Alaskan Town Recall Leaders Hold Rally in Face of ACLU Lawsuit

HOMER, Alaska (May 15, 2017) The group leading a recall effort to oust three Homer City Council members held a rally Saturday in downtown homer. Heartbeat of Homer, the newly formed political action party, has also been granted standing in a lawsuit against the city.

About 40 Heartbeat of Homer members and supporters gathered at Wisdom, Knowledge, Faith & Love Park to rally their support for the recall of Homer City Council members David Lewis, Donna Aderhold and Catriona Reynolds. Reynolds and Lewis are both up for election in October.

Heartbeat of Homer was granted standing in a lawsuit the American Civil Liberties Union of Alaska brought against the city for certifying the three recall petitions. The ACLU says the certification violated council members' right to freedom of speech. In joining the case, Heartbeat of Homer chose to side with the city.

Spokesperson Sarah Vance spoke to supporters from the park's gazebo decked out in red, white and blue. Vance says the group expects accountability from city council members.

"And that's what Heartbeat is doing, giving conservatives in this town a voice. That's what we're about, to come and to make our voice heard because we're not going to be silent anymore," Vance announced through the PA system.

This all started back in early March after the three council members sponsored a resolution supporting the battle against the Dakota Access Pipeline and an inclusivity resolution.

Vance argues the council members were not transparent while crafting the latter resolution via email. She says it declared Homer as a sanctuary city and was "watered down" after it was met with opposition.

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