Recall: A New American Revolution

America is awash in near-instant communications technology and 24-7 media. Yet many politicians count on their constituents having short-term memories. These profligate politicians spend tax dollars recklessly and increase the size of government regardless of the public's growing concern over what this unsustainable debt will do the economy and to the next generations. Just before elections, the big-spending incumbents present themselves as budget hawks, with a compliant media fostering amnesia among the plucked taxpayers.

At the beginning of the 20th century, a progressive movement began to use recall to hold office holders more accountable. The impetus at that time was concern over the

political influence of monopolies of industrialists and banks. In our time, government and public employee unions have become major sources of corruption, creating bureaucracies insulated from the people who are paying for it all.

Recall can provide more accountability in between elections and put office holders on notice that they are being watched. Recall is now available to constituents in 18 states. Another 13 states have initiative procedures whereby petitioners could put recall measures on the ballot. provides each state's relevant laws, plus updated news and commentary on recall efforts around the nation.

Welcome to the new American Revolution.

Latest Recall News

Voters Recall South Tucson Mayor

(05/20/15) — “An attempt to recall South Tucson Mayor Paul Diaz has succeeded. Robert Larribas defeated Diaz by 59 votes with a total of 342 votes cast in the 1.2-square-mile city. Larribas, 54, is a lifelong South Tucson resident who works at Raytheon Missile Systems. "It is an honor to serve," Larribas said on Tuesday night. "I want to thank the community for their support, for believing in me and giving me this chance." He said he hoped to come into the South Tucson City Council as a neutral party who will be able to work with everyone. "That way the council can move forward and work with the community," Larribas said. Diaz did not immediately return a call seeking comment on Tuesday night. Diaz was targeted by political opponents who accused him of supporting an attempt for the Pasadera Behavioral Health Network to open a residential drug-treatment facility across the street from Mission View Elementary School. The Diaz recall petition, circulated last year, stated: "He failed to uphold his campaign promises of transparency and public safety and is taking actions that are detrimental to South Tucson."”
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Supreme Court Won't Block Probe of Walker Recall Campaign

(05/18/15) — “The U.S. Supreme Court refused to end a state investigation into Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker's 2012 recall campaign, rejecting an appeal from a conservative group that says its constitutional rights are being violated. The rebuff leaves the future of the investigation in the hands of the Wisconsin Supreme Court, which is considering a separate bid to stop the probe. The criminal investigation, on hold during the court fight, might complicate Walker's potential campaign for the Republican presidential nomination. A court-appointed special prosecutor, Francis Schmitz, is tasked with investigating whether Walker and his operatives violated state campaign-finance laws by coordinating their efforts with Club for Growth, an advocacy group. The Wisconsin chapter of Club for Growth and its director, Eric O'Keefe, are fighting subpoenas they received from Schmitz seeking financial records. The group and O'Keefe sued in federal court to block the probe, and a federal trial judge said the First Amendment bars the state from trying to learn whether the organization coordinated with the Walker campaign. A U.S. appeals court overturned that ruling, saying federal judges shouldn't entangle themselves in state criminal proceedings”
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Florida City Mayor Loses Recall Election

(05/20/15) — “BRADENTON BEACH -- Former Vice Mayor Jack Clarke is the city's mayor-elect after winning a tight race Tuesday with just 13 more votes than ousted Mayor William Shearon. "I'm very pleased," Clarke said Tuesday evening. "I'm most pleased that we finally got to the point where the people made the choice, so we didn't have to horse around with the forfeiture." According to the Manatee County Supervisor of Elections website, 182 residents -- or 50.84 percent of Bradenton Beach voters -- wanted a recall. A total of 174 residents -- or 48.6 percent -- voted against a recall.”
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Judge Allows Bradenton Beach Recall to Go Forward

(05/07/15) — “MANATEE -- A judge on Tuesday denied a citizen's request for a temporary injunction concerning a case connected with the recall election between Bradenton Beach Mayor William Shearon and Vice Mayor Jack Clarke. At a court hearing that lasted more than an hour, Manatee Circuit Judge Gilbert Smith Jr. said he would allow the recall election to move forward. Bradenton Beach resident John Metz, a regular at city meetings with his wife, Lee Anne Metz, had requested the temporary injunction before the May 19 election. He wanted Clarke booted from the recall ballot and a temporary injunction prohibiting Manatee County Supervisor of Elections Michael Bennett from printing additional recall ballots with the vice mayor's name on them. Metz claimed Clarke's written resignation was not submitted at least 10 days prior to the first day of qualifying for the office. Clarke had to resign from his commission seat before submitting an application to qualify as a candidate in the recall election.”
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