Democrats Push Again to Revamp Recall Rules to Save State Senator

Los Angeles Times (August 21, 2017) -- Democrats in the California Legislature pushed again Monday to revamp the rules covering recall elections, their second attempt to potentially delay an effort aimed at removing an Orange County state senator.

The new legislation comes on the heels of an appeals court temporarily blocking a law enacted in June. It was introduced just days after local elections officials reported more than enough signatures for a recall election against state Sen. Josh Newman (D-Fullerton) this fall.

The proposal, written as a budget-related "trailer bill," would ban elections officials from verifying voter signatures on recall petitions through a random sampling process. It would, instead, require every signature to be validated.

And like the law placed in limbo by an appeals court, it would create a new time period for voters to remove their signatures from the Newman recall petition.

Democrats have insisted many of those voters were told they were signing a petition to repeal a gas-tax increase slated to take effect in November.

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