Recall: A New American Revolution

America is awash in near-instant communications technology and 24-7 media. Yet many politicians count on their constituents having short-term memories. These profligate politicians spend tax dollars recklessly and increase the size of government regardless of the public's growing concern over what this unsustainable debt will do the economy and to the next generations. Just before elections, the big-spending incumbents present themselves as budget hawks, with a compliant media fostering amnesia among the plucked taxpayers.

At the beginning of the 20th century, a progressive movement began to use recall to hold office holders more accountable. The impetus at that time was concern over the

political influence of monopolies of industrialists and banks. In our time, government and public employee unions have become major sources of corruption, creating bureaucracies insulated from the people who are paying for it all.

Recall can provide more accountability in between elections and put office holders on notice that they are being watched. Recall is now available to constituents in 18 states. Another 13 states have initiative procedures whereby petitioners could put recall measures on the ballot. provides each state's relevant laws, plus updated news and commentary on recall efforts around the nation.

Welcome to the new American Revolution.

Latest Recall News

Maine Town Sets Recall Election for Two Selectmen

(10/18/16) — “PERU -- Selectmen on Monday evening set a recall election for two of its members amid questions about the legality of both recall petitions. Voters will decide Nov. 18 whether to remove Chairwoman Wendy Henderson and Vice Chairman John Witherell from office. A public hearing on the issue is scheduled for 6 p.m. Tuesday, Oct. 25, at a location to be determined. Henderson and Witherell will have a chance to address voters. The two petitions presented to the board Oct. 6 claimed Henderson and Witherell have failed to represent the will of the town and to vote accordingly. The petitions were certified by the town clerk Oct. 10.”
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Recall Effort Underway against Oakland Mayor

(09/21/16) — “OAKLAND, Calif. -- An aggressive campaign has begun to recall Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf. The group says Schaaf has been too closely tied with the troubled police department since her first day in office. KRON4's Spencer Blake was at Oakland City Hall, where the recall signatures started coming in Sunday. It was certainly a small turnout at city hall, but the Anti Police-Terror Project is just beginning its effort to get a special recall election set up for early next year. Meanwhile, Mayor Schaaf is defending her record.”
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Supreme Court Declines to Re-Open Walker Recall Election Campaign Probe

(10/05/16) — “MADISON, Wis. -- The U.S. Supreme Court declined on Oct. 3 to reopen a Democratic prosecutor's investigation into Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker's 2012 campaign against a recall effort, permanently ending a probe that had dogged the Republican even as he launched a brief presidential bid last year. Last year, the Wisconsin Supreme Court shut down the so-called John Doe probe into whether Walker illegally coordinated with outside conservative groups. Walker, who won re-election in 2014 and is up for a third term in 2018, declined immediate comment Monday through his spokesman Joe Fadness, the AP reported: The governor, who had been working to prepare Indiana Gov. Mike Pence for the vice presidential debate on Tuesday, had no public events planned. Prosecutors investigated whether Walker's campaign coordinated with Wisconsin Club for Growth and other conservative groups on advertising during the 2012 recall without reporting the groups' contributions. The recall itself stemmed from Walker's signature law that stripped public unions of nearly all of their bargaining rights. Those groups challenged the investigation, which was conducted under Wisconsin's John Doe law that allowed secret probes into misconduct by public officials. The judge overseeing the case determined the activity in question wasn't illegal and effectively halted the investigation in 2014. Conservative-leaning justices who control the Wisconsin Supreme Court agreed and ended it last year. They ruled that the groups and the campaign's coordination on ads that don't expressly call for the election or defeat of a candidate amounts to free speech and isn't subject to disclosure requirements. The Wisconsin Club for Growth, which fought the investigation, praised the court's decision to end it. "From its inception, this proceeding was a politically motivated attack and a criminal investigation in search of a theory," said the group's president Eric O'Keefe in a prepared statement. He called for documents seized during the investigation to be given back.”
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Oregon Official Recalled; Another Optimistic He'll Survive Vote

(08/18/16) — “SALEM -- Residents of the least populous county in Oregon have voted overwhelmingly to recall their top county administrative official, while in an adjacent county a commissioner is optimistic he'll emerge victorious from the recall election he is facing. A total of 406 ballots were for the recall of Wheeler County Judge Patrick Perry, with 208 against, County Clerk Barb Sitton said Tuesday, August 16. There was a 65 percent return of ballots from eligible voters, she said. Wheeler County covers 1,715 square miles in Central Oregon and has only 1,358 residents, according to the U.S. Census. The recall had cited conflicts of interest. Perry had said the recall was "based on unfounded and vague allegations." Gov. Kate Brown will appoint a replacement for Perry, whose seat would be added to the ballot for the November election, said Molly Woon, communications director for Secretary of State Jeanne Atkins. To the east in Grant County, Commissioner Boyd Britton said by phone that he is "cautiously optimistic" he'll survive his recall election. Among other things, the petition faults him for not calling for an investigation into the 2015 Canyon Creek Fire, which destroyed 43 homes and nearly 100 barns. U.S. Forest Service firefighters were unable to get the fire under control in its early stages.”
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