall Update: The Tea Party Goes to Court | 02/14/10

"In addition, the American Civil Rights Union (ACRU), has taken interest in the case and had filed an emergent application requesting approval to participate in the appeal as amicus curiae (friend of the court), given the broader constitutional implications of the case. In the same order, Judge Stern also granted the ACRU's emergent application and approved the organization's participation in the appeal."

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Judge Approves Appeal of Menendez Recall Decision to Move Forward | 02/10/10

"A NJ Superior Court Appellate Judge has granted an emergency motion to fast-track the appeal of a committee seeking to recall a United States Senator. In a two-part order issued late afternoon on Thursday, February 4th, Judge Edwin Stern granted the committee's motion to accelerate their appeal and scheduled oral arguments for Friday, February 26th. In the same order, the Judge also granted approval for the American Civil Rights Union (ACRU) to participate in the appeal as amicus curiae (friend of the court), in response to an emergent application filed by the ACRU."

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Louisiana Recall Effort Continues Despite Ruling | 02/05/10

By Robert Knight.

A campaign to recall Sen. Mary Landrieu (D-La.) is continuing in the face of a negative opinion by state election officials.

Secretary of State Jay Dardenne's press secretary, Jacques Berry, told the ACRU on Feb. 5, 2010, that a recall petition for Sen. Landrieu submitted several weeks ago, was "accepted but only for filing for the purpose of creating a public record." The office does not consider the petition valid and so did not notify the state's 64 parishes, Berry said.

Attorney General Buddy Caldwell had issued an opinion in March 2009 on a February 2009 petition to recall Rep. Joseph Cao (R). In that instance, Caldwell ruled that Louisiana's Constitution does not permit recall of federal officials. So the Secretary of State applied that opinion to the current effort aimed at Sen. Mary Landrieu. Berry said that to his knowledge, there has been no court test of that opinion or the question generally of recalling federal officials in Louisiana.

Nonetheless, Tea Party members led by Ruben T. LeBlanc are continuing to circulate petitions. They have 180 days to collect more than 900,000. Mr. Berry said that if they succeed, they could at that point file a lawsuit challenging the Secretary of State's ruling on the validity of the petition.

The Right to Recall the Rascals | 02/02/10

By John Armor. This column originally appeared on on February 2, 2010.

Do the citizens of the states have a constitutional right to recall their Members of Congress before the end of their set terms, if they become satisfied that their Members are seriously harming the interests of the people who elected them?

The U.S. Constitution states no right to recall federal officials. But that's not the end of the inquiry, only the beginning.

There are two main reasons why the right of recall can be established for all elected officials, including Members of Congress. One is that the Constitution delegates general election law to the states. The other is that the 10th Amendment reserves to the states and the people all rights not delegated to the national government.

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Menendez Not the Only US Senator Facing Recall | 02/01/10

"Senator Robert Menendez (D-NJ) responded today to the appeal by the citizens' committee seeking to recall him, apparently insisting that he is a federal official and thus not subject to the New Jersey constitution's recall provision, according to a source close to the case. 'So here is a powerful New Jersey resident arguing that his home state's Constitution, passed overwhelmingly by the people of New Jersey, that he claims to represent, is invalid and you can't recall him from office,' the outraged source told this Examiner. But in fact Menendez is not the only United States Senator to be the target of a recall committee. Senator Mary Landrieu (D-LA) is another."

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The Right of Recall | 01/25/10

By Peter Ferrara. This article originally appeared on Fox Forum on January 25, 2010.

Congress is out of control. The public overwhelmingly opposes the pending legislation for a government takeover of health care. But Congressional leaders are telling us they don't care. They know best, and they're going to pass it anyway.

We see the same attitude on other issues, from global warming regulation, to taxes, government spending, deficits, federal debt, energy policy, welfare, corporate bailouts, and beyond. Too many of our Congressional "representatives" seem unwilling to listen to the views of their constituents, insisting that they already know it all. They respond to dissenters with name-calling, labeling them yahoos, Nazis, and tea baggers.

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Is New Jersey's State Constitution Unconstitutional? Campaign to Recall Senator Menendez Turns Into Battle of the Constitutions | 01/17/10

"New Jersey's State Constitution is unconstitutional. That's apparently what one New Jersey election official seems to think. A committee seeking approval from the state to petition registered voters on whether to move forward with a special election to recall US Senator Robert Menendez was denied that request, in a letter on January 11th which stated that the US Constitution does not provide for such a proceeding."

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Elections for Judges Are Getting Nastier | 04/04/08

"Not once in more than 40 years has an incumbent Wisconsin Supreme Court justice lost an election -- not, that is, until this week, when a business-backed circuit judge narrowly defeated the first African-American to serve on the state's highest court. But the victory of Michael Gableman over Louis Butler was important not only because the former district attorney is likely to nudge the court to the right. It stood out because the race came with such cost, partisanship, and confrontation -- hardball trends that are expected to play out in judicial races nationwide."

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Recall of Wisconsin Senator Nearly Succeeds | 04/22/97

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