Recall: A New American Revolution

America is awash in near-instant communications technology and 24-7 media. Yet many politicians count on their constituents having short-term memories. These profligate politicians spend tax dollars recklessly and increase the size of government regardless of the public's growing concern over what this unsustainable debt will do the economy and to the next generations. Just before elections, the big-spending incumbents present themselves as budget hawks, with a compliant media fostering amnesia among the plucked taxpayers.

At the beginning of the 20th century, a progressive movement began to use recall to hold office holders more accountable. The impetus at that time was concern over the

political influence of monopolies of industrialists and banks. In our time, government and public employee unions have become major sources of corruption, creating bureaucracies insulated from the people who are paying for it all.

Recall can provide more accountability in between elections and put office holders on notice that they are being watched. Recall is now available to constituents in 18 states. Another 13 states have initiative procedures whereby petitioners could put recall measures on the ballot. provides each state's relevant laws, plus updated news and commentary on recall efforts around the nation.

Welcome to the new American Revolution.

Latest Recall News

Nevada Sheriff Facing Recall Denies Allegations

(03/23/17) — “RENO -- In a wide ranging interview, embattled Storey County Sheriff Gerald Antinoro denied the allegations that resulted in a successful petition for a recall election next month. The recall stems from allegations made in the past three years that include sexual harassment, wrongful terminations, ethics issues and budget problems. A group of women initially filed a notice of intent with the Nevada Secretary of State seeking to recall the sheriff in late November, according to the Associated Press. That group is now being represented by Kris Thompson, project manager for the Tahoe Reno Industrial Center -- home to such high profile projects like Tesla's Gigafactory. The group leading the recall effort had to obtain 477 petition signatures - 25 percent of the people who voted in Antinoro's 2014 election. They collected 491 valid signatures, Thompson said in an email last week. The recall election is set for April 11.”
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Florida Mayor Alleges Fraud in Recall Effort

(03/08/17) — “An effort to recall the mayor of Sweetwater is raising allegations of fraud, conspiracy and voter intimidation, and once again threatening upheaval in a town perpetually locked in a political tempest. Last month, a political committee linked to a city commissioner turned in nearly 2,000 signed petitions calling for the ouster of Orlando Lopez, a strong mayor who serves as the small city's manager. The committee, Providing Effective Government for All Residents, says Lopez is an absentee administrator who skipped at least five commission meetings and workshops last year amid a financial crisis. "He's neglected his duty," said J.C. Planas, an attorney who represents the committee. "It's not just that he missed the meetings, it's that he didn't send staff either. Some of these meetings had to be canceled." The Miami-Dade Supervisor of Elections certified 1,779 petition signatures on Feb. 23, enough to allow the recall effort to move forward under a process laid out in state law. A second petition drive circulated along with a rebuttal by Lopez in the west Dade 'burb just north of Florida International University's Modesto Maidique campus will likely begin this week. The political committee now has 60 days to obtain valid signatures from 15 percent of the town's roughly 10,000 registered voters, triggering a recall election barring Lopez's resignation. If the vote is held and goes against the mayor, Lopez would become the first elected official in Miami-Dade to be recalled since county mayor Carlos Alvarez in 2011. But the mayor doesn't intend to let that happen. Lopez filed a complaint Friday in circuit court against the county supervisor of elections, Sweetwater clerk, and Gonzalo Sanchez, the chairman of the political committee behind the recall. He is challenging the verification of signatures and pushing to invalidate the petition drive. His case is based on two arguments: that he's not actually required to attend meetings under the city charter, which says he "may" attend, and that signatures were obtained through fraud.”
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Citing Cost, Group Trying to Recall Judge in Sex Assault Case Postpones Campaign

(03/22/17) — “PALO ALTO, Calif. (March 21, 2017) -- The group working to unseat Santa Clara County Judge Aaron Persky for alleged judicial bias has decided to delay placing a recall on the ballot until next summer given the cost of mounting a special election this November. Palo Alto resident Michele Dauber, chair of the Recall Persky campaign and Stanford University law professor, said she "immediately" decided to postpone the campaign to June 2018 after learning recently about the difference in cost. Dauber said she believes that the new election date, while not the campaign's first choice, will not affect the outcome of the recall. She launched the recall movement last summer amid widespread furor over Persky's six-month sentencing of former Stanford student Brock Turner for sexually assaulting an unconscious woman on campus. The Santa Clara County Registrar of Voters estimates it would cost taxpayers about $6.9 million to hold a special recall election this fall, compared to $576,075 next summer. The discrepancy in cost is because there are no other items slated for the November 2017 ballot, according to the Registrar, while there are at least three other countywide races scheduled for next June (for district attorney, sheriff and assessor).”
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Petitioners Halfway There for Recall of Missouri Parish President

(01/23/17) — “Roughly halfway through a 180-day window to force a recall election against Jefferson Parish President Mike Yenni, organizers say they have collected about half the signatures they will need to be successful. The pace suggests getting the recall on the ballot will be difficult, given that the campaign has likely already reached the lowest-hanging fruit -- people most appalled by Yenni's admission that he exchanged inappropriate texts with a teenager. But organizers remain optimistic, saying that with the holiday lull behind them and a door-to-door campaign underway, they expect to recapture the momentum they need. "The tempo is back up to where it was during the election period" before Nov. 8, said Mikey Bowler, who runs the day-to-day operations for the Recall Yenni drive. Bowler said the effort has between 40,000 and 50,000 of the roughly 90,000 signatures -- one third of Jefferson's 270,000 registered voters -- it will need to force a recall election, a range he admits doesn't exactly pin things down.”
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